Siliven Ithildin's Drabbles

A Young Hobbit's Fancy
Dinledhwen Enters
French Braid
Hair Care
Hunger Pangs
Pippin's Revenge
Poor Pippin (in 6 parts)
Po-Tay-Toes (in 13 parts)
The Problem (in 8 parts)
Spring Returns
True Love (in 3 parts)
Who Told?

Fishtail......A Drabble

**This drabble is dedicated to Dinledhwen, such as it is**

"What's going on over there, Gimli?" Aragorn asked, pointing over to a group of huddled Elves.

"Not a clue, Aragorn!" Gimli replied while watching several of the Elves look around secretively. "Who knows the minds of Elves?" he exclaimed

"Here comes Legolas, let's ask him what's going on." Aragorn whispered.

"What's with the huddle?" Gimli asked as Legolas came up to them.

"Shush," Legolas cautioned them, "I'll tell you, but, you have to promise never to tell anyone."

"Promise!" Exclaimed Aragorn and Gimli, together.

"No matter how many times we show him, Glorfindel just can't do a fishtail braid!"

French Braid.......A drabble

Coming up behind Gimli, Glorfindel tapped on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, "Come with me, please."
A surprised Gimli looked behind himself and seeing Glorfindel turned immediately to go with him. Entering an empty room, Glorfindel proceeded to tell Gimli a very unexpected secret about Legolas.
Aragorn followed the uproarious laughter that he heard coming from what he thought was an empty room. Entering quietly he was astonished to find Gimli and Glorfindel rolling around on the floor laughing themselves silly.
"What on Middle-Earth is going on?" he inquired.
"Glorfindel was telling me that Legolas can't French braid!"


Hair Care........A Drabble

Aragorn stood thinking for a moment still looking at Gimli and Glorfindel.
"I'm a bit confused," Aragorn confessed, "Doesn't Legolas have french braids in his hair?"
"Yes he does!" Gimli exclaimed. "What's going on here?"
Turning around Glorfindel showed them the beautiful Fishtail braid in his hair. "Just because one of us can't do a specific type of braid, doesn't mean we won't wear our hair that way." "When we get the chance, we will practice on each other's hair."
"Oh!" exclaimed Aragorn and Gimli together. "I guess that's the secret to the Elves excellent braids and exquisite hair care."


While Aragorn and Gimli were somewhat surprised to find out that Elves had a whole hair care secret going on, it did make sense to them. "That would explain why Legolas' hair always looks better after we are around other Elves," exclaimed Gimli, "Why that two legged blond mop!"
"You know there is a way to get back at him for keeping this a secret, Gimli," Aragorn said.
Setting up the scene they waited until Legolas came in the room and Gimli started brushing and braiding Aragorn's hair. Behind them they heard a soft thump as Legolas hit the floor.

Dinledhwen Enters........A Drabble

"Oh,man!" Aragorn said, "We are so in trouble!" Getting up they reached Legolas at the same time that Dinledhwen did from the hallway. "What happened?" Dinledhwen asked. "I guess he fainted," Gimli answered her.
"We need to get him to Lord Elrond," Dinledhwen stated. At that moment Legolas jerked awake. "What did I see?" Legolas asked. "I don't know, Legolas," answered Dinledhwen.
Aragorn and Gimli both tried to look innocent while choking back their laughter. "I saw you brushing Aragorn's hair, Gimli," stated Legolas.
Aragorn chuckled and asked Dinledhwen, "Does my hair really look like it's been brushed recently?"


Who Told

"I really couldn't say, Lord Aragorn," Dinledhwen replied while trying to be diplomatic. "Your hair looks just fine," she stated.
"Thank You very much, Dinledhwen," Aragorn said while bowing his head.
"Oh, come on," Legolas choked out, "look over here, there's a braid still in his hair."
"Just because you can't french braid, doesn't mean nobody else can," Aragorn chortled.
"What?," exclaimed Legolas, "who told you I can't french braid? Was it Glorfindel? Just because I let you guys in on his secret? I can't believe this!"
"Please calm down, My Lord," Dinledhwen said, "I'm sure we can figure something out."


