Frodo's Journal

by Nin Maldor

Set in Frodo's 13th year

Frodo’s Journal

September 22nd, 2981

Dear Journal,

Today is my thirteenth birthday. Mom got me this journal and told me to write in it everyday. I don’t really see why, but I’ll ask her tomorrow. Anyways, the day started out just as any other day. Rather peaceful and quiet, with the exception of are gardener, who was trimming the under the verge of my window. Mom was in the kitchen baking muffins (my favorite) for breakfast, scrabbling eggs and brewing tea over the fire. Dad had left to buy few things for dinner. I jumped out of bed and quickly lobbed on a good shirt and pair of trousers. I ran to the kitchen, pursuing the sweet smell of fresh tea, muffins and eggs. Breakfast is one of the reasons I love my birthday, Mother always makes my favorite meals.

I sat down at are large wooden table that is near the kitchen. I looked over into the kitchen. “Is it almost ready Mom?” I asked. “Just a bit longer, darling,” She replied with a charming smile. I tapped my fingers on the table as I tried to take my mind off breakfast for a bit. “You know your Uncle Saradoc and Aunt Esmeralda will be here. They’re bringing your cousin Merry with them. Your Uncle Bilbo will be here too. Don’t forget to say happy birthday to him. You’re not the only one who has a birthday today.” Mother said as she took the teakettle off of the fire.

I didn’t really want to see my cousin Merry. He’s only a year old, so I can’t really play with him at all. I wish he was my age so we don’t have to look out for him as much. We could also play together if he was my age. Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about. My father walked in the front door with a sack full of seasonings and food for dinner. He put the sack down in the corner of the kitchen. Mother gave a quick kiss and a thank you. Then he sat down next to me. “You know son, I remember when I was your age…” He began on his long story of what it was like in his time. He does that every year. But thank goodness mother had set the large plate of muffins down on the table.

If nothing else, a good plate of food will hush up any good hobbit. Mother set a plate of scrabbled eggs and glasses of tea in front of us. Breakfast was rather quiet, seeing as we were all famished. As soon as we had finished are breakfast, I picked up the plates and cups and began cleaning them, just as I do every morning.

Soon after I was done, there was a knock on the door. I ran to answer the door. I twisted the shiny brass knob and opened the door. It was my Aunt and Uncle, with Merry in my Aunts arms. “Happy birthday, younglin’,” They both said in turn as they walked in the door. Aunt Esmeralda put my gift down by the door and gave me hug.

My mother and father came to the door. “Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here!” My mother said to my Aunt and Uncle. “And who’s this little handsome fellow’?” Mother remarked as she tickled Merry. “He’s gotten so big since last time I saw him. He’s grown so much since last,” She continued in her usual way. Uncle began a conversation with my father about the same old ‘news.’

Not long after, Bilbo showed up at the door. We welcomed him inside. He set his traveling hat and coat on the coat rack. He gave me hug then sat down on the kitchen table. “Happy birthday, dear Bilbo. Can I get you something to eat or drink?” I asked him. “You’re a fine lad, you know that. I’d like some tea, if it’s not too much trouble.” He replied. I went off to get him a glass of tea. I open the cabinet and reached up for a cup. I then poured him a glass of warm, sweet smelling tea. I scurried over to the table and set it down before him. “Thank ya’ kindly,” he said as he picked up the cup.

Shortly after second breakfast, I went outside and sat on the porch. Bilbo came outside and sat down next to me. “Bilbo, would you tell me about your adventures again?” I asked. “You never do get fed up them, now do you? I suppose that’s a good thing, because I love telling them.” He smiled and began. I never tire of hearing him tell me of his adventures. After all, I spend much of my time pretending that I’m off on an adventure with him.

The day went on pleasantly and a bit before supper we exchanged presents. My mother got me this journal, my father gave a new suit, Bilbo gave me a large story book and my Aunt and Uncle gave me a new fishing rod. I gave Bilbo five of the spoons in his spoon collection that had been sold while he was off on his adventure. It took me quite a long time to find them, I’ll tell ya’ that! I gave each my parents a new walking stick that I had found and smoothed. I gave my Aunt and Uncle a shiny new teakettle.

Supper was placed on the table and we ate the wonderful food mother had prepared. After supper, everyone left for home and I had to run off to bed. And now, I am writing in my journal. That’s all that happened today. Night!