Sam's Thoughts

by Silivren Ithildin

6. The Council of Elrond

Mister Frodo was called to a secret meeting and I thought I should find out what was going on even though I was not invited. I really cannot let anything else happen to him. I was able to hide in the bushes behind Mister Frodo during the council where no one could see me.

Lord Elrond began talking about a threat and a doom for Middle-Earth that he said can only be triumphed over by every race bonding together and fighting this evil. He had Mister Frodo put Bilbo's Ring on a pedestal for all there to see. One Man started talking about a dream he had about something he called Isildur's Bane. All kinds of chaos broke out when he reached to pick up the Ring. Lord Elrond began speaking but Mister Gandalf surprised me most of all when he began speaking a strange, dark language. The air grew thick, the sky grew dim and the earth shook with his anger. He was kind of scary. Lord Elrond seemed to have a problem with the language Gandalf was speaking and I understood that when I found out that it was the black speech of Mordor. No wonder it made me feel bad to hear it. But, it made the Man back off from the Ring. Even with all this, the man started talking about how his people should be allowed to use the Ring because they have been keeping Middle-Earth safe from Mordor. Strider spoke up and told him that the Dark Lord is the only one who can use it which made the Man ask who he was to know about it. One of the Elves spoke up and gave me the biggest shock of all saying that Strider is actually heir to the throne of Gondor!! I know this was just as big a shock to Frodo as it was to me. I could almost feel his shock. Imagine, Strider is a King. I felt it was rude that the Man told Strider that Gondor didn't need a King.

When Lord Elrond began talking about the Ring having to be destroyed, one of the Dwarves got up and tried to destroy it with his axe. This made Mister Frodo jump and put his hand to his head like it had hurt him. Mister Gandalf seemed to have noticed this too. Lord Elrond told him that the Ring could not be destroyed by any means except by being dropped into the fires of Mt. Doom, he then called for a volunteer to do this. Well, this started all kinds of discussion and arguing. In the midst of this, I was unprepared to hear Mister Frodo say he would take it even though he didn't know the way. Mister Gandalf, Strider, the Elf and the Dwarf said they would go with him and protect him. The Man with a dream said he would go too, that Gondor would see it done. I had to step forward and let them know Mister Frodo isn't going anywhere without me. Lord Elrond seemed to think this was kind of funny. Next thing we know Merry and Pippin pop up saying they're going too and won't be stopped. Lord Elrond then pronounced us "The Fellowship of the Ring". Everything is set for us to leave when we are all packed. I am glad I got our packing started early. I hope Mister Frodo is well enough for this journey.

Frodo spent some time with Mister Bilbo before we left as we don't know when we will be back and Frodo missed Bilbo since he left the Shire.

Lord Elrond and the Elves saw our Fellowship off. When we set out I could see in Frodo's face that he was unsure of the journey we were setting off on.

Little did I know that our journey wouldn't end with getting the Ring to Rivendell, but, however far it is, I will not let Frodo go alone. I do not know what is to come on this adventure, but, I will see it through to the end with Frodo.

Samwise Gamgee