The Cottage of Lost Plays

by Halona Treeclan

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1. Welcome to Middle Earth

They entered the patchouli scented wood and made their way through the lovely golden trees.Amazed at the fact they had acomplished entry amazed still they had discovered the portal.There were seven of them and they had not seen each other in years.Of course none of that mattered now since they had each gained access through the portal.
They followed the trail around a hill and peered off at a most amazing sight,The hill covered with what could only be mallorn trees.But how was this possible and after several pinchings of each other they decided it was not a dream.Caras Caladhon,lay before them and they felt very nervous.
This could not be.
It was at this point they were all halted by the arrows aimed in their faces.
"You can go no further."Amazingly enough there were elves and they did not appear to be vey friendly."You are not welcome here,you have done a great evil in coming here."
"How is that?"A blonde woman stepped forward,"We thought to follow,Halona here."
The elf looked at them and smiled,"You are from the message board?"
They all shook their heads in agreement."She told us the only way to get here was to dream."
"So are we dreaming?"
"Do the pinchings cause pain?"
"Yes" the little group agreed,"So we are not dreaming?"
"No this is no dream,follow me."
They followed and were followed by the tall slender elves,these were men of course the guard and not all had blonde hair,however they were all of fair skin.The closer they got to the wooded hill the more they could here the music,like they had never heard on their planes of the existance.
Soon they were looking at all manner of elves women and children and the haunting music.Lights seemed to spring out from every where and they did not appear to be powered by cords or batteries.No these were more of a natural feel.Presently they moved to the base of one of the largest trees anyone could imagine.And it was here they began their climb to the upper levels of the tree canopies.
After what seemed like an hour,they came to a level spot and were told to wait,here they would meet,Halona Treeclan. Some grew tired and decided to sit,however this proved useless,for all one could do was continually look about as if shopping.It was all so unbelievable.
Then she came alone down the steps.The long black and silver hair fell to the ground,her garment was as alive as the trees in which had been bent to hold the platform on which they stood up.Smiling as she saw them,"I knew you would make it,welcome,I am Halona Treeclan."
The whole affair was disrrupted by two seemingly young Hobbits!They stopped dead in their tracks as they saw the strangers.
tee hee hee,to be continued,if you wish,respond.

2. The Cottage of Lost Plays

The hobbits rushed behind the skirts of Halona.She smiled and said,"As you can see they really are rather shy of the world of the big folk."Turning she held a short conference with the two and they rushed off in great haste,"They have gone to prepare a banquet for us and we shall show you around."
The seven looked and a rather stunningly handsome man appeared seemingly
out of the thin air.He spoke quietly with her giving them several looks and soon he laughed and addressed them,"Well Halona tells me she found you on a message board."They knew the name he would claim before he even said it,however they felt it not there place to say anything."I am Strider,I am Bard and I am also King here."
A collective gasp came from the seven and they all fell to their knees."Please my Queen and I do not care for such as that,makes our old knees hurt."He held out a helpful hand to one amazed boarder,"I am of the earlier writings,as are all you will meet here."
"My Queen and I found each other one night in a dream and here she remains unless sent on a R.W. mission."
He was tall,muscular and his hair hung in ringlets to his shoulders.A thin silver crown was upon his head and it matched the one on Halona's head,except her's could eaisly pass for a barrette in any R.W. situation.
His suit and cloak seemed as alive as did Halona's gown and they seemed to be made of some sort of watery fabric.
This fabric they would come to know later on was,mithril.And it had the threads of the elven fabrics.Where ever they all went the elves would show their homage with one hand to the forehead.
"Come allow us to show you things you have never seen before."Halona smiled.The group passed into the tree and soon they realized the tree itself was a source of light."The light is from the stars,captured by the imagination of the tree."She and her King both giggled ,"Come this way,look."The couple walked together hand in hand.Small sparks flew from around them,especially when they smiled.
The seven saw all the works of Tolkein,it was a shrine."These wads of paper are his,tossed away as many a writer would do."Behind Halona stood a strange looking elf and a large grey stallion,with a single horn lancing out from the grey spill of mane over the forehead."This is Amalad and Hasdofin,they are guards of the shrine,and have orders to kill any who would dare to look into the wads of papers for they are secret and not for looking."A fell look came over her face,"Amalad as you know from my earlier tales was an orc who became an elvish wraith and he has companions,they will be in later."Halona ruffled Hasdofin's mane and continued,"There is a door you will see it is locked for behind the door are all the evolutions of Gollum/Smeagol,some are very nasty."Her face darkened,"We brought someone here once and this person opened some of the wads and we had a terrilbe time rounding all the Gollums up."
One of the seven asked,"Why lock good Smeagol with the bad ones?"
Halona laughed as did the King,"The two hobbits you just saw were the good Smeagols.They do not prepare the meals ,they are good for foraging."
Soon they entered a great hall and were amazed at the size of it.
"How is it we all have this space here when the tree cannot be this large this is huge."asked on of the seven.
"You are in the cottage of lost plays,did you not know?"The king asked,"So it is not very wise at all to bother anything we ask you not to touch.Especially the wads of paper."
Halona looked at them,"We are uncertain about many things so we set the guard on the shrine,tis better safe than sorry."
One of the seven asked,"And the one ring,the dark lord,where are they?"
A hush fell over the gathering,the total population of the tree fell silent the music ceased.A foreboding and a darkening seemed to enter the room.Suddenly the entire tree began to shudder and Halona was wisped away into the arms of the king and a mystreious voice began to whisper.


