Journal of Perry G. Merrywine

by hepcat1of1
Entry 3
High moon was out tonight. I found myself wandering about my glade in a mist thinking of better times. Crops are hard to come by these months. The smaller critters seek refuge in my feet-fur as I stroll through the grass. I've run low on my weed so I may make a journey to the market for some seeds next morn. I've come to think it may be best just to start my own garden so trips will not be as frequent. The wife and little ones do not care too well for my smoke so I tend to keep it out of doors.

Entry 4
I took my trip to market today. I met a jolly fellow by the name of Garafiss. Quite a mischievous man indeed. He bumped into me and knocked my goods to the ground as he was running from an apple peddler. He beckoned me to place the apples he stole in my bags and say that I purchased them. He narrowly escaped chains that day and said he owed me his life. I settled for sharing a smoke instead.

Entry 5
Planted my seeds today. I expect a smokeable crop in two months, maybe six weeks if I'm lucky and weather is good. Garafiss called on me today. Said he had been thinking of me and how I had been his "savior from shackles". As reward, he told me of a place he frequented that he considered his personal paradise. He had gone there may times to think and smoke at peace. He scrawled a map on a small parchment for me and told me to keep it secret. I tucked it away in my pocket and have saved it for another day. I may go tomorrow evening.

Entry 7
I made my way to this little paradise of Garafiss's today. It was quite lovely indeed. A small waterfall not eight meters high splashed down over a small cave overlooking a tiny pond. quite a respite if ever I saw one. The smell of moist grass and the chirping of small woodland creatures was music to this Hobbits ears for sure. The water was clear and fresh and moved with a steady purpose I found intrancing. It was if the whole area called to me in a magical fashion. The Sun shone new this night from the turning of the season. It was funny I had been there at the time but as it passed into darkness one last sparkle glistened through a patch of reed coming through the surface off in the distance. It was briliant. I surmised that it must be a locket or bracer of some kind. Then, as soon as I had seen it, the Sun fell asleep at last and it was gone. I've made plans to come back tomorrow with an armature I will fashion and see if I can get to it.

Entry 9
My armature was crude indeed. Crimped and fashioned together in a silly rickety pole. My wife chuckled at me and the young ones couldn't have been more interested in what kind of fascinating treasure hunt I was going on. They were like moths on an oil lamp at dusk, swarming me over and back again. First behind, then in front. On my lap, and over my shoulders. I started out closer to sunset so I might catch the glisten shine through the reeds as it did the night before. As I made my way to the pond, I contemplated, yet again, what the object might be. If it was a lockbox, I wondered what treasures might be hidden inside. A few coins could fetch me quite a sizeable pouch of smoke seeds for my new garden. If it was a locket or a chain, I would most surely give it to my wife. I even considered it being some sort of trinket or toy I could give to my eldest as a birth gift, as her day is coming quite soon.

Entry 10
I will be sure not to write in my journal while on a walk again. My scribblings are almost un-readable even to myself. Now that I have reached the pond I can take time to write. The shore is wet and squishes well between my toes. I shall wash my feet in the pond before I set out for home tonight. Garafiss arrived shortly after I did and was surprised to see me here. He has since gone and has told me I was welcome to make it my second home. He struck up conversation with me concerning my armature and I told him I thought I had seen a rather large fish I should think, and my "pole" was quite the perfect tool to get him out. I invited him to a fish dinner that I may hold tomorrow or the next day, after I have had time to get to the market to purchase a fish.

Entry 11
Got back from the pond just moments ago. It is quite an amusing story. I had absolutely no luck with my armature, as it snapped apart. It was quite weak and as I dug around in the short moments of the falling sunlight I tripped and fell in the water. I was content in thinking that since I was wet already, there was no need for an armature and I could just wade through the reeds and briars and see if I might get at the object myself. As I stumbled over rocks and dirt, the sun fell about a meter before I reached the object and it was lost to me. I sighed and committed myself to rummaging around through the muck in the corner of the pond until I found it. As I got close to the spot where I recalled it had been, I waited patiently for the dirt and dust to settle so the water would be clear again. When the dirt had cleared I cought sight of it. I reached down into the muddy bed and pulled it free. It was quite beutiful A gold band that shined like new. It was if it just came from a smith and didn't have a day behind it. I've taken to wearing rings lately, as I have one or two, so I shall hold onto it until I decide if I should keep it for myself or give it to my wife.

