Riddle Me This

A Lore of the Ring contest quiz written by Doctor Gamgee

All questions come from, and the answers to said questions can be, found in the books (TH, FOTR, TTT and ROTK), but that the questions may come from any part of the books (the text, the maps, the songs, the poems, the appendices, the indexes, etc.), and that use of the books is not only permitted, but encouraged, along with any other reference source you have. Also note that use of the movies as an aide is discouraged for they may lead you astray in your search.

And so, in the words of my hero, the Riddler of Batman fame -- Riddle me this!

 (Highlight beneath each one for the answers)

Riddle 1.

Tied together: Smeagols and Great Smials,
Fated Finder beneath the ground,
The pony he rode was fat as a Barrel,
His introduction: “In a hole in the Ground…”

Who am I?
Bilbo Baggins

Riddle 2

This early bird helped get the Worm,
From Thoror's Moon Letters did he Squirm.
The key to door, which shall unlock
Was found by listening to his knock!

Not the Penguin, but who?
The Thrush

Riddle 3

They claim I died; can that be true?
For oft I’m seen in LA’s view.
Kill such a creature, don’t be daft!
My ‘Ten fold shields’ would break the shaft.

Who am I?

Riddle 4

This great stone, of Blackroot Vale,
Saw the brave Dwarf grow quite pale.
Helped bring curses to an end,
Now marks the head, of our dear friend.

What is it?
the Stone of Erech

Riddle 5

Like silver in firelight, Like water in Sun,
Like snow under stars, its master; undone.
From friendship, to enemies, to friends final rest,
It lies everafter, upon master’s breast.

What is it, and with whom does it lie?
The Arkenstone, which lies with Thorin Oakenshield

Riddle 6

Edain, Noldor, Vanyar, Sindar,
“Full ripe for Kingship” from his great sire.
One named as “Decendent of Eldar”
Following after the Evenstar.

Who is it?

Riddle 7

No 'Dawdler' he; the first to show
Upon the steps of dear Bilbo.
With dark green hood, and beard of blue,
He is a dwarf, but tell me, "Who?"

Riddle 8

Scarlet hooded, He made hay,
Sought he Mithril, lead the way.
Dimrill Dale saw his end,
Can you name Bilbo's dear friend?

Riddle 9

The 'Magnificent' hobbit in Fellowship's 'Quest'
Abducted by Orcs, Ent-perched like a nest.
Crickhollow to Rivendel, Lost in Fangorn,
Dernhelm's assistant, Windfola bourn.

Which Hobbit is it?
Meriadoc Brandybuck

Riddle 10

Sometimes used for hiding Spoons,
When given to ruffians-- they see stars and moons.
Lobelia this could rightly wield.
Can you name it, or do you yield?
An umbrella

Riddle 11

Spies of the White Hand, Dunland Crows,
Eyes on the Fellowship, for their foes.
Called by Pippin both ‘nuisance’ and ‘plague’
Name them now clearly! (Please, do not be vague!)

Riddle 12

Scratching Marks upon the door,
He set the path for Erebor.
Little knew he by this thing,
He’d set the path to end the Ring.

Who is it?

Riddle 13

Of two minds; but single aim,
Sought he neither power nor fame.
Stops at nothing to get it back.
Found his end at fiery Doom’s crack.

Name the Character
Gollum / Smeagol

Riddle 14

Two there were; both multi-hued.
One wore wisdom, one was crude.
Breaking ‘white’ the first a fool.
Claiming ‘white’ the second’s ‘Cool.’

Name the wizards:
Saruman and Gandalf

Riddle 15

Gandalf’s most unlikely steed,
He upon no grass did feed.
Found he Gandalf upon the height,
Following the Balrog’s flight.

Who could this be?