Welcome to Middle Earth,The cottage of lost plays#3 txt ... Halona Treeclan ... 06.01-03:16
The voice swirled around the outside and battle could be heard.The tree began to toss and roll as a ship out on a stormy sea.In only a matter of minutes the battle was over outside.The seven wondered how this would turn out.The king rose from the corner where he and the Queen had been tossed.What at first looked like thousands of butterflies soon proved to be tiny flying people.Faries,one of the boarders said in hushed tones.
"It is okay to talk,but please,"He paused and gave the group a stern look,"Do not mention that or make any reference to it again."Halona looked around at them and smiled calling all to the huge table with anything one could wish for to eat,"This is a banquet put together by our lovely hobbit friends."Looking around several dozen or so hobbit women and men could be seen,smiling and pointing to the food laden table.
Every mouthful became better than the first and soon all seven realizd they had eaten way to much.And the wine like tea helped them all feel sleepy,"Soon you will return to sleep and then in the morning this will all seem like a dream,and many will be surprised to remember the same dream."
Soon they were all asleep.Halona and the King waltzed way into the night as they so often would.The melodic trance of the music melted away all worry."This is our paradise,why bring the outlanders here?"
She smiled up at him,"They wish to come and there is a way for them if it is what they wish."He thought for a long moment,"Are you not afraid some thing will put an end to our existance here?"He looked hurt.
"I know you don't want them here,however the path was made for this and it is my duty to bring the truehearted here."
He held her close,"I am just afraid of losing you."She giggled and shushed him,they continued their waltz longer.

The morning came soon enough and after going around the little island several times and seeing the tree,some of the seven began to grow impatient,"Are we going to spin out of control and be slung to where we come from?"asked one of the seven,"We have been around this island so many times,"then he stopped,"Wait,we arrived through the groves and this tree was on no island."All the boarders took the thought to mind,"We should get off this boat and go find,Halona to see what is up."One of them said,"I need to get home."
As if in agreement the boat pulled into the little bay and up along side an ornate dock.As they disembarked the vessel,a couple of the hobbit women from the night before saw them and gasped.They turned and went back the way they had come.They had been out picking berries and had full baskets.Soon Amalad rode up on Hasdofin and he looked none to happy,"Why are you still here,when you have been sent away?"The large grey stallion tossed his mane at them.
Inside the tree they waited for the couple,who soon came down the stairs looking upset,"Why are you still here,did you not dream of going home?"
None knew what to say,an elf brought two horses out and he mounted one hurriedly,while the king mounted the other,then all three left the tree at a gallop.
"They have gone to find your portal"Halona said sadly,"I am sorry,should have not brought you here without first warning you not to say those things."She looked off down the long hall where the three riders had left out from,"Sometimes it is years before they come back,"
"Well this can't be I have a job to go to."
"My family will be waiting for me."
"Oh I'm going to be late,and my boss will fire me."
"That's okay,I did'nt like that job anyway."
"My mother is going to ground me,she will never believe I was swept off to another world."
"Oh, I have finals!"
"My wife is probably worried sick about me."
"Hey I was told in secret today I would be layed off,so this isn'nt so bad."
Halona stood up and asked for their attention,"Please,lets quit all this talk,someone may slipup and things change whenever the tree is forced to run from what we are not supposed to speak of."She sigh suddenly a sad look came over her face.Wondering what was wrong,some decided to ask.
"Halona why the sad look?"
"He sometimes comes back different,and It takes years to bring the one I love back to me."The little group looked at the big mouth who had asked the question and sighed,"Guess we brought,the Pippin."
It was a starlit night and some of the elves went outside following her to the ledge where she would often stand and watch with her King.
"Well,I guess this will be the last time I bring outsiders here,it is too dangerous for them as well as for us."
One of the elven women looked at her and smiled,"Yours is no disgrace,the portal is there for a reason,if we could only read the wads,perhaps we could know."
"There is no telling what is in those wads and there may be no help for us or them." She looked at the little group,they seemed so out of place,and yet they seemed to be catching on quick.No if they had to stay ,they would have to have garments,the clothing they arrived in was not suitable for the tree.
"Look!"shouted one of the seven,"Here they come!"