Entry 12
Spent the day in my garden. It only took me about two hours to get all my rows planted. I tried on my new ring today. It fit quite perfectly. It was as if it was made just for me. It was strange that, as I put it on, I had quite an odd feeling come over me. I was frightened at first but it seemed as if the ring was trying to warn me of some coming threat. I chuckled to myself when Garafiss appeared off in the distance to come visit me. I spoke to him about my falling into the pond while "fishing" and had no luck getting out any fish. I've saved myself a trip to market and some unwanted company. As friendly as Garafiss is, I must admit, his "bumping" into me lately has become quite tedious and too frequent.

Entry 13
I'm sure Garafiss has been spying me lately. I cought sight of him leaving the pond as I made my first trip back there in over three days. I'm thinking he may know something about what I was "fishing" out of the pond that day. He sent a letter to me asking if I should like to have a fishing adventure with him at the pond tomorrow. I cought his meaning quickly, and knew he was up to no good, trying to find out what I had done that day. I accepted in spite of it, knowing I could weave tales quite large, and having full confidence in my story telling abilities, if he decided to become too nosey.

Entry 15
I pulled the wool over Garafiss's eyes quite well today. He brought up that he took my fishing pole as rather odd looking and I explained that I had taken to inventorship and fancied myself quite good at it. Of course he wouldn't question things of which he knew nothing about, such as inventorship, so I was well content. I made it a solid point to bring our outing to a close as soon as possible as he was begining to ask far too many questions. He was even so bold as to inquire about my new ring. I brushed him off and explained it away as a gift from my wife.

Entry 16
I've taken to gaining rather retched headaches as of late. I had one the other day during my walk home from my fishing trip with Garafiss. Also just yesterday one brought me to tears and I had to go lie down for some time. The wife took great care in seeing after me yet even as she nursed me I found cause to snap at her rather rudely concerning her toweling methods of my sweaty forehead. I shall hunt her up quite a bouquet of lillys today to make up for it.

Entry 21
Went to the pond today. I took it upon myself to adventure the cave under the waterfall. I made it clear to myself that I would only go so far in, so as not to get lost over too many twists and turns. My eldest wove me a teather some months back and I took great pride in letting her know I would use it to assist in my exploring. It brought a smile to her face. Even as I was to walk out the door, my head began to pound in such a fury that I fell to the porch and tripped down my steps. The pain was quite enormous and I couldn't stop crying.

My Diary: Marin Merrywine
Month of June: 11th day
Pear frightened me the other day. I wasn't sure what to say or how to feel. He's come upon some pretty fierce headaches and i'm doing my best to look after him. He doesn't quite seem himself lately. He's taken to wearing a ring he found several nights back. He says It's not a gift from a woman friend as first I feared. I'm feeling a bit too sad to write much today. Sorry little book, maybe I'll come back tomorrow.

Entry 22
I've made it about fifty meters deep into the cave today and found a cul-de-sac. I lit my lamp and have taken a moment to sit and relax. I heard some noises about twenty meters back and have a funny feeling I may be being followed. I question Garafiss's "friendship", and at times, i'm quite sure he's after me for my ring. I'm sure he knows I've got it now. He's quite weasely, and I think he's jealous of me for having it. I think from now on, if i'm to be around him I will remove it so he does not become tempted to steal it from me.

Entry 23
I found a new access at the back of my cul-de-sac. It's hard to say how far it may go. You usually feel some sort of breeze from a nice cave due to something being open at another end, but I feel nothing. It could go for some distance. I may explore farther tomorrow but I think I will take to making this cul-de-sac a nice stopping point for any further exploration.

