From Frodo

by Queen of Gondor

From Frodo; a small journal entry

Sometimes I sit and wonder if it really happened, if I really traveled away from my home. But I know only too well of the horror, danger and death that I saw. If I sit back and close my eyes long enough, I can remember it all so clearly, the smell of Mordor, the lack of food and water, and the feeling of no family and no real true heart around me. For all of those around me, and they were only Sam, and Gollum, they were depressed, and hurt. I forgot the feeling of a warm breeze against my skin, the taste of, real food, and warmth, I forgot warmth. I only knew then of what was, and could happen to me, and I nearly chose the path of what ‘could’. Ever since those last moments inside of the mountain, I have been, in a way, ashamed of myself, for what I was about to do. Tears well up in my eyes so often when I think about my ‘adventure’. For me, and my friends, it was a journey of self discovery, to find out what we could do, find out what big things we could take part in, away from home. I only wish now that I was not to feel this way for my whole life. I did learn things though. To trust people, don’t take things for granted, and to hold everything, dear to you, close to your heart at all times, for it all could be lost in a second. Saying goodbye to new friends was hard, but saying goodbye to old friends, is, and will be, even harder. This is where my journey ends, in my home, where it all began.