Welcome to Middle Earth,The cottage of lost plays#4 ... Halona Treeclan ... 06.02-01:25
The music and merriment went on for hours as the same King had returned.This was all fine and well,except the ringers had lives to get back to and they had no news of their portal.All was said envolved waiting for some travellers and it would be days before they got there.
Days,lost days of their lives,so many thoughts going through each head,then a bell began to tinkle and Legolas rode in on a large white horse with a small cart behind it .The cart held none other than Gimli,this arrangement worked fine until a river had to be crossed or some other obstruction.However it soon proved to be just the thing and none of the ringers could ride.Still the cart was bothersome.
Ride some though,ride to where?One caught the vision of herself riding along behind Legolas,gripping tightly his waist,another pictured himself stuck in the cart with Gimli,who was not the best natured one of the bunch.Another just hoped for sleep and to wake up at home in time for work,although she knew after this she would call in sick.And yet another he secretly wished for the portal not to be found at all and he could stay.The other three just though about riding to where and on what.Suddenly Middle Earth was not as it had been in their dreams.
One of the guards shouted down into the room,the brothers are coming!
In rode Boromir and Faramir on their mighty steeds.They had not the look of those invited to the party.The king caught their looks and the three went off into a little side room.That did'nt look so good,"I hope we are not in for it."said the one who made the remark."Shhh!" the others said to him everytime he said something.The party seemed to be winding down and they saw,Halona stride across the room and enter the chamber,closing the door behind her.
It was hours before the group emerged from the conference.The King called the entire room to order,and he said,"Seems we have lost the portal."The seven began to murmmer amongst themselves.This was in no way alright for six of the seven."Unless we have more news ,then it looks like we have new friends for awhile.He looked out into the distance and said "we have called for,Mithrandir,"looking into their eyes he added,"He will know what to do."
It was a dream she thought as she woke.For a moment she thought herself back at home and squirmed further into the blankets.These were too soft and the bed too comfortable,she was not at home raising up she looked around the room.Wondering what her mother was thinking and if she missed her or was mad.Suddenly she began to cry,some of the hobbit ladies came into the room and consoled her,agreeing with her about how terrible it was to miss your mother and cause her to worry.All the while they had changed her clothing to an out fit resembling theirs."Look at you!" the little ladies smiled,"Prettier than a pink rose."She wondered what she looked like for there did not seem to be any mirrors and the other ringer ladies were concerned about this.
She followed the hobbits out to the main dining hall where they left her to fend for herself.Once again the food was wonderful and anything she could think of just appeared.Well just about anything.Several of the other ringers wandered in and smiled at her,"so you are a hobbit?" asked one of the younger male ringers,"Right and I guess you are an elf."He smiled and sat down to eat,"Wonder if we will get swords?"One of the ringer women gulped her tea and asked,"Excuse me?" turning to him,"What on Middle Earth would we need those for?"
Suddenly the group fell silent.This was not looking so good.Nor was it sounding pleasent either.Swords?
Trumpets began to sound and the large doors to the tree's interior opened.A procession of assorted elven people rode or walked into the main hall.This was Lord Elrond and he had a most lovely elven woman with him.
The entire court arrived as if they had just strolled out of bed,Halon and the King both came out from their rooms and smiled as the newcomers dismounted and tended to the duties of arrival.
An assembly was called and all went to attend.As the meeting was about to start ,Gandalf rode into the room on Shadowfax,he dismounted quikly and went to the king"s side.As the wizard talked to the king and the elf lord a strange music began to play unlike any before.It sounded like intirgue,and the ringers were finally getting upset.Again.
So Gandalf turned to the ringers and asked them,"Are you ready for an adventure?" There was no response."Are there going to be dragons?"
"Perhaps,"he smiled ,"However I will be barely involved"


It was an early morning for the seven and most crowded on the cart.None felt at ease on horse back until Gandalf rode up on Shadowfax and said,"You really should try to ride we have miles to go and this cart will become more a burden than anything else."
To their surprise seven horses were brought out of the stables from the tree roots.Whenever the tree had to run it pulled it's roots up and freeing the horses,they would run after the tree.Of course the tree was only it's outer appearence,for inside with it's gold thatched roof could be found the little house with it's gardens and skies that were always sunny.And some of the horses,were allowed inside so they only rode as the tree ran.
It was an important event,sending friends off on an adventure so Halona and the king came along followed by the tree.They all rode for awhile and then a most amazing thing happened,a rider could be seen fast approaching them from the west,their intended direction.
As the rider got closer,Legolas announced,"It is Bard from south on the long lake."then he grimaced,"Well last time I was there it was from the south."The boarders watched as several more riders appeared from the east and rode hard to gain on the travellers."Riders of Rohan" announced Legolas.So came three from Rohan and one from the river running.
The seven wondered what this all meant.
The riders of Rohan were Eomer,his sister Eowyn and Theodered.Bard soon galloped into the group and asked,"What is happening?"
Gandalf moved closer to the newcomers and asked,What do you mean what have you seen?"
"Rohan has disappeared and we are lost "Eowyn said,leaving her cousin and brother to be silent."Laketown has gone also." Continued Bard.
The seven could not help but notice how much Bard favored the king.
Of course there was no reason to worry about that when the whole of middle earth was crumbling about them.
Eomer spotted them and asked,"Who are these,spies?"
"No they are from one of those holes in the time continuim ,"answered a very frustrated Gandalf.He rode off to himself and began to chant.Nothing happened.He spent a very long time doing this as all rode on forward.Following the wizard,it would not do to lose him,not now.
Suddenly he turned towards the groups and announced,I will be back in three days,look for me at the dawn of the fourth."
"Gandalf," shouted Halona,"Is it wise to leave us what if you do not find us again?" The old wizard looked at them and turned to the Lady,"Wise,what is wise,I will be back."
Soon he and Shadowfax were just specks on the horizon and then they were no more.
"Ahh,that's a dirty trick running out on us when he knows we need him most."Grumbled Gimli,"Just like him ,remember he always goes off and we wind up ."Here the dwarf stopped and to everyone's surprise the wizard returned.Steed and wizard rode up so fast none had the chance to notice,Gimli had stopped talking,"Stop your fretting Master Dwarf,"Gandalf said as he rode into the company,"It is as you have told me,there is now nothing out there,only a void."
"Aragorn!"shouted the wizard,"Come talk with me awhile."
Turning to the others he bade them to strike the camp."There is nowhere to go."
As the wizard and the king walked off out of earshot from all the others they spoke of the void and the seven,"Oh the portal is still out there,however it is in the void and one of them must change their name and go into the darkness to find it."
"Any chance of them suceeding?"asked Aragorn,"Can we not help them?"
"Perhaps,it is time to speak to Elrond,I could not find Rivendell either."
So it was decided a council would be held and afterwards some disturbed faces amongst the seven.They knew well the stories of Middle Earth and had all rights to be afraid.They also knew the void was the unknown and this was not very appealing.
Suddenly a group of hobbits appeared on the horizon and they made their way down to the council.
Sam seeing the group,looked at Frodo,"Now Mr. Frodo,don't go and get us mixed up with any adventures."Merry and Pippin looked on in agreement.
"Remember we have come because we cannot find the Shire."
"I know,Sam,"Frodo looked at his companions,"However we will do what ever is takes to get back home,wont we?"


