LOTR Names in the U.S.

by Erech the Undead

In response to a post from Varda:

I saw in today's Sunday Times that last year six children in England were christened Gandalf.

The thing is, in the book Gandalf is Gandalf (or Mithrandir) but these kids will be called things like Gandalf Smith, or Gandalf Forbes-Flaherty. They will be nicknamed Gandi, too.

I wonder were there any Frodos?

Just wondering.....


One of my best friends in high school was known more as ''hobbit'', than by his real name.

Other variations on LotR named folks can be found in the U.S.:

Earacorn-- his rank as Ranger is said to be Colonel..{get it-kernel..}
Legsandass--I hear he models action wear
Giblet--he spends alot of time with Earacorn
Murray-- the Jewish hobbit
Pimpin'--he's a hip-hop bigshot
Fredo--he only made it halfway across the Sea, er, lake
SonofSam--his gardening specialty was pulling weeds-with a .44
Megandalf--don't let the beard fool you. She's all woman
Bono-mir--the guy thinks he's a rock star with that horn...
Elrond Hubbard--the Scientology guy
Moron--more stupid than evil
Denny-thor--owns a restaurant chain. Killed in a grease fire.
Farrah-mir--hey, he's got the hair..
Eowynfrey--who knew Oprah had a sister?
Billybo-bob--these are common in the southern half of the Shire
Lobotome--if you know her, you'll wish you were..
Sorryman--when your name becomes synonymous with regrettable deeds...like this list...LoL...