Sam's Thoughts

by Silivren Ithildin

5: Our Flight to Rivendell

We've made it to Mister Bilbo's trolls. We have traveled quickly to try to get Mister Frodo to Rivendell as soon as possible. He is changing, he's growing pale and cold to the touch. Pippin spoke aloud the question I am afraid to ask. I have also wondered if Mister Frodo is going to die but I feel that if I ask this it might make it come true. Strider however says Mister Frodo is going to become one of these wraith things. I'm not sure which is worse. I know Mister Frodo would hate to become one of them.

Strider asked if I knew of a plant called Athelas, I didn't until he called it Kingsfoil, that weed I know (One thing a gardener knows is weeds). He said it might help to slow the poison in Mister Frodo's wound. Off we went in different directions to find this weed. When I couldn't find any in that direction I returned to our camp to check on Frodo before going in a different direction to look. While I was in camp we heard a horse coming our way with this strange bright light shining in the trees. Into camp rode the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. She was enchanting. One of the others asked who she was and it came to me that she is an Elf. She shines like she has a sun in her like the Woodland Elves Frodo and I had seen. Goodness radiates off her in waves that comfort me. Strider followed after her with Kingsfoil in his hand. I wondered what he was going to do with it when he put it in his mouth, chewed on it and placed it over the wound on Mister Frodo's shoulder. It must have done something to the wound as it made Frodo cry out. I will have to find out all the uses of this plant that I thought was only a weed at a later time.

After Strider and the Lady Elf talked a bit, Strider suddenly picked Frodo up and put him on the Lady's horse. She mounted and took off with Mister Frodo. What is going on? Doesn't he realize the danger he's put them in. The Ringwraiths are still out there. I know that Strider has done everything he can to help us and I am sure he thinks that this is the only way to get Frodo to Rivendell in time, but, I worry that I can not be with Mister Frodo to protect him (as much as I am able). I just have to hold on to hope that the Lady and Mister Frodo will be safe and that Frodo will make it to Rivendell in time to help him. Now all I want to do is run as fast as possible to get to Rivendell to be with Frodo.

Our flight to Rivendell seemed to take forever, but, I know we made it much faster than normally possible. The going was not easy as I worried about Frodo every step of the way. I kept willing Mister Frodo to live and heal from his wound.

Finally we came to Rivendell. I did not care about anything except getting to see Mister Frodo and making sure he was fine. I was taken to Frodo's bedside and there I stayed. I helped when I could and just stayed by his side when there was nothing else I could do. Finally, while I was out of the room, he woke up. Seeing him awake I flew to his side. I cannot express my joy at seeing him up and looking well. Lord Elrond had worked so hard to keep Frodo from becoming a wraith and now he finally got to meet him.

When Mister Frodo was able, Lord Elrond said he could get up and walk around. I was able to show him the beauty of Rivendell. Mister Frodo was so happy to see Merry and Pippin and they were happy to see him. It was wonderful to be present when Mister Frodo got to see Mister Bilbo for the first time since their birthday party. His whole being vibrated with the joy of seeing Bilbo again. We left them alone to continue with their reunion in peace.

Finding me getting my backpack ready, Mister Frodo was amazed that I was packing when I had so looked forward to meeting the Elves. Like I told him, I really did want to see the Elves but, after everything I am so ready to return home and see my family and Rosie Cotton. After all, we have done what we set out to do, we got the ring to Rivendell

Samwise Gamgee