Fading Hope

by Eruvanne

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Part 1

June 18, 3018 Third Age of Middle Earth

Upon this day I have turned 23 years old. You were given to me by the eldest of my younger brothers, Earnil for my birthday. You truly are a beautiful book with crimson leather backing and the tree of Gondor printed in silver on the front. I used to own a diary when I was younger but I didn’t write in it and lost it. So now I’m determined to write regularly in this diary. However, I can’t continue now as I am being called to my birthday celebration. I will write more as soon as I get a chance.

June 19, 3018 Third Age of Middle Earth

Since I was unable to tell you about myself yesterday, I will now. My name is Gilrael. I was born in the year 2995 of the Third Age of Middle Earth and am the oldest of four children. I have three younger brothers named Earnil, Valandil, and Romendacil. Earnil has entered into the service of the Tower Guard while Valandil and Romendacil are in training. My mother was Firiel, sister to Finduilas of Dol Amroth who was the wife of Denethor II, Steward of Gondor, and my father was Eldacar, Guard of the Citadel of Gondor. Unfortunately, both my parents have perished. My mother was captured by orcs and was never seen again. Therefore, my father went to search for her while he left my brothers and me in the care of my Uncle Denethor. My father was gone for one month and was finally found barely alive. He was brought back to Gondor where doctors tried to bring him back to health. Their efforts were in vain and he died within the span of two days. We children didn’t quite understand what was happening since I was only seven and my brothers were five, four, and three. We now live with my Uncle Denethor and our cousins Faramir and Boromir. Both are much older than we are and serve in the defense of Gondor. Although they are older than us, both are more than willing to play with and talk to my brothers and me. I must go now for Uncle Denethor is calling me. I shall write more soon.

Part 2

June 20, 3018 Third Age of Middle Earth
Oh it’s dreadful! The Dark Lord Sauron of Mordor has attacked the garrison in the city of Osgiliath. Boromir, Faramir, and Earnil rode out this morning with many other soldiers to go support the city. I have been learning the art of healing so I might go to Osgiliath to help the men there. Oh how I hope my family will be safe. I don’t know how I would bear the loss of more of my family. How I hope they will be safe.

June 22, 3018 Third Age of Middle Earth
I’m in Osgiliath, as I had earlier thought, helping to fulfill the needs of the men. I go around every day finding the wounded practically everywhere. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Even now I can think of one young man who I helped. He had a long, jagged cut which was an inch deep down the side of his head and his arms and legs bloodied from smaller wounds and battle. When I came to help him, he smiled though I could see in his eyes that he was in pain. Oh how badly I felt for him. He reminded me of Earnil and how it might have been him with those wounds. I shuddered to think of it. However, I must carry on since there are those who need me. Thankfully, none of my relatives have been severely wounded. I must go now as I hear the cry of men in pain. I will write as soon as I can.

June 27, 3018 Third Age of Middle Earth
I’m sorry I haven’t written in you for several days but I’ve been very busy. However, now I have something wonderful to talk about. Rohirrwyn, heiress of Rohan, has arrived in Osgiliath to help with the fighting. I would never have dreamed to have seen her here. I have not seen her much yet as she has been fighting with the men. I will explain my family’s relationship with this remarkable young lady.

Rohirrwyn is two years younger than me and an orphan. She’s very good friends with Boromir, Faramir, and me. She and Boromir have done a lot of mischief together while Faramir and I have watched in despair of ever curing them of this. However, the four of us have had lots of fun together. I must go now as the work of a healer never stops on a battlefield. I shall write more at a later time.

Part 3

June 29, 3018 Third Age of Middle Earth
The day has been fine. The fighting is lessening day by day so I’m hoping that soon we will return home. There are so many wounded. It’s hard to imagine that such a small battle, as my family has told me, could leave so many men in pain and suffering. I’m sorry if I sound depressing right now but it’s what is on my heart. Since I work among them, I can’t help seeing them. Men of all ages from those who should be entertaining grandchildren to those who seem to still be boys. It brings tears to my eyes just remembering them. Do you remember how I mentioned earlier about a young man who I had the facial wound? Well, I got to see him again today. He was doing well. The surgeon was able to stitch his cut back together. Oh, I hear Earnil calling for me. Until tomorrow.

July 1, 3018 Third Age of Middle Earth
It’s over! We have beaten back the forces of Mordor and we once again have possession of Osgiliath. Let me recount the events that happened after the end of the battle. Boromir climbed up onto one of the walls and set-up the flag of Gondor, a golden tree on a white background. He then gave a short and concise speech, which is usual to his nature. Then all the men celebrated by having a drink. I was with Faramir and Boromir when Uncle Denethor arrived. I have been hesitant to say this since I don’t like to say anything bad about my gracious benefactor. But I must say all. Uncle Denethor is partial towards Boromir.