Entry 24
I was on a walk back from my cave today and "ran into" Garafiss again. I was quite sure he followed me and I knew in a moment what he was after. I tried to be sneaky about removing my ring from behind my back but he asked what I had there. I placed it in my pocket and told him I was not entirely sure what he was meaning. He repeated himself, asking what I had in my pocket, and I said it was nothing more than a small piece of cane sugar that my wife cut for me to suck on. I was running terribly low on good stories anymore and was not entirely sure if he would believe me. My mind wasn't exactly clean but I think we got into a fight.

Entry 27
I had another of my truly bad headaches today. I may have blacked out but I can't remember. I know I had to clasp my face from the pain, but then i'm quite shure I continued on my walk home from the cave. The strangest thing happned to me. I came home and had quite a large fruit stain on my shirt yet I can't recal stoping by my favorite berry patch. I had the wife clean it for me but it wasn't to come out too well. We got into another argument again yesterday. She tried her best to accuse me of an affair no less. I struck her face that day and scared myself. She ran to her room and cried and I fell to the floor in shame. I was surely glad the little ones were not home to see it.

Entry 29
I've told the wife I will be taking a respite. I will be gone for a week at the very least. I begged her forgiveness for past grievances and parted on good terms. I gathered most of my camping things and made out for the cave the next day. I will venture farther into the cave than I ever have before.

Entry 30
I've made camp at my cul-de-sac. It's quite warm in the cave today. My teather has been holding up well during any climbing i've had to do thus far. I will have to thank my daughter yet again upon my return. I fear Garafiss folowed me to the cave but I'm quite sure he can not get to my cul-de-sac as I have to use my teather each time, and I don't take Garafiss as much of a climber. I've quite literally grown to hate him, and I can't abide his constant bothersome presence. If it were possible to just become invisible to him, that would be a joy, unspeakable. I shall enjoy this week away where he can't get at me. I may ration my food tonight. I foresee a long journey through this cave, and I'm not sure if all my nourishment will last as long as I may need it to.

Entry 32
Day 2 in the cave.
After I woke up this morning I ventured through the rear crack from my cul-de-sac. I have come upon an ingenious plan to arrange rocks in an arrow pattern on the floor to show me which way i've come. If I happen to get lost I can always follow them back. I found a steep slope downwards that I will be using my teather for in a moment. I've taken a break now before I begin my descent. I'm not sure how deep it will go but i'm confident my teather will be long enough.

Entry 33
Day 2 in the cave
It's quite amazing i'm even able to write now, as I almost fell to my doom. My teather came just short of 3 meters before a level spot on my descent and I had to abandon it and drop to the bottom. As I came to the ground, the slope continued with nothing more than half a meter of level ground. I slipped and barely cought hold before I fell further down. I had to tie my shirt and trousers together to lash at my teather to try to retrieve it. It was quite a shamefull scene. A naked Hobbit jumping up and down, swatting at something with his clothes. It took me some moments before I snagged it just right and gave it a yank to pull it down. I'll write again when I get to the bottom.

Entry 34
Day 2 in the cave
Made it to the bottom of the slope. It will be quite a chore getting back up. The strangest thing happened as I was getting dressed. When I pulled my shirt over my head, quite a large clump of my hair fell out. The cave at this point got rather dreary and the smell was pretty distastefull. Moments after I reached the bottom I heard some gravel tumbling from far up the slope. I'm quite certain that nosey Hobbit Garafiss is following me. I'll be sure to give him a good tussle if he dares meddle with me and my affairs. I desired again to be invisible to him if he was to make his way down here poking about. It's truly none of his buisness to know what i'm about. I decided it was quite a good time to put my ring back on as I was finished climbing about and had no fear of hurting my finger. A bit of a strange tingle came over me when I did so and as I glanced down at my finger while I was slipping it on, my hand vanished. I gave out a whelp and immediately removed it. I've tested it out quite a few times since, and it keeps doing it now. I fear the ring has entered my mind now and knows my thoughts. If I wasn't sure I had my faculties, I would say I had gone a bit over the ledge.

