Sam's Thoughts

by Silivren Ithildin

4: Amon Sûl

Very early that next morning we found out all the horses in Bree had been run off. The only one left in Bree was a half-starved, mistreated pony owned by Bill Ferny. He wanted 30 silver pennies for it. That was 3 times the normal price and was hard for Mister Butterbur to be able to part with, but, he felt bad because we were expecting a horse and he had no other. So, we ended up with Bill the pony. Now that we have him we will make sure he is well taken care of. That nasty Bill Ferny should be flogged for how he treated Bill the pony! We hated to have to load Bill down that morning, but, Strider said we had to get on to Rivendell just as fast as possible.

We all had doubts about Strider and if he was actually going to help us on our journey or harm us in some way. The four of us discussed our doubts while we were starting out from Bree. I agreed with Mister Frodo that if he was going to harm us Strider would 'feel' foul and look fairer. After all, if he wanted to harm us, he could have let the Ringwraiths take care of us last night. In some way I feel deep down that he is an honorable man. A little later we stopped and had breakfast then got ready to move on again. Mister Pippin had a bit of a problem with this as he wanted second breakfast. Strider didn't seem to know anything about second break-fast but he found some apples for Pippin. I have the distressing feeling that our usual schedule of meals is going to be a thing of the past along this journey as I am sensing we won't have time to stop 7 or 8 times a day for meals. This thought sets my stomach to grumbling.

All of us hated going through the Midgewater Marshes. It was wet, stagnant, smelly land that pulled and grabbed at our feet as we went along. Not only that, but, the flying bugs stung us and seemed to be trying to make meals out of us. Poor Bill the pony had an awful time getting through the marsh. Strider found us a semi-dry place to spend the night and he was able to kill a deer for our supper. As I was falling asleep I thought I heard someone quietly singing a lovely, but sad, song. It was a nice way to fall asleep.

The next day we walked and walked for forever it seemed. By the time we reached the great watchtower of Amon Sûl, as Strider called it, on Weathertop, we were exhausted and starving. Strider sat us down and gave us each a sword for our protection as he was going to have a look around. Mister Frodo took a little nap and Merry, Pippin and I started a fire and made some supper. I never even thought there was anything wrong about starting a fire until Mister Frodo got up and began putting it out. Our mistake didn't hit me until we heard that screeching again and saw the shadows begin to move below us. How could I have been so stupid? Our fire led them right to us.

Up the stairs to the ruin of the watchtower we ran. We didn't know which direction they would attack us from, but we knew they were coming. We tried to keep Mister Frodo protected by circling around him. When they came over the side, we pushed him behind us. My heart was seized with a horrible fear when they came near us. It almost felt frozen from the pure evil coming off them in waves. But, what terrorized my heart more was the thought of them getting to Frodo and hurting him. That thought was enough to bring out my courage to face them. I think I even called them devils in my brief moment of bravado. All I remembered after that was one of them backhanding me in the face and flying through the air, then hitting my head. After that, there was nothing until I heard Mister Frodo screaming in pain. My worst fears had come true.

Running over to Mister Frodo I saw Strider was back and that he had fought off the Ringwraiths. Mister Frodo was in agony. He had been stabbed. Yelling at Strider, I wanted to help and somehow I knew that if anyone could help him, it would be Strider. Strider looked at the blade that had stabbed Frodo and knew that it was a wound that he could not heal by himself. He hurried us on towards Rivendell even knowing that it was 6 days ahead of us. Carrying Frodo, I heard him tell Frodo to hold on. I willed Frodo to hold on also. I could not handle it if he were to be lost to us as a result of my stupidity.

Samwise Gamgee