Sam's Thoughts

by Silivren Ithildin

9. Lothlorien

We ran without seeing anymore orcs. Through streams, hills and across plains we ran. From a ways off I noticed a different color to the woods we were coming up on. It had a golden glow to it that was quite lovely.

Strider and Legolas seemed really happy to be here. Gimli, on the other hand started talking about an Elf Witch and how if anyone looks on her, they are never heard of again. I hope this is not true! The woods are lovely and almost seem enchanted. In front of me Mister Frodo seemed hesitant to go on, but, did when I asked him what was the matter. Gimli said he wouldn't be ensnared by the Elf Witch, but, in the blink of an eye, we were surrounded by Elves who were pointing arrows at us.

We were formally greeted by an Elf named Haldir. He is one of the border guards here. Gimli was not very courteous at this point, but, I understand that the Elves and Dwarves are not friends. After some talking between the Elves and Aragorn we were told that we couldn't go any farther. I know Mister Frodo had to bring the One Ring here, but, it seems like it will keep us from going on. Most of the night Aragorn argued with Haldir until finally he gave in and we headed deeper into the woods.

Coming upon a thick stand of trees, Haldir welcomed us to Caras Galadon, the Heart of Elvendom on earth.
In this wood were amazing towering trees with silver trunks and yellow leaves. There were winding staircases around the trees leading up to brightly lit beautiful landings. Even though I would rather be in a smial, these places were spectacular to see. When I looked up I saw a Lady and a tall male Elf coming down to meet us. They were so exceedingly fair to look on, it almost hurt. Such grace and beauty I had never seen.

After letting us know that our journey was no longer a secret from the enemy and after we had to tell them of Gandalf's fall, they were very welcoming. It was a little strange that while the Lady was talking to us, I felt that she was talking to me in my head. She offered me the choice of going back home and being happy or going on with the Fellowship and maybe dying. I can't go back, unless Mister Frodo does. I am going on to whatever end that might befall me and I told her that. That seemed to make her happy.

The Elves gave us a place on the ground to sleep that night. While we were settling down there were Elves singing a mournful, but beautiful song. Legolas said that it was a lament for Gandalf, but that he was still too sad to tell us what they were saying. I felt that someone should say something about Gandalf's fireworks so I tried to compose a verse about them. It went something like this:

The finest rockets ever seen
They burst in stars of blue and green,
For after thunder, silver showers
come falling like a rain of flowers.

It wasn't much of a verse and didn't come close to doing justice to his fireworks, but, I just had to say something. I did manage to sleep well that night.

As we were preparing to leave Lothlorien, the Elves presented us with Elven cloaks and brooches that were shaped like leaves. They said we were the first people that they had ever clad in their garments. I will treasure them all the rest of my life. The Lady Galadriel presented us all with a gift before we left also. The Elven rope she gave me was something that I had been wishing I had thought to bring along with me since the first, but, I found myself asking her if she had any more daggers like she had given Merry and Pippin as I thought maybe it would be more helpful along this journey. I was a little embarrassed that I had asked but she was gracious and just smiled before she moved on. I still can't get over how enchanting she is!

Leaving on the river in boats given to us by the Elves, I found myself thinking back over everything I had seen and felt since arriving in Lothlorien. The grief of Gandalf's loss was somewhat lessened by the wonder of Lothlorien. I will always be thankful that we were able to come here. Now we continue on our journey.

Samwise Gamgee