Postcards from Angband

Baron Wilderness

Dear PP,

Having a lovely time, recharging evil batteries, having a right laugh with Uncle Melkor, he really is a blast. Yesterday he showed me his dragon babies, they're so cute!

Tomorrow we're going to be corrupting some Elves, I wish TEOM was here, I do miss her. I know my Uncle 's had a pretty bad rap in the past but he's really not a bad bloke at all. He's teaching me lots of cool stuff like how to turn people againt their friends, great!

Can't wait to get back to the PP, see you all soon, byeee



P.S. My Palantir tells me there is an imposter on the boards by the name of Count Wilderness, I will have to ask Uncle Melkor for a special way to deal with him when I return.

Dear PP,

Still having a lovely time here with Uncle Melkor, he really is a laugh. Glad to say the computer repair man came round yesterday and fixed Uncles computer, so that should put an end to the double posting. Something to do with orc snot on the motherboard I think.

We spent yesterday corrupting Elves. I didn't realize the effort that went into it!

I just thought it would be a bit of toenail twisting and that would be all but Uncle Melkor has made a real art out of it. He managed to turn his Elf into a fully fledged orc, all I could manage was a barrage of swearwords from mine... still, it's a start.

Today were going to be taking a trip down into the very bowels of Angband, Uncle said if we're lucky there might even still be some Balrogs down there, can't wait!

See you all soon,


Dear PP,

Well, we had great fun yesterday looking for Balrogs in the depths of Angband. Sad to say we didn't actually catch sight of one but we found lots of Balrog poo so they must be down there somewhere.

Got a poscard from TEOM this morning, Uncle Melkor thought I was a right sissy but I told him I was trying to corrupt this paticular Elf and had ALMOST succeeded once so he was cool with it. I showed Uncle Melkor her profile page and he said he wouldn't mind having a go at corrupting her himself, LOL!

Today is my last day at Angband, I've had a wonderful time but can't wait to get back and try out some of my new stuff. My Palantir tells me there's been some stalking going on, so that will have to stop for sure.

Might take a detour through Mirkwood to visit TEOM and take a look at the Necromancers old stomping grounds on the way home. But it does put me on the wrong side of the Ford of Bruinen, which I try to avoid if at all possible. I'll see how I feel.

Till then, cheerio