As the four young hobbits began their entrance into the gathering about the grounds of the tree,a great discussion was taking place in the throne hall.Many a worried statement or an angry word was tossed about.The seven were removed to a corner to theirselves.This was due to the fact that they were not talked to,they were talked about and whenever any of them started to speak,they were shussed.Food and drink a plenty was put out for them wherever they went.
"They must think all we want is food."
"Oh I told them I was a nervous eater.Guess they want me to have plenty of tonic for my nerves."Some of the seven looked around at the more portly of the bunch,these being several.Still each wondered what was going to happen,if they were to have an adventure.And more than one thought of Dragons.
"I hope they find us a way out soon."
"And what if they don't?"
"How can you even say that?" One of them a young school girl rose up and said,"Look,each one of us ,is here because we wanted to be." She looked angrily around the little group huddled in the corner behind piles of food."So own up to those desires we each had that brought us here."
"She is right,"Said a voice from behind them,they all turned to see Gimli,standing there as if on guard,"You need to be careful what you say,think and more than anything else what you wish for."
"Well this is not the Middle Earth I had in mind,or I would not be here."huffed one of the older women,the nervous eater."I imagined going to rivendell and meeting the elves."
"So did I." answered the young girl,"I wanted to sit by the river running and listen to the elven musics."
"And so you have made it this far,perhaps it is not intended you to take that path."
All turned to look into the eyes of ,Gandalf.Old and sad he looked for the wisdom of those years was not easy for one to bear."Not all who have attempted this trip to our world have made it."He looked up into the sky,"Some refuse to come at all."
"So stop your worries and eat,for the night grows older by the minute."Looking over to the young hobbits he made a face of even greater concern,"My very blood grows cold."Said Gimli.Legolas approached them and smiled,"You are fortunate to have these hobbits come to you,They are,Frodo,Sam,Merry,and Pippin."
Suddenly the blood of the seven turned cold,for the only story they knew of contained the unmentionable,ring of power.


Gandalf woke them early from their sleep and called them out to the garden on one of the mighty branches."This is what I have found out about your situation."Here he paused and looked them each one in the eye,"One of you will have to go into the void," he stopped as he looked at them.They came from a soft life and he doubted their resilence in a battle situation or any of the numerous other situations that could arise."Whom ever you send will have to be ready for any thing."
Some mummered amongst themselves and the young school girl asked,"Why send us alone,why not send two?" This caused a stir in the gathering outsiders from the tree as they had never questioned Gandalf before,"Because only one of you is needed for the task ahead."He smiled,"You will not be going alone by any means,we shall form a fellowship to help the chosen one in this journey."
The king stepped forward and said,"Several of the warriors here shall go with you and Gandalf,also."This was a new twist and most of the seven began to argue who would go,this presented a problem.Gandalf decided the only thing to do was to draw straws."Never before have we had to do such as this,any of this "Gimili said under his breath,"Ah why not chose the one who asked the forbidden question?"
"I do not think that would be wise,we shall see who it is the fates wish to go this way."
Legolas walked off to join the other elves who put themselves to watching the darkness,"What have you seen?" He asked,"We see nothing,but the darkness,there is only darkness." He looked hard into the dark all around the tree,then he thought he saw some light,it seemed to come from the other side,he returned to Gandalf to find they had picked the young girl."Gandalf,come I need to speak with you." So the king who was standing beside Gandalf went with them soon Boromir entered with Farimir,and they were followed by the Hobbits.Sam fissing all the while about Mr.Frodo and how he was determined to make them have an adventure.
Legolas spoke as they all surrounded them,even Bard had joined for these were the ones to accompany the young girl into the void,"There is light beyound the void,I saw it."He stopped and looked away off,"It is red light."
"Oh,"complained Gimili who was not one to be left out of important looking gatherings,"That does not sound so good."
Suddenly a cry went up,"The eagles are coming!"
Gandalf closed his eyes and smiled,now he had help.


