Eowyn's Diary

by Alatariel ElfQueen


Chapter One: The Beginning

I am growing restless in my kingdom. I want to help, but there's nothing I could do. I miss my brother Eomer deeply. I wonder if I'll ever see him again...I truely hope so for he was the light of my life. And my poor poor uncle, even a blind man could see what Grima is doing to him. He hardly leaves the king's side, always whispering in his ear, seeming to give good counsel but I know otherwise. Uncle Theoden can hardly speak, he is so tired and weak, I see it in his eyes. I really want to help him but alas he will not listen to anyone but Grima. I miss my old uncle, who would tuck me in at night and tell me stories of my father and of the older days, peaceful times before all this war. I want him back, I need him back, I dearly wish for his advice. What will I do if I lose him? All my family gone, and evil will take over and imprison all of us! No, I will not let that happen, I will not let Rohan fall! Dark are the days to come, many lives will be lost, many families broken. But we will defeat it and come out even stronger than before! Curse Grima that nasty filthy little snake! I do not know if what Eomer said about him being a servant of Saruman is true, but it certainly seems to be that way. I have heard rumours of Saruman's Orcs, roaming about our lands, killing at will, destroying cities! It seems so hard to believe! If this new devilry is true, then we must do something about it! We cannot just sit here and wait till our death and destruction is at hand! Grima tries to comfort me, telling me they are just false stories people made up to scare us, and that Saruman has always been our friend and ally. I do not believe him, he is just trying to put me and my kingdom under his spell. His voice is like a hiss of snakes, his breath putrid, his skin whiter then snow, he is a nightmare! Why oh why won't he just leave me alone! I am growing very weary of all of this, something needs to change.

Chapter 2: The Four Riders

I walked outside for a breath of fresh air, and what did I see, but three strange horses bearing four riders. I cannot tell who they are from afar, but I feel that help has come at last. As they approach, I become even more curious, for it appears to be an Elf, a Dwarf, a Man, and a Wizard. What would these four people of different races be doing together, and even more, riding to Edoras! As they walk up the steps to the hall, I greet them.
"Welcome to Edoras my lords," I say. "I am Eowyn, and what be your names and reason for coming here?"
The Wizard replied,"This is Legolas, son of Thraundil of the Mirkwood Elves, Gimli son of Gloin, Aragorn son of Arathorn, and I am Gandalf the White.We have business with your king, Theoden."
"Now wait just a second," calls Hamling stepping forward. "You cannot be allowed to enter these great halls so heavily armed. Please disarm. I promise my men will take good care of your weapons and bring no harm to them."
At first they look a little alarmed at this, but then Gandalf gives them a nod and they begin to unwillingly disarm.
"Ummm your staff please sir," asks Hamling to the wizard.
"Ah, I am an old man and need this stick to walk. Surely you would not rob me of it?"
Hamling says nothing but leads them into the hall. Intrigued, I follow behind.
Something the wizard said rings a bell in my mind...the man's name...Aragorn, Aragorn, where have I heard that before? No, he couldn't be, could he? It is said that a man called Aragorn is the last of the ancient line of Elendil and has become a ranger of the North. He is the lost king of Gondor, and one of Sauron's greatest fears. A million questions exploded in my head at once, and I just couldn't keep it inside.
"Are you the heir of Elendil and of the throne of Gondor?" I excitedly burst out, immediatly feeling embarassed and ashamed.
"Yes, I am my lady," he answered, "but it should be no concern of yours."
I looked down and shrank back into the corner.