"Now, Laddie," Gimli stated, "why don't we all calm down. I, for one, did not mean for you to go fainting." "Nor did I," Aragorn confirmed. "We were just a little upset that you never told us the Elves' hair care secret."
"What secret?" Legolas asked.
"The one about you guys practicing on each other's hair," Gimli said.
"Tell you what," Legolas said, "help me and we'll forget about it." "Ok," they chimed in.
Glorfindel stared and did a huge double-take when he walked in on Gimli brushing Aragorn's hair while Legolas worked on a Fishtail braid in Gimli's hair.

"Oh, Merry," Pippin hollered, "where are you?"

Pippin's Revenge - an "Inklet" that is too long to be a proper drabble...

"Merry's not here right now," a disembodied voice said, sounding strangely like Merry's, "you may leave a message if you want".

"Oh, yes, I definitely want to leave a message," Pippin answered while quietly looking towards where the voice had come from.

"Ok, what is it?" the voice asked.

Walking stealthily towards the place Merry was hiding, Pippin said, "Please tell Merry that Pippin was looking for him".

"Will do," the voice assured Pippin.

"Oh, yeah, and one other thing," Pippin told him.

"Yes?" the voice prompted.

"Please tell Merry here's some green goo for telling me I couldn't catch a wedding!" Pippin said while at the same time pouring a bucket of green goo all over Merry who had been hiding behind the desk in the den.

"Aaaaahhh!!!!!" Merry screamed rearing up trying to get away from the goo, "Now, Pippin, be reasonable. How was I to know you were going to catch the bouquet and Diamond all at the same time? I couldn't know you were going to be so lucky!"

"You're the lucky one, Merry," Pippin said, "if I wasn't so happy, I would have done so much worse to you than just getting you with green goo! But, as I recall, you said if I caught a wedding, you would let me get you. So, I was just making sure you remain a Hobbit of your word".

"Oh, thanks," Merry said rolling his eyes.


The Problem

"Gimli, can't you do something about this?" Legolas asked, a bit grumpily, "it's about to make me go crazy!"

"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about, Legolas," Gimli replied.

"You know very well what I'm talking about, my good friend," Legolas answered, "Everyone is noticing this problem. Even Aragorn!"

"Now come on, Legolas! You know Aragorn is much too busy to notice anything," Gimli snorted.

"No, really!" Legolas answered, "just this morning he asked me why my hair was turning dark brown! I had to let him know it isn't turning brown, that it's just your beard shedding!"

The Problem II

Legolas continued, "And dwarf hair is so thick, it takes forever to comb out of my hair!"

"Quit complaining, my good friend," Gimli retorted, "at least you don't have to sit behind an Elf with long hair that blows in your face constantly. It feels like I am sitting in a cobweb that is always moving. And Elf hair is clingy! I swear it takes half an hour to pull off all the strands of your long blond hair that stick to me!"

"What's all the racket back here?" Aragorn asked, "Am I going to have to seperate you two?"


The Problem III: Aragorn's Ultimatum

"But, Aragorn!" Gimli sputtered.

"No "But Aragorns"," put in Aragorn quickly, "you two have to find a way to get along together! If you don't, I'll take care of the situation my way."

"Oh, no, no," Legolas and Gimli assured him, "we'll figure a way to get along! We don't want to bother you!"

Dropping back behind Aragorn's horse, Legolas and Gimli rolled their eyes at each other. In a very quiet aside, Legolas murmured, "We sure don't want Aragorn having to fix this his way! We'd be lucky to have any hair left!"

"Illuvatar forbid that!" Gimli agreed heartily.