Gandalf went straight away to the area where the mighty eagles had landed.Soon he returned as the birds flew off the direction from whence they had come.All looked concerned for it was unusual having the eagles at the tree.Not a good sign,although no one spoke this. The tired old wizard entered the main hall where everyone waited for him.Looking up he smiled,"Well it seems the eagles have confirmed our suspicions,Legolas." The young elf looked hard at the wizard,"There is a void,around this tree."He looked at the culprit who had asked the question about the ring and the dark lord."It seems you young man are the one the void is searching for."
"Because of my remark?"asked the young man,"I guess this will be a question I will regret for a long time."Gandalf walked over to him,"You relize you must go into the void and denounce it,since you called it up only you can send it away."
The young man looked down at his feet,"All alone,by myself?"The wizard nodded in agreement,"And the sooner the better,for everyday it stays around the tree,it grows stronger." The young boarder sulked off to be alone but he was surrounded and they all had the look of making this happen."Oh,I wish I had never asked the question,why me why did I have to be the one to ask the stupid question?"
Gandalf walked over and stood beside him,"There is no reason to tell this to us,when the void is where you need to go to teel such wishes and air your discontent." The old wizard cleared his throat and began,"You must not allow it to get to you,tell it to go away,you are the only one it will listen to."
"Well why did you chose the girl,why do the staws at all if you knew this?"
"I knew one of you needed to go if you will remember correctly,and since there were no true volunteers,we had to do something."
"Is there no other way?"
"The only other way is to allow the void to remain,and as it grows our tree will be cut off from the light of the daystar and it will die,then shall we all for this tree is our life."
"Then it is settled,I should go at once!" He started out to the main hall and began to go out of the tree.Many faces looked sorrowfully at him,he felt as if he were on his way to the gallows,then it happened.Amalad rode up on Hasdofin,behind him were the rest of the guard at the White Council,"We shall go with you,see to your tounge and all."
He put a mighty arm down for the young man who could not have been more than sixteen at the most,"C'mon we ride now."
All those left at the tree watched as the small group rode into the darkness."At the very least he could not have better company."
"Are they really wraiths?" asked one of the boarders,"Elvish Wraiths." Came the answer and she turned to see Legolas,"Why do you people wish to come here so badly?" She pouted for only a second then she answered,"I do not believe this is where any of us wished to be."
"Oh you are talking about the other stories?"The elf looked at her."Yes,the lovely.."
"Legolas," it was Gandalf and the elf prince strode off to his call after excusing himself from her,"Do not talk to them,and do not get caught up in any stories they might tell."
"Yes,I can see now where we were haeding,"he looked at the wizard,"How long now before they are returned to their rightful places?"
"Oh,they can never go back"He looked at the elf,"And you must not tell them,as soon as the void is lifted we shall journey them to the havens,There they will have a ship waiting for them,it is for the best."Legolas looked shocked,"Gandalf,they cannot sail to the ends of the earth."
"No but they can sail to Middle Earth where they wanted to be from there they can find safe havens and eventually home"
"There really is a Middle Earth?"
"Sure there is,I have been there several times,they can go to the Shire and live with the hobbits."Legolas looked surprised,"Where do you think the hobbit,Frodo and his troope are from?"
"This is so misleading to these people."the elf frowned he knew the elves in middle earth would not like these newcomers,"Will the council help them,to get home?"
"Perhaps."stated Gandalf as he smiled and that twinkle came into his eyes,"Perhaps."


It was very dark outside the area of the light emitting from the wraiths.The one asked how they had become wraiths and as the story unfolded it became complicated to tell so it was not finished.All the one knew was it had happened and for the most part had been good for some purposes in the war.And after being told to silence his mouth,the ride went along smoothly.
It was dark and quiet in the void and a chilling dampness entered his body.
'What is wrong,you cold?' Amalad asked,'Bet you wish you had not asked that question,now do you not?' Shivering the one asked,'Have you brought me here to kill me?' Amalad smiled at the rest of the company,'No not I' He then saw a frightened young man look at him,'We have brought you here to take you home.'
'My home is on the other side of this darkness?' He felt hope at last,'Have all the others..'
'You talk too much,sleep or think.'Said Rilgir one of the elves,'Remember it was your questions that got you here in the first place.'
With a wounded spirit the young ringer grew quiet,the darkness seemed to be lightening up aways ahead.He remained silent,determined not to say another word,perhaps this would get him home faster. Soon he began to feel warmer and the pink ahead was definetly light.And then it grew warmer until he was certain they had brought him to the very crack of doom. It had become extremely hot and he felt like taking off all his clothing.
The wraiths felt no temperature changes nor did they feel pain,although with sharpened senses they were a force to be reckoned with. Soon the heat turned to the warmth of the sun,which had suddenly burst through the gloom. He looked about him and smiled,this was a wonderful place.Green plains stretching up to the white cliffs of stone.The smell of the sea caught him somewhat off guard.
He maintained his silence,afraid if he said anything this vision of lovelyness would go away.They made their way across the plains to follow the cliff up to the edge where a bend occured and then he saw a sight,like he never imagined in his life.
'This is the temple of the White Council,or The world's end if you say anything at all,she will not expect you to say a word,this is someone you might think you have seen before,she is Halona's twin.So watch yourself,do not speak.'
'That is what you need to remember,do not speak.' Said Riglir,'Perhaps we should leave him here and go to see her,hear what she has to say.'
'No he will be quiet,right?' The one ringer nodded his head up and down.
'See he understands,he knows.'
They dismounted at the stone steps and began the climb up to the doorway of the stone temple.Suddenly all the ringers he had left behind on the other side of the void came out to see him and they all held their fingers to their lips.He was to amazed to say anything,anyway.Suddenly full of questions,he dared not ask.As he looked to the west he saw the Tree standing proud. Legolas nodded at him as did Gimili. Gandalf smiled as he saw the young man,knowing what he had just gone through to get to this point and to bring them all to the otherside.
She came down the steps and offered him her hand,which he kissed much to her amazment,she grabbed his hand all went inside the temple.'Well 'he thought to himself'Here we have two Halonas.'


'We are still not in the clear yet'maintained Gandalf as they watched the young man enter the temple. Both Halona and Amoyne looked very serious as they handed him a vessle from which he drank a strange nice tasting liquid. There were so many questions he wanted to ask,now did not seem the time. And he was right.
'You have come through the void,however you must go back in and denounce it.'
Amoyne said,she had not met him before,and so it had been left to her for the telling of this news.'You only need to go in a short distance,alone and let it know you do not want it ever,understand?' He shook his head up and down,'Good,Amalad will take you to it's edge,say nothing to the dark other than what I have just told you.'
He turned to leave and looked back at them,two women so beautiful,and their clothing so alive.He stopped to gaze at them,they each looked down and away from him.He decided they were seldom seen and probably did not like to be looked at and in his heart he knew this was right.Turning he silently left the temple.
'Amoyne do you think he has the courage and the power to tell the darkness to leave?'
'He better,'she turned to Halona,'He was the one who asked the question,so he is the only chance to get rid of it.' Halona walked over to the open doorway of the temple and said,'And if he suceeds,will it be gone forever?'
'Then it was good I brought them here?' Halona turned to her twin,'Remember they wanted to be here.'
'Not here,they were looking for Middle Earth,and that is where they will go from here.'