Entry 36
Day 4 in the cave
Garafiss appeared to me in a dream. It was quite odd. He cried out that a wretched creature was coming for him and he begged for my assistance. It was very strange. I watched the creature come for him and I did nothing to help. As I watched the thing attack him I felt quite sepperated from myself. Then Garafiss passed. Right in the moment of his passing I jolted awake in a cold sweat. I was quite frightened but assured myself it was just a dream.

Entry 37
Day 4 in the cave
I knew Garafiss was on my trail ever since. He wanted my ring and I wasn't about to let him have it. He was jealous of me from the begining. He was close on my trail and I could hear he wasn't far behind me. I decided it best to just face him and take care of my problem for good. I knew I could no longer out-run him. I appologise for the smattering of blood on the pages but I had a bit of a tussle. It was frightening to say the least. I waited for him to come to me, and when he appeared, he was mauled. Strange to speak of it, but his clothing was torn and bloody. His front had been opened up and he came at me like a ghoul. I lashed out at him and he batted at me with limp arms. All I remember after that was jabbing at his face with a rock and putting him out. I was sure I had killed him. His face was open and he no longer moved. In a panic, I ran deep into the cave as far as I could go. When I got well deep enough that I thought I could not be found, I put my ring back on to be assured I would not be found. I dissapeared into the darkness and made my way through the caves.

Entry 38
Day 5 in the cave
I heard some water trickling and decided to look for the source. I came upon a cove of some sort and saw a modest sized body of water. If I am ever to come back to the cave again, I shall bring a raft or canoe with me so I may see what could be out amongst this lake or pond or whatever it should be.

Entry 40
Day 5 in the cave
He's still at me the wretched man. I should think I may not write many more entries in my journal while I am in the cave so I can concentrate more on getting out. I circled back around through another passage and made my way back to my camping spot the night before. When I arrived I was stunned to see no blood on the cave floor. I knew there would be no body as he was surely still alive and following me, but, no blood? I hurried past and decided it best to just leave the cave.

Entry 41
Day 7 in the cave
I spent all day yesterday trying to get back up the slope. I got rather bruised and battered in my climb, but scratches would not keep me from escaping a madman on my trail.

Entry 42
Made it out of the cave today, finally. I took a quick moment to cleanse myself in the pond and made my way home. My wife will be at me about how long I've been away but I'll set her straight for sure.

Entry 44
My last journal entry. I'm quite sick of this wretched thing anymore as it is. I'm since home from my journey. My wife has gone completely mad in my absence. As I came home she was on about some nonsense of why I was wearing no clothes. I told her she was taken with a fever and my clothes were right here on my back as they should be. Naked, indeed! She then gave me some quite unsettling news which I still don't accept. Some craziness about Garafiss being murdered last week before I left for my trip. I slapped her for lying in such an outright manner and continued about my buisness. A bit odd that i've lost most my hair now but I don't mind it much. Gives me an air of dignity i'd say. If someone doesn't like it they can go for a walk for all I care.

My Diary: Marin Merrywine
Month of August: 4th day
Hello little book. I've come out of quite a bad slump. Pear has since left me. I remember the days after he got back from his trip. They are harsh in my memory. He's gone quite crazy and I fear I shall never see him again. He arrived at the house naked and nearly bald. He was rather pale and lost some weight that week. I packed him rations but it was quite obvious to me, he never ate them. He kept blathering crazy talk about a madman chasing after him. I told him of Garafiss's passing the week before and he became enraged. I was deeply saddened. He kept accusing me of wanting to steal his ring and went on about a cave and some strange talk about "his precious". He made his way to our covered shed and lurched away as he dragged off our canoe. I'm not sure why, but as he wandered off, I yelled out his full name as I had done many times before when I became angry with him.