Kids & LOTR

by Bregotamer with responses

 My now 7yr old son was Thinking about 4 or 5 when TTT extended edition came out. Needless to say, he has seen the movie several times. Anyway, one of his older sisters was bothering him one day, and he blurted out the following insult to her:

"Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew Burger King fat head!" Yowza LOL ROFL

Everyone still laughs out loud when we remember that. What have some of your kids said regarding the movies, characters, etc.

- Bregotamer

 My niece did a great one. She was I guess around 4 or 5 at the time and was already familiar with the Rankin/Bass Return of the King when I got the DVD of the Theatrical Fellowship home. She also knew from hearing me talk that this was supposed to be the beginning of the story that ends in the cartoon. She also knew my and my husband's favorite sodas-Sunkist and Mt. Dew respectiveley.

So she pops off about halfway through Fellowship-"Aunt Sissy, when are they gonna put that ring in the Mountain Dew?"

We still laugh over that one!
- Anna Estel

 Okay, I remembered the other incident I wanted to share. I have one thing to say first. Elvish language purists, forgive me if I chop up this spelling. Fortunately, I know you will know the scene and can figure out what I'm trying to type Confused

One night I was playing the Trivia Pursuit LOTR game with my 12, 11, and 10 year old. The rest of the brood was sitting around watching. My 12 year old is probably a level 5 obsessed Ringer. The question came up to the 10 year old about what Legolas says to Aragorn at Helm's Deep when they are getting all the old men and boys ready. Anywho, the answer is when Legolas says "They are all going to die!" and the answer is supposed to be the English translation of what he says in Elvish. So I ask the question to Niijan, my son, and he thinks for a bit, smiles and shouts out:

Naga daga thyer!!!

Only he says it wrong and we all burst out laughing. After which I tell him what it means in English, and unfortunately... well... Embarassed let's just say he's not a Ringer
- Bregotamer

We must remind ourselves that often children, until told otherwise, believe.

One of the most touching moments in my life was when I was at a convention and a very young girl believed I was the Gandalf. I have grown somewhat cynical in my old age and somewhat hardened that anyone could believe such a thing. I at first thought she was play-acting, but as we spoke I realized there was no doubt in her eyes and was taken back, yet I could not bring myself to tell her otherwise, and so Gandalf the Gray who walks under moon and sun in Middle-Earth I became, for her, just for a little while.
- Gandalf the Grey

I think it's wonderful that you did not crush her joy and wonder at meeting Gandalf with "reality". What a grand experience and fine memory you gave the child! You were indeed, in that moment, a servant of the Secret Fire.

My two oldest grands have, of course, lived with LOTR - and their LOTR passionate gramma - for most of their lives, and so references to the characters have almost always just been a part of their conversation. So much so, that they don't usually stand out in such a way that make them particularly memorable. But Hobbithead does have a way of looking past the surface at times that gives extra weight to his words. I remember once discussing the various roles the Fellowship played in the Ring's destruction, and he piped up and said, "Aragorn and Legolas and Boromir's job was to fight. But Frodo's job wasn't fighting. He had to kill the Ring." Which I thought was very discerning of him, as a young boy who loves Spiderman and Batman and all super-heroes, to understand that Frodo had a different task that didn't seem as "glorious", but was vastly important, and that Frodo was no less brave because he didn't slash his way across Middle-earth to reach Mount Doom.

Once while listening to Into the West, he also asked me if a ship was going to come one day to carry me home. I nearly cried, it was so bittersweet. "Someday," I told him, "It will be like that," and smiled.
- Lithilien Quicksilver