The Problem IV: Legolas Remembers

"You know," Legolas said with a gleam of happy memories in his eyes, "if I was back home, I could be out riding in the beautiful woods with the fair Dinledhwen riding behind me. She's such a gracious, quiet Elf maiden and she loves my hair clinging to her face. She says my hair feels like the softest of silk flowing past her cheeks."

"I'm so happy to hear that, Legolas," Gimli said, "but as I'm not an Elf maiden, it doesn't quite make me so poetic!"

"Of course not! That's not what I meant at all," replied Legolas laughing.


The Problem V: Bad Ideas

"I just meant that maybe you could look at it another way," Legolas answered, "maybe you could start a collection of Elf hair. You already have strands of Galadriel's hair."

"Hmmmmmm, now that's definitely an idea," Gimli mused, "not a great idea, but, an idea. How about we come up with a better idea, huh?

"I guess I could always save your hair that gets stuck in my hair and have the best Elvish weaver to weave them into a cover. Dwarvish hair is definitely warm enough. It would keep me warm all winter," Legolas mused.

"Humph," Gimli snorted grumpily.

The Problem VI: The Solution

"I didn't think Elves were bothered with things like the cold," Gimli pointed out, quite irritated.

"Ok, ok, I'm sorry. That was not so nice. I was just teasing you, my good friend," Legolas said trying to calm Gimli down, "actually I do have an idea that may make everyone happy."

"Yes," Gimli inquired, "well, what is it?"

Quietly Legolas told Gimli the idea and as Gimli agreed, they quickly fixed their hair and rode up to show Aragorn their solution.

"What do you think?" Gimli asked Aragorn.

They were quite surprised when Aragorn fell off his horse, laughing hard.

The Problem VII: Problem Handled

"Well, how do you like that?" grumped Gimli, "we fix the problem so he doesn't have to and all he can do is laugh himself silly!"

"*snort* Sorry, Gimli," snickered Aragorn, Really, *giggle* it's the perfect solution. *Hahaha* It just caught me a little *snicker, snort* off guard. You guys look great, *snicker* really! I'm so happy I didn't have to go to extremes *giggle*."

"Hmmm, I am a little less than appeased with that apology. What do you think, Gimli?" Legolas asked.

"No really!" smiled Aragorn, " I love your new french braided beard, Gimli and fishtail braided piggytails, Legolas!"

The Problem VIII: Problem Fixed

"Actually, I would even go so far as to say you're both looking pretty!" Aragorn snickered, "All you need are matching pink bows."

"What?" roared Gimli, "Pretty? Dwarves are Never pretty!" Turning to Legolas, he muttered, "Not even most of the Dwarf women."

Legolas couldn't help the snort that escaped him. "Yes, well, it was the best idea we could come up with," Legolas said, "we didn't want for Gimli to have to cut off his beard and I'm not cutting my hair, forget about bows! We did the next best thing, we tamed our hair!"

"Very practical," Aragorn proclaimed.


True Love - a Sam and Rosie Drabble

A couple of years after Frodo had left, Sam and Rosie were sitting on their settee in front of the fireplace talking when Sam suddenly told Rosie,
"Every day we have together you are more beautiful to me. I love you even more than I did when I thought Frodo and I were going to die on the side of Mt. Doom."
"I bless everyday that you made it back home to me," Rosie replied, "I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't, I just know I'd never have been as happy as I am with you."

True Love - an Arwen and Aragorn drabble

Watching the sunset from the balcony off their chambers, Aragorn and Arwen were enchanted by the beautiful, intense colors displayed before them.

"Oh, the wonderous beauty of the twilight hours," Aragorn mused, "the beauty I ever see in you, My Love. It fills my life with such joy, it is hard to believe it was almost lost."

"To never have experienced getting to be together through life would have been a trajedy I cannot imagine. I am thankful every single day we have that all was not lost," Arwen replied hugging Aragorn, "I look forward to many more joyous days."