Outside on the temple grounds he saw Amalad riding towards him.'Come on.' Amalad lifted him up behind onto Hasdofin and they turned ,Hasdofin galloped towards the darkness.'Remember say nothing,unless you tell it you do not want it.'
He heard the others talking all at once behind him,wanting to know what was happening and why he was returning to the void.Then slowly he only heard the sounds of the hoof beats in gallop.Amalad had nothing to say.
Soon they had rounded the bend in the cliffs and ahead he could see the edge of the darkness.'Tell it to go away,tell it you do not want it,if it speaks do not answer no matter what it says,you are it's only power.'Amalad began to slow the huge grey and the young man began to pray.He did not know if this would work ,it could only help.

He looked back one time before entering the darkness. Here on the edge it was not so dark.And it was warm not like the damp cold of the interior.He walked a few feet then he began to hear the whisperings.He stopped and announced himself,'I am here.' He listened the whispers had stopped.'I denounce you, go away never to return.'He stopped to catch his breath,for he had been screaming at the top of his lungs out of fright mainly however he wanted to be heard.'I denounce you.'
'You will become a slave to the white council;much like they all are.' A smooth voice came to him born on the breath of the silence.'Stay here with me,the sisters only wish for you to remove me,then they can control you.' The silence was deafening,'I will give you what ever you want.'
He though he heard a movement beside him and even though he could not see felt the presence,'I denounce you and your darkness go away and never come back!'
'Go away go away go away!' He turned and ran towards the warmth from which he had come.He wondered why after awhile,he did not see the edge or the light or Amalad.
He thought to cry out but he was afraid to,he could only say what he had been told to say.The fear of making things worse drove him on.Surely he had taken a wrong turn somewhere.Deciding to sit for awhile and listen,like they taught you to do in camp if you got lost,just sit and listen. Then he heard the whispers again and this time they were closer and even though he could not understand the language he could understand the sound of the threat in it.'I denounce you!'
When he awoke the darkness was gone,he could see the stars overhead of him and thought he heard hoofbeats,'Amalad?' Yes he heard hoofbeats and stood up to see where the rider was,'I'm over here.' He heard the hoofbeats turned in his direction and he thought it odd that the other wraiths had come to help,perhaps they had all been out searching for him. He stood waiting for them to find him,'I am over here,yoo hoo!'
As the riders surrounded him he realized it was not Amalad,nor any he had seen before.Even the clothing of these riders was strange.They began to talk about him,in a strange language.One of the riders dismounted and grabbed him by his arms.Then another came with a short length of rope and bound his arms,'Hey take me to Amoyne and Halona.'They all looked at him,then he realized he may have said too much as they lifted him onto one of the riderless mounts and galloped off in a direction,he did not know to where.

The ride was long and hard.Made even worse by the fact the men he was now in the company of did not speak his language.However he was not too concerned as they rode in the livery of Rohan.Still he wondered if he would find help,he could not remember if any of the characters of Rohan had been amongst the ones at the tree.
They rode at hard gallops with slow canters at times.Only stopping once a day and then only breifly.The day was spinning towards noon as they approached a sight he thought only existed in fantasy.The world Tolkein had invented,now he had begun to wonder just what the old professor had invented.The books may well be fantasy,however the brusies on his bottom were real.
'Please intie my hands he begged as they slowed to a canter.'He looked into the thoughtful eyes of those next to him on either side,'Where am I to go,I am a lost strangr here,'Still no response and they rode on,soon however he had worked his hands free of the rope end bindings and held on to the saddle.This helped his bottom little,but it helped.Soon he could see the golden hall of Meduseld very clearly and for a time forgot he had been swept away from the people he knew.Then he realized he did not really know them,only from the message boards and only had seen them since coming to the lost plays.Come to think of it he wondered if they had been real at all,since it seemed to him he was being taken away from them.It was a shame,too.
He had his eyes on the young blonde school girl and had wanted to spend time with her upon their return to the R.W.Then he decided this must be his real world now,something had gone wrong.Hoping Amalad had not gone into the void to look for him,then deciding he did hope the wraith did go to look for him.
As they entered the gates he noticed the young blonde standing upon the stone balconey and thought to himself,this must be a time before the battle of Helm's Deep.

He was removed from the horse and marched up to the hall of the king,where to his dismay there squirmed ,Grima and knew he would possibly be beheaded if the silver tounged devil had his way,and just one look at the king told him there would be no help there.

The woman,Eowyn entered the room and looked at him.Quietly she found Hama and implored him not to kill this young man no matter who ordered him to do so.
'Why bring this strange person before the king,can you not see he is ill and does not need to be burdened with such as this?'Theoden,tried to speak,and Grima told them,'See,he orderers you to take him away.Once again Theoden struggled to say something,'The king says to toss him to the feilds where he can work.' Grima looked at the clothing of the young man,'Tell me where are you from for I do not recognize your clothing.'
'I am from the U.S.A.'smiled the young ringer,'I came here to visit on holiday.'
'See,'Grima said,the poor underling cannot speak so we can understand.'Grima rose from his seat and took a sword from one of the guards close to him.He stepped down to the one and told the guards to lower his head.
'No!' Shouted Eowyn,"No right do you have to kill this innocent boy,none,Grima."
'So you would disobey your king,Eowyn?'Grima sucked air through his teeth,that sound alone caused the young man to wish he could pluck the eyes out of the wormtongue.

