Sam's Thoughts

by Silivren Ithildin

1: The Party of Parties

Mister Bilbo's and Mister Frodo's birthday party this year was especially wonderful. There was a great feast, plenty of ale and lots of presents for everyone. I got to dance a bit with Rosie Cotton. I was going to just get some more ale, but, Mister Frodo wouldn't hear of it and pushed me into Rosie's arms. She was so incredibly lovely. I felt so shy, but, it felt so wonderful to be dancing with her that I didn't want to ever quit. Mister Frodo always seems to know just what I really want.

Gandalf was there and was shooting off fireworks in honor of the occasion. They came in all different colors. Reds, blues, greens, white, gold, yellow and all the in-between colors. There was even a firework Dragon. That was my favorite.

The party tree was all lit up with lights around and looked perfect. It's a wonderful place to have parties. The broad leafy branches are masterpieces of nature.

Frodo told me he and Mister Bilbo had had to hide from the Sackville-Bagginses at one point during the party. They are always bothering Mister Bilbo. They are just wanting to get ahold of Bag End and Bilbo's things once he's gone. They were powerfully mad when Mister Bilbo brought Mister Frodo home to live with him and made him his lawful heir. But, that was Mister Bilbo's right to do what he wanted and to pick his own heir.

Once Mister Bilbo began to make his speech I tried to get comfortable, as these speeches can last a long time. But, to everyone's great happiness, he gave a short speech before saying Good-bye to everyone, especially to Mister Frodo, and then totally disappearing before our very eyes. I couldn't believe it at first, but, looking at Mister Frodo's face I knew it had really happened. I felt so bad for him, he looked so sad.

Well, there was a great deal of confusion and tons of talk following Mister Bilbo's disappearance, I can tell you. Everyone went on and on about it for forever that night it seemed. Poor Mister Frodo wanted to get up to the smial to see if he could catch Mister Bilbo there, but, as it was his party too he felt he had to take over as host and make sure everything and everyone was taken care of before he could leave the party.

I was happy to see him heading up to Bag End while I was on my way home. If Mister Bilbo did actually leave, Mister Frodo will be lonely. I will stop by in the morning and see how everything went after he got home. He is my great friend after all.

Samwise Gamgee