Sam's Thoughts

by Silivren Ithildin

10. The Parting of the Fellowship

Floating along on the River in the Elvish boats, I tried to keep from rocking the boat while the current at times was quite swift. I am not used to being in boats and it was pretty scary as I can't swim, but, I just held on.

While we were camped along the shoreline that night I tried to get Mister Frodo to have some supper and then to lie down to sleep, but, he is having a much harder time doing either and once again, he told me he wasn't hungry. I told him that I promised Gandalf that I would help him but he just told me that this time I can't help. Well, this may be somewhat true, but, that does not mean I won't keep trying! A promise is a promise.

Back on the River the next day, we came to what Strider called the "Argonath". These were two gigantic rock statues of what he said were "Kings of Old", his kin. The artistry and sheer magnitude of these Kings quite overwhelmed me. Our boat which carried the three of us was smaller than one of their toes! What a sight to see!

A little farther on we came out onto a huge lake. We made for the western shore and made camp. Roaring nearby we could hear a waterfall. After we got the camp settled I thought I would shut my eyes for a minute and get some rest. I woke up after Merry came back with firewood and asked where Frodo was. I hadn't even noticed him wondering off. Jumping up, I tried to decide which direction he would have gone in. Setting out I started searching.

It seemed like I had been searching forever when I started hearing sounds of fighting. By this time I was pretty far into the woods. It dawned on me as I listened to the fighting that if Frodo was going to do anything, he would be trying to get back to the lake to get across to continue on the journey.

I began running trying to get there before he left me behind. I got to the lake just in time to see him rowing out into the lake. I called out to him, but, he told me he was going to Mordor alone. I told him of course he was, and I was going to come with him. He just told me to go back because I can't swim. It didn't matter, I was determined I was going to go with him or die trying to follow.

Wading into the lake the water was soon over my head but, I was not going to go back. Suddenly, I felt Mister Frodo grabbing my hand pulling me to the surface and into the boat. I told him I had made a promise that I would not leave him and that I mean to keep that promise not matter what. From there we continued on to the eastern shore to continue our journey.

Samwise Gamgee