The Conversation

by Dinledhwen 

I had just sat down to do some writing on my story for my muse was on a roll when two of my characters entered my bedroom with worried expressions on their fair elvish faces followed by Legolas who looked more puzzled as to where he was at the moment.

“Dinledhwen we need to talk to you,” Adulas said while Last Elf nodded in agreement. Meanwhile Legolas had wandered over to the cardboard standee of himself in the corner obviously fascinated by it.

“Sure boys have a seat,” I said while motioning to the bed. “Is something wrong?”

“We don’t know yet,” Adulas continued while they sat down. “We’ve been hanging out with all the other characters from the stories on the ME board. There’s been a lot of talk about new boards going around. Is it true?”

“Yes it’s true.”

“First my kindred leave me and now you…” Last Elf began before the tears started to flow. Fortunately Adulas had a spare handkerchief on him as I was presently out of Kleenex.

“Now calm yourself Last Elf. I’m not leaving you or Adulas! Now where did you get such a silly idea as that,” I asked while watching nervously as a curious Legolas picked up the Legolas figurine that was on the nightstand.

“Other characters have said their writers may not continue and abandon them in the void of unfinished stories. I’ve heard rumors about that place! A dark placed filled with characters who wander around repeating over and over the last thing their writers had them do. Of course this makes them very grumpy and bored,” Adulas said the fear of such a place clearly on his face and in his voice. “Some say it’s worse than meeting a Balrog!”

“Well they don’t know what they’re talking about,” Legolas said as he put the figurine gently back down on the nightstand much to my relief. “I should know. I’ve met one. Besides I don’t understand why everyone is so worried about this void.”

“Of course you don’t since Tolkien finished writing his story about you,” Last Elf sniffed obviously jealous. “Your place in the literary world is secure. But for many of us we’re still evolving.”

“I’m not leaving anyone so will you two just relax!” I exclaimed growing frustrated by all of this for I wanted to write. “Now while I’m working while don’t all of you go into the living room and watch one of the LOTR movies.”

So Adulas and Last Elf left feeling much better with Legolas following behind. However after I had opened the file containing my story, I soon discovered that my muse had gone to watch the movie also leaving me alone with writer’s block…