He lavishes praise and honor upon him calling him his “best and most worthy son.” But his attentions to Faramir are as little as can be without completely ignoring him. Whenever he talks of Faramir’s deeds, it’s always negative saying Faramir would let Mordor into Gondor on a whim. It’s very frustrating to see one of my closest playmates dismissed by his own father. But as I was saying, Uncle Denethor came and, as always, praised Boromir excessively. When Boromir tried to give Faramir credit also for the recovery of Osgiliath, Uncle Denethor simply said that Faramir let Mordor into the city. I felt Faramir’s pain as his father criticized him in this manner. Uncle Denethor then took Boromir aside and talked to him for a few minutes. Boromir then stormed out saying, “My place is here; not in Rivendell.” I could tell Faramir wanted to help by the light in his eyes. “If there is need to go to Rivendell, I’ll go,” to which Uncle Denethor practically sneered saying, “So this is a time when Faramir, Captain of Gondor, wants to prove his worth. No, this is a task I only trust with your brother." And with that he went away, congratulating men as he went. The three of us all stood there in silence, contemplating what had happened. Boromir spoke first in a husky voice. “I guess I should go get my things ready.” Faramir and I nodded our heads in agreement and we separated. I couldn’t believe what I had heard. How could my uncle be so cruel to his son? I couldn’t believe it. My heart was heavy as I came back to my tent.

After some time sitting on my bed mulling over the recently past events in my mind, I decided to pour out my thoughts to you. OH! I just can’t believe how heartless Uncle Denethor was.  Maybe there is a side to my uncle that I don’t know. There are so many things I don’t understand.

Part 4

July 2, 3018 Third Age of Middle Earth
Today was very sad. Boromir left for Minas Tirith today. After he goes to Minas Tirith, he’ll travel on to Rivendell. He called Rohirrwyn in and talked to her for just a few minutes. Then he came out and talked to Earnil. He then came to me, gave me hug, thanked me for my services to the wounded, and told me to be brave as I traveled back to Minas Tirith. I couldn’t help the tears that welled up in my eyes. As he saw the tears, he brushed his thumb against my eyes to wipe them away and said, “Don’t worry, little Gilrael. I will be back soon.” Boromir then walked on to where Faramir was holding his horse. After mounting and looking one last time at the flag he had planted just two days earlier, he said something to Faramir and rode away without once looking back. As soon as he was out of sight, I ran back to my tent, threw myself on the bed, and cried until I was too exhausted to cry more. Then I heard the flap to my tent move. I turned my face away from the wall to which I had been staring and looked to see who had come in. It was Faramir. He looked intently into my reddened eyes and seemed to understand my feelings. He came and sat on the edge of my bed. I sat up so I could lay my head on his shoulder. He seemed to understand what I needed and just let me sit there while he stroked my hair. It felt soothing knowing I wasn’t the only one who missed Boromir. Until a later time.

July 6, 3018 Third Age of Middle Earth
We have arrived back in Minas Tirith. We all still miss Boromir terribly. However, we have things to do. Earnil went back to training some more with Valandil and Romendacil. Faramir is now the leader of the Gondor forces since Boromir is away. He has been very busy meeting with other military leaders. I have also been kept busy in the Houses of Healing, helping those men who still need help. I’ve been very tired of late. I’m going to lie down for a little bit. I promise to write more tomorrow.

July 18, 3018 Third Age of Middle Earth
I’m sorry I didn’t keep my promise to you. There hasn’t been much to talk about until recently. Faramir is leading a company of men into the Ithilien to try to ambush the followers of the Dark Lord as they travel to Mordor. All my brothers will go with him. Since I am no longer needed with the all my brothers leaving to go to Ithilien with Faramir, I have decided to travel to Rivendell to visit Boromir. I know it’s a long journey but I believe I can make it. I should tell you I don’t do things without thoroughly thinking them through first. So I have thoroughly thought through every aspect of the journey and I think that it would be alright. I must now pack for my journey. I will write more when I’m on my way.

July 25, 3018 Third Age of Middle Earth
I’ve been on the road for one week now. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll make it to Rivendell in time to see Boromir at all. I mean, what if he’s left for somewhere? I had no idea why he was going or if he’d be staying for a while. I simply have too many questions that can only be answered with time. I should sleep now if I want to have the strength to continue tomorrow. I’ll write more once I reach Rivendell.