True Love - a Faramir and Eowyn drabble
with thanks to Dinledhwen for her help

Once night while Eowyn was preparing something brown and lumpy for supper, Faramir came into the kitchen in the hope of luring her away so the cooks could try to salvage supper, or if needed, to start over.
Looking in the pot at the concoction Eowyn was stirring Faramir thought, "Well, luckily I didn't marry her for her cooking."
"My Love," Faramir coaxed, "let us go and relax outside. You are still supposed to be taking it easy. I don't want you to have a relapse.
"Don't worry, My Dear, I feel fine," Eowyn replied contentedly. "Happiness heals many wounds."


Po-Tay-Toes.... Part 1.... A Drabble

"Hey, Legolas," Sam hollered following after him through the Great Hall.

Stopping, Legolas waited for Sam to catch up. "Do you require something, Sam?" Legolas asked.

"Yes," Sam said, "I was wondering if you would be able to help me get something off a high shelf?"

"Sure," Legolas said following Sam right into a storage room.

"Right there, on the next to the top shelf in a basket are some potatoes. Could you get the basket down for me?" Sam asked.

Looking at the taters as he handed them over to Sam, Legolas asked, "What do you need them for?"

Part 2

"I found out that the Lady Éowyn is cooking a stew tonight, and beggin' your pardon, but I'm hoping to get the chance to add some diced potatoes to it to make it more edible," Sam replied. "The last stew she made I didn't think I would survive and I'm hoping this will help."

"Oh, I remember that stew," Legolas said while shuddering, " normally such things don't bother Elves, but then, that was extremely bad. What on Middle-earth were those white fluffy chunks floating around in it?"

"Not a clue," Sam sadly replied, "but, I'm not sure it was food!"

Part 3

"Well, whatever," Legolas said, "anything you can do to help make it more edible will earn you this Elf's humble thanks! I'll even help by distracting the good lady when you're ready."

"Perfect," Sam smiled up at the Elf, "that would be just what is needed!"

They met at the door to the kitchen 10 minutes later, Sam with the peeled and diced potatoes in hand.

Strolling in, Legolas asked Éowyn if she would take a look at something in the Great Hall for him.

While they were gone, Sam feverishly got to work. Supper was very interesting that night.


Part 4

Éowyn was pleased when people were asking for seconds of her stew at supper that night.

"Lady Éowyn, this is really good stew," Merry said.

"Yes, lovely," Pippin piped in.

"The potatoes and those herbs you added were excellent. I'm impressed," Aragorn told her.

"Hmmmmm. That's funny," Éowyn said, "I don't remember adding potatoes."

Legolas and Sam both kept their eyes down on their bowls and began eating faster. Strangely, they wore matching blushes. Only Aragorn seemed to notice this.

Eating as quickly as was considered polite, Legolas and Sam made their excuses and received permission to leave the tables.

Part 5

Barely holding themselves together, Legolas and Sam ran to the bed chambers. As soon as the door shut, they both fell onto their beds laughing so hard they began to cry.

They stopped briefly when Aragorn came into the room then resumed laughing.

"I take it you two had something to do with the stew tonight being edible," Aragorn remarked.

"Maybe," Legolas chortled.

"Could be," chimed in Sam. "Alright, yes, I admit it was my doing. I just couldn't stand another of her stews!"

Bowing low to Sam, Aragorn said, "I am most grateful for your great service, Master Hobbit!"

Part 6

"Aw, it was nothing," Sam said, blushing.

"Nothing?" Aragorn asked, "you call saving our stomaches, nothing?"

"Actually, I call it self-preservation!" Sam said.

"Well," Legolas said, "you almost gave me heart palpatations earlier. I kept watching the kitchen door and you didn't come out for a long time. I was running out of excuses for keeping Éowyn out of the kitchen."

"Sorry," said Sam, "once I got started I had to add some herbs and Shire-salt, then I just couldn't leave those chunks of white fluffy things in it."

"Now the trick is to survive the next time," Aragorn said.


