Sam's Thoughts

by Silivren Ithildin

2: Our Journey Begins

Mister Bilbo really did leave. I know he had talked to Mister Frodo about leaving, but, neither of us really thought he would do it. He is 111 years old, after all.

Mister Frodo said Gandalf left that very same night talking about finding out the meaning of some riddle. I thought this was pretty odd myself.

Things went on pretty much like normal for a little while after this. I worked in Mister Frodo's garden and most nights we would go down to the Green Dragon for some ale and to catch up on what was going on around the Shire. I especially liked this because it allowed me to see Rosie. She has the most beautiful smile and I liked the shy looks we exchanged.

I had been keeping a close eye on Frodo to make sure he was safe while I was working on his garden. This was how I heard the strange tale of the Dark Lord and his 'Ring' while I was working outside the study window. Mister Gandalf was back. I guess I must have made some sound while I was listening because the next thing I knew I was hit on the head and hauled through the window I was just listening by. Talk about scaring the life out of me! I asked Mister Gandalf to please not turn me into anything unnatural, but, from the look in his eyes I wasn't too sure he might not be thinking about doing just that. I didn't know what he was talking about when he said he had another plan for me. I was happy enough to go with Mister Frodo so I could keep an eye on him, but, it was so hard leaving my family and home. It was so exciting when I found out we were going to see the Elves in Rivendell. And here we were going to see them.

Getting started took timing and planning but we were finally off on our journey. Mister Gandalf gave us strict orders on what we were supposed to do and who to keep a watch out for and he told us even the birds we had to be careful of as they could be spies of the Dark Lord! We had just started out and we were already having to be careful because of spies watching for us.

When Frodo and I made camp that night Frodo reminded me that Bilbo always said to be careful when you started on a journey because before you know it, you could be swept off your feet. I believe him now.

We were smoking our pipes while supper was cooking when we heard a sound I had not thought I would hear for some time yet. Wood Elves, they were singing as they went along on their journey to the Grey Havens where they were taking ships to leave Middle-Earth. This saddened me greatly. They are such wonderous beings , so elegant and beyond beautiful. They shine like they have a sun inside of them. I was sad to see them go.

That night no matter how I laid, I just couldn't get comfortable. The ground was nothing like my bed at home and everything felt and sounded strange. Mister Frodo tried to help but, I never thought I would get to sleep that night.

Samwise Gamgee