Those pale blue eyes,full of deciet and tryanny.He wondered if Grima could understand him.
At the same instant a guard came running from the doors and shouted,'Lord Eomer is back!' Grima slunk back to his seat beside the old king.Eowyn took the one's hands away from the guard and took him with her to a safe place.Behind a pilaster of the hall.
There they sat awaiting her brother.The ringer wondered if he could understand them,why they could not understand him.Soon a large clamour began on the steps of the hall and the doors swung open as several of the largest men the young boy had ever seen came in bearing Theodred.Now the ringer had a terrible problem,he knew Grima would kill the king's son during the night.And he had to think hard and fast on how to prevent this from happening.

Of course he knew the livery to be that of Rohan,some how he had expected the common tounge to be known in that realm also.They rode hard for Edoras,or so he guessed.The plains gave way to the rocky outcroppings so familiar to the book.Still he wondered how he had become so lost and if the void had anything to do with it.He wished they would untie his hands so he could grab the saddle better,and of all his wishes he wished the leg cramps would go away.Never having rode a horse before he felt a trembling from deep inside and knew it to be fear.Then he had an idea,to fall off,so as he hit the ground,and the riders turned to see to him,he heard a familiar voice.It was Strider shouting at the riders and he saw Gimili with legolas.He smiled and waved at them.They looked as if they did not know who he was.
It took awhile for Eomer and Strider to understand him.This only after they had their initial confrontation.Strider asked the riders to unbound his hands so he could talk.Thinking he to be like some he knew who could not talk if their hands were bound.Only to find this truley was just a saying.
In the end,Eomer handed over the strange young man to the small hunting party ,along with two horses.
So with Legolas and Gimili on one of the mounts,Aragorn and the boarder on the other they raced to the spot where the fires had been.The stink of the burning orc flesh was almost too much for him and he turned from the scene.He knew of course how this would turn out or he hoped it would.They had recieved the horses so he waited for the ranger to notice the signs of the hobbits.As he waited he looked at the expanse of forest before him.Never in his life had he seen such trees.
Soon Strider was busy looking at the ground after his outburst.This caused him to look to the ground where he found the trail of Pippin and Merry.And the orc who had followed them,so into the forest they went,here it became dark.The trio had not tied his hands nor had they tried to speak to him,once they decided he did not know any of their languages.Still with his fair hair they suspected him to be from somewhere up north,or possibly Elrond or some other lore master could decipher his speak.
Still he worried about what part of lost plays he had gotten himself into.


 They followed the prints of the hobbits and the orc up to the dead body or smashed would be a more appropriate way to describe the sight that met their eyes.Even Gimili was amazed at the sight of the smashed body.On they went following the strange tracks.Legolas went ahead off to the side of the tracks .not wanting Aragorn to miss any detail.
Through the trees the elf could see a vauge white outline,'Aragorn,'he said in a hushed tone,'There see it is the white wizard.'Aragorn could not see as well as the elf,though his sight be of a finely tuned nature.He made a face as he was known to do when making a decision.'Don't let him speak,'He whispered 'He will put a spell on you.'They stood at the ready and fired all they had at the wizard,a blinding light shone out from him when he had come within range.The only power Saruman had was his voice.This wizard had more than that power.He asked them if they were tracking hobbits. And then Aragorn told him to show himself.And he did it was Gandalf.
The young ringer went down first on one knee so they could all see him.After the reunion of the friends Gandalf turned his attention to the strangly dressed young man,'And who might this be?'
'Ah,Eomer found him down south a bit.'Gimili began,'Then kindly dropped him off on us.He has a strange talk.'Gandalf asked him,his name.The young ringer pointed at his chest and said,'Allen'with a smile.He was afraid and excited this Gandalf could read in his eyes.Allen looked around at the ground and saw the sandy soil in the bottom of the shallow ravine,he went over and bent down,drawing a map of Middle Earth as best as he could remember.He put an 'x' where they stood and drew a line towards the place on the map called Edoras.Gandalf became excited,'Well he has the sight,he knows we are headed for Edoras.'
'Edoras?'questioned Gimili,'That is noe short distance.'
'No it is not,however that is soon to be our road.'
Then they all looked on as Allen drew as best he could two horses.Then he whistled and this caused Gandalf to really wonder for the whistle was so off key,then the young man drew a third horse.He looked up at the wizard who grabbed him up by his shoulders and told the small perty,come along now we ride for,Edoras.'
'Eomer says it does not go well with the king.'Said Aragorn.Looking at the young man in his strange almost elfin outfit.
'No and it wont be easily cured I am afraid.'However we must hurry for Rohan is weak and ready to fall.'
As they came to the edge of the forest they saw their horses and Gimili was about to grumble when Gandalf made the same whistle the young man had made.Out of almost nowhere a white horse could be seen moving at extreme speed,however it seemed so effortless.

13: Edoras

Allen was lifted down to the ground by one of the riders he smiled and bowed in a way to say thank-youi,then leaving the confused rider to watch him he ran to the others,'Hey how did you get here can you talk to these people?'
They all looked at him and touched his clothing and mummered about him.
'Well?' His heart sunk as he began to fear they could not speak his language either.'Do you not understand me?'
They all busted out laughing,'Hey your not supposed to talk.'Smiled the young girl,'Gandalf said we would go where they could not understand us,so you could not ask any damaging questions.'
Allen began to sulk,'Well do you understand them?'
'We understand what is happening now,see they are leaving their weapons at the door.'Suddenly they all got worried looks on their faces.'Remember the top ten list of things not to do,while in Rohan?'
Some got very worried looks for the number one thing had been not to follow entire town into box canyon on day trip.
Inside the hall Theoden-king was chasing Wormtounge with his sword.And when it was all finally over Theoden turned to Gandalf and asked,"Who are those people?'
'Good question,they are unarmed and the one who rode with us is very quiet,and has a strange speak.'
'The others have a strange speak also.'Everyone turned to see Gamling walking up to them,'I wonder for three days and two nights they walked across the plains and then they came here,almost like they knew us.'
'The way they were looking at everything they might be thieves.'Offered Hama,Gamling nudged him,'Should we lock them up?'
'No we need to feed them.'It was Eowyn,'I will make them some stew.'