Part 7

"Well, I don't know how I'll ever survive if Éowyn finds out what I did," Sam fretted.

"Aw, Sam, don't worry. I don't think she noticed anything fishy going on," Frodo said peaking around the door.

"I worry she will find out and her feelings will be hurt. That's why I never say anything about her stew in the first place and I think the same is true for everyone else," Sam said.

There was a chorus of "That's true" heard in the room in reply.

"Let's all agree to never tell anyone what Sam did tonight," Aragorn said firmly.

Part 8

"Agreed," chimed in Legolas, Frodo and Sam.

Early the next morning while Sam was out in the garden, he was startled to find a guard standing in front of him.

"Please follow me, Sir," the guard instructed Sam. Sam fell into step behind the guard certain that he was to be taken to a locked cell for what he had done.

"Please wait here, Sir," the guard said showing him into a sitting room Sam had never seen.

"So, Master Hobbit," Éowyn said coming into the room from a different door, "was it you who changed my stew last night?"

Part 9

"Beggin' your pardon, Lady Éowyn, yes it was," Sam replied. "I didn't mean any harm, I just had a taste for potatoes. I'm sorry, I won't do it again. I hope you're not upset at me," Sam stuttered, looking down at the floor.

"I was a bit concerned when my stew had potatoes and herbs in it that I knew I hadn't added, but, after thinking about it, I realized that you would be the most likely one to have done this. I know you would never do anything to hurt my feelings, you were just fixing it," said Éowyn.


Part 10

Coming to a stop in front of Sam, Éowyn put a finger under his chin and raising his head, told him, "It would be a real shame if you didn't feel free to cook in my kitchen again. I was hoping you might be willing to show me how to cook like you. That was great stew."

"I would be honored, My Lady," Sam said relieved that she didn't seem to be upset with him.

"Of course, noone must know you are teaching me to cook," Éowyn said trying to look stern.

"I won't tell a soul!" Sam assured her.

Part 11

"Good," Éowyn said, "how about helping me cook up something special for supper tomorrow night? I would love to give everyone a real treat. We could meet in the kitchen early and get to work."

"I will be there whenever you need me there," Sam said, "while it's cooking I can give you some tips on how to make a good, hearty stew. It really isn't too hard."

The next night supper was a huge success.

Lady Éowyn was very pleased and told everyone, "Thank you very much. I also want to thank Master Samwise for helping me make supper!"

Part 12

Very startled, Sam blushed red as everyone began making a big fuss over him. "But, I didn't do much at all," Sam kept trying to tell everyone.

"Don't believe him," Éowyn said over Sam's protests.
"He was a great help. He knows more about what to do with potatoes than anyone else I know!"

Laughing, Frodo said, "Yep, that's our Sam alright!"

Everyone went back to enjoying supper and Sam went to where Éowyn was seated. "My Lady," Sam said, "I don't understand. I thought we weren't going to tell anyone about our cooking together. This was your special night."


Part 13

"You are so sweet, Sam, to be thinking of me," Éowyn said. "You were a great help to me today. I don't feel like I will ever make another stew that the men will not like."

"Your stew was fine before," Sam told her.

"There you go again being sweet," Éowyn said, "but, I have tasted it too and know better. I just didn't know how to fix it before. I can't thank you enough for your help. That's why I told everyone."

Bowing to Éowyn, Sam told her, "It was truly my honor. Anytime I can be of service."

The End

Spring Returns

"Mr. Frodo, Mr. Frodo!" Sam called quite excitedly while looking around Bag End.

"Here I am, Sam," Frodo replied from in the den.

"It's starting to come up!" Sam said, "will you come out to the garden to see?"

"Of course," Frodo said, "I will be very happy to see the garden coming back to life after the damage those horrible people did to it!"

Taking Frodo out to the garden, Sam showed him how the plants were springing up out of the ground. He was expecially excited the Elanor was growing.

