Sam's Thoughts

by Silivren Ithildin

7. West of the Misty Mountains

After being sent off from Rivendell, our new Fellowship started for Mordor. On we walked west of the Misty Mountains towards the Gap of Rohan. Mister Gandalf told us we would have to hold to this course for 40 days. 40 days! Mister Frodo seemed to do well and not be suffering any aftereffects of his injury from what I could see (and I kept a close eye on him).

Our first sign of trouble came one day while we had stopped for our mid-day meal. Merry and Pippin were getting sword-fighting lessons from Boromir with Strider giving advice, but, both of them ended up on the ground when Boromir unfortunately nicked Pippin with his sword and Merry and Pippin attacked him. Strider tried to break it up, but, then he ended up on his back on the ground. Frodo and I couldn't help laughing at this even though we were trying to eat our lunch. Gandalf was talking with Gimli when all of a sudden Legolas noticed something far off in the sky. As it got closer, Legolas shouted out a warning and Strider told us to take cover. Frodo got our pack and I put out the fire and everyone scrambled for a hiding place in the rocks. Bird spies, it was the bird spies that Gandalf had warned Frodo and me about when we first set out.

Mister Gandalf told us that since the passage south was being watched, we would have to go through the Pass of Caradhras. This turned out to be up a steep mountain-side covered in deep snow. This was very slow going in the terrible cold. We were going up the mountain when I heard a shout from down the way. When I looked back Frodo had fallen and slid a short way but was stopped by Strider. I saw Boromir walk back and pick something up. Mister Frodo told me later that when he fell, the necklace he had the One Ring on, had fallen off and Boromir had picked it up. Frodo said Boromir seemed to be somewhat enchanted with it and Strider had to yell at him twice to give the Ring back to Frodo before he finally snapped out of it and gave him back the Ring.

On we went up the mountain. The way became terribly narrow and the snow was so deep we had to be carried by the Men. I think they were worried we would be lost in the deep snow. Legolas was lucky and was able to walk on the top of the snow. How, I do not know. When I get a chance later I will ask him. He suddenly told us there was a foul voice on the air, which Gandalf said was Saruman. Even though Gandalf started his wizard magic suddenly a lightening bolt came out of nowhere, struck the snow up on top of the mountain and a ton of snow fell on us, burying us. Slowly we started digging our way out.

Everyone started giving ideas of what we should do until Gandalf put the decision into Mister Frodo's hands. Frodo said we would go through the Mines. I noticed when he said this that Gandalf sounded upset and disappointed. I don't understand why, as he didn't give Frodo any sign that we shouldn't go that way. I could have understood if Frodo had said 'let's go there' after Gandalf had warned against it, but, this wasn't the case. I guess we will see what happens since we turned around and headed towards the Mines.

Samwise Gamgee