14: Conclusion

Gimili found no rest as the events unfolded around him.The lady Eowyn had taken these strange people into her arms.They were all trying to talk and he watched as they worked out what was becoming a funny thing to watch.They were doing things with their hands and he remembered the book in Kazhad-Dum.He sighed wondering if his cousin had suffered in his dying.Aragorn and Legolas were together talking about how they seemed to be of a northern nature.
Theoden tried to talk with them,everyone tried to talk with them,the only one who could help them now had turned against all the beliefs of the Istari,and would soon come to his rekoning.
It was Eomer who decided they were not enemy,reasoning if they were then they could understand someone.And Gimili spoke up saying it would be a good trick of the enemy to act as if they could not speak or understand.All had to be considered.In the end one of the hounds came over,and showed he liked these people.The matter was settled if this hound liked them for he was from a long line of court hounds of the watch,then these people were not to be bothered about.
So the girls were shown one room with six beds in it.They only needed four,and soon found out two of the women would stay the night with them.Allen and the other two guys went to the halls where Eomer and most of the ranking captains of the Rohirrim slept.Here they had a room with sixteen bunks in it.Some of the men could not sleep with the strangers in with them,so they spent the night watching.

So here ends Welcome to Middle Earth,cottage of lost plays

"You realize we are going to Helm's Deep." Allen spoke to the other six."This is not good." He wakled along now not only were they put in harms way they may die for they doubted the men would be excused from duty,just because you did not understand did not mean you were entirely stupid.No Allen had no doubt he and the other guys were to be tested on the walls of the Deep.He was worried about this,he did not know anything about combat only the goo fights on the board and those had been just for fun or a good way to get back at someone.Somehow Allen doubted he would be in a goo battle,unless it was to fight his way out from under a gooey dead orc.Then he remembered these would not be normal orcs if their be normal orc,no these would be Uruk-hai and they would be numerous and large.And number in the thousands,ten of thousands as he thought about it,he grew more worried with each passing footstep.
Wishing he could get the king to back track and come up behind the army of Isengard,and join the ents in their attack,however he knew how difficult it had been for the king to decide to run for the deep,let alone listen to him."So,"He thought to himself,this is it,this is what happenens to us in M.E."
Soon the line came to a halt and everyone began starting little fires for both cooking and warmth for it was so cold at night.Some walked around with little pots of broth and handed them bowls full of the sour tasting stuff.Each of the ringers looked at each other and if they had not been starving they might have dumped the broth.
Still Allen had this nagging in the back of his mind and it would not go away.


The next afternoon with the nagging in his mind Allen told some of the other what he felt to be going on and soon it was very apparent they all knew something although they were afraid to ask.And who could they ask anyway if they were not understood.
Allen could no longer contain himself,"You know these things are going to happen and soon why are we not armed?"The other's looked at him and wondered themselves"And please don't say I spoke them up you know the tale as well as I do."

"Well,"said the young girl lets just make like hobbits and start picking up rocks."Allen smiled in another time or place he would be growing fond of her and to his surprise he found he was beginning to over-like her,she was very pretty and had smarts about her.Not to mention she looked nice in the dress borrowed from Eoywn.

Aragorn noticed the strangers picking up rocks and stones along the trail and wondered,however he did not have long to reflect on the new turn of events,for he heard the elf Legolas shouting something he did not wish to hear with all these peopl so vulnerable,"WARGS!"


Allen and his fellow Ringorians,(as thay had taken to calling themselves were left behind with the women and children and assorted older men.Much to their relief,for if this was the movie version,they were in good shape,as the battle would not reach tehm.And it did not.

Soon the bedraggled remains of the Kings Guard,returned and Allen looked though he did not see Aragorn.

She walked over to him,'I am leslie, in the realworld." She was very pretty he decided and smiled,wondering if she had not already told him this before."I hope Aragorn will return,did you see them release the horse?"By then they rest of their little group had arrived and were looking wild eyed,most of them had spent their lives at the computer and were pretty winded,though they were day by day gathering their strength.They would need it ,and only too soon,for if things were going the way of the story line of the film it would go ill,this battle.

Allen looked at all the people following their king,something had left the Lady's eyes,she was saddened.He had a flicker of hope,knowing aragorn should return,Gandalf would arrive on the dawn of the battle,no matter who had breached the wall and had them run to the back wall.Eomer would be with him,and sadly he thought of Haldir and the Galadhrim.

Happy all would be to see these most needed of warriors,those not knowing the out come.Then ,Allen realized,it would be to their advatage to knkow all the events and how they would be shaping.

Saddened the entire column of refugees looked.All feared facing the war ahead without the ranger or the wizard,however it had been done before.Just they had troops and calvary to stave the enemy,now a dwarf and an elf seemed to be their only hope,and they were suffering from the loss of their friend and fellow champion.

So as they made Helm's Deep the realization had hit home to Eowyn and she could no longer put forth the brave face,though she held up in the preperations of war,and something bothered Allen.He thought about it as he,too went to be fitted for war.

Then he knew what it was,she would have gone on ahead while the battle had taken place,it had changed to his horror,and he had not the heart to tell,the Ringorians.H.T.

((( Memories of you )))