"It's all coming along beautifully, Sam!" Frodo said.


Hunger Pangs

"Pippin, what are you doing up in the middle of the night?" Arwen asked, having come upon Pip in the kitchens.

"Beggin' your pardon, My Lady," Pippin said giving her a bow, "but, I am frightfully hungry and when my stomach is empty I can't sleep."

"Ah," Arwen said, "I forgot that Aragorn had mentioned the amazing stomachs of Hobbits!"

"Yes," Pippin replied, "Hobbits can eat their weight in food and then just be getting full! I wouldn't be surprised if we don't have more Hobbits in here soon!"

Pippin was startled when Arwen started chuckling, until he turned around.

A Young Hobbit's Fancy

Legolas scared the wits out of Merry as he quietly asked in Merry's ear, "What are you looking at?"

"Don't sneak up on me like that!" Merry gasped, "you just about scared the life out of me!"

"That was not my intention," Legolas assured Merry, "you were just so intent on whatever you were looking at that you didn't hear me walk up behind you."

"By the way," Legolas asked, "what were you looking at?"

"Can you keep a secret?" Merry asked while blushing.

"Of course," Legolas said.

"Well," Merry said shyly, "I was looking at those young Elven maidens."


Poor Pippin

"Pippin, what's the matter?" Aragorn asked urgently as Pippin looked terrible.

"I tink I hab a told," Pippin replied kind of nasally.

"A what?" Aragorn asked, a bit confused.

"A told, a told!" Pippin said trying to be understood.

"A cold?" Aragorn finally guessed.

"Yeb, a told!" Pippin replied grateful to finally be able to get Aragorn to understand.

"Would you like some Athelas tea?" Aragorn asked, "it would help to open up your sinuses so you could breathe."

"Tat wood be grabe!" Pippin said.

Hurrying to the kitchen, Aragorn made the tea and thankfully it cleared up Pippin's sinuses.

2: He Strikes Again

Pippin burst out laughing so hard he actually fell off the bench at the table in the Great Hall.

Now, this was not at all amusing to Merry as he had no idea what caused this reaction when he sat down across from Pippin.

"What is so funny?" Merry asked, a bit grumpy.

"You fell asleep near Legolas!" Pippin gasped out between giggles.

"What?!" Merry exclaimed while reaching up and encountering many, many tiny braids in his hair.
"Why that Sneaky Elf!!" Merry yelled while getting up to go find a bucket and then a sneaky Elf, in that order.


3: That Sneaky Elf

(the next two are longer, more inklets than drabbles, but as it continues the tale, I include them here - Prim)

Breakfast in the Great Hall came to a completely silent stop as Gimli entered. Considering Gimli had a headache, curtesy of the previous night's drinking, and appreciated the quiet, he wondered what was going on.

It seemed everyone in the Great Hall had the same look of stunned surprise on their faces, with the exception of Legolas who seemed to be greatly interested in finishing his breakfast.

Merry and Pippin seemed to come to their senses and began gesturing for him to come sit by them. As quickly as he could, Gimli piled food on his plate at the food tables and as he sat down he noticed Legolas getting up from the tables and hightailing it out of the Great Hall.

Gingerly he asked, "What is going on?"

Merry asked Gimli, "Did you happen to fall asleep near Legolas last night?"

"I'm not really sure," Gimli said, "after the second drinking game I don't seem to remember anything, so I guess it is possible. Why?"

Pippin just shook his head and said, "Well, I know that you wear braids in your hair and beard, but, I've never seen all of your hair braided. I believe Legolas got to you like he did Merry and me."

"What???!" Gimli roared. Reaching up, Gimli could feel what seemed to be thousands of tiny braids all over his head and looking down at his beard he gave a yelp.

"Why, that sneaky Elf!!!" Gimli blustered, "My Father always told me to never trust an Elf, and now I know why! When I catch him, he's going to be sorry!!"

Gimli got up and went in search of a