Sam's Thoughts

by Silivren Ithildin

3: On to Bree

I did get some sleep that night but it was hard. I think every part of me ached from head to toe when we got up. On we went, we had to get to Bree to meet Mister Gandalf at the Prancing Pony Inn. For the first time in my life I was planning on actually leaving the Shire. How exciting, yet somewhat scary.

We were cutting through Farmer Maggot's place when I came to the end of a corn row and found Mister Frodo wasn't anywhere to be seen. I was worried! I called out to him and he came and found me. I had promised Gandalf I wouldn't lose Mister Frodo and I thought I already had. I am going to do everything I can to make sure I stay close to Mister Frodo at all times.

All of a sudden, Mister Merry and Mister Pippin barrelled out of the corn and ran headlong into Frodo and me. They had been caught stealing some of Farmer Maggot's crops. Well, then we all had to run. He had the dogs out! Onto the road on the border of his farm we all fell.

Mister Frodo told us we needed to get off the road just in time. We hid under a large tree's roots at the edge of the road from, I don't know what to call it, but, it was large, dark and felt like pure evil. While it was looking for us I looked over at Mister Frodo and he had his eyes closed and was putting the ring on. I did the only thing I could think of and covered his hands with mine so he couldn't get the ring on. At the same time Merry tossed his pack off into the woods and when the thing went one way, we went the other just as fast as we could. All that day we hid from whatever it was. We all felt such malice coming off it, it was hard to describe. Even though we were careful, just as we were getting ready to head to the Bucklebury Ferry to get to Bree one of these things found us and we had to run for our lives. Mister Frodo had a terrible time trying to get away from it.

But, we finally made it to the Ferry and then to Bree. I have never seen so many large people. It was difficult just staying out of their way and not getting run over. Once we found the Inn we found out Gandalf wasn't there yet. Mister Frodo kept telling me that he would come. In the meantime we got a room and some supper. While in the bar I noticed a man in the corner staring at Mister Frodo. He was large with a hooded cloak pulled over his head smoking a pipe. Mister Frodo asked Barliman who he was. Mister Butterbur told us he was a Ranger called Strider. How dangerous he looked.

I was startled to suddenly hear that Pippin wanted a whole pint of ale when he had just had a half, but, what Merry does, Pippin copies. Off he went to the bar for more ale. The next thing I hear is Pippin telling people at the bar that Frodo's last name is Baggins. He forgot it was supposed to be a secret. When Mister Frodo went to get him from the bar somehow he got tripped up and fell on the floor. I saw something fly up in the air and then all of a sudden Mister Frodo disappeared just like Mister Bilbo had. The ring must have done this. Everyone who saw this gasped in surprise and they started talking just like at the party. Merry's and Pippin's faces reflected their total shock, as I am sure mine did. Next thing I knew, Mister Frodo was being hauled upstairs by this Strider. Merry, Pip and I were a little slow coming to our senses and following after them. But, follow them we did. This Strider called us brave for coming to Frodo's aid. Imagine our surprise when Strider told us we couldn't wait any longer for Mister Gandalf. We didn't know anyone knew we were to meet him there.

We ended up staying in Strider's room all together. During the night, we awoke to a horrible sound, screeching and sounds of something being stabbed while we could hear horses outside the Inn making that same awful squeeling we had heard before. Strider told us all about the Ringwraiths then. This was much worse than bird spies!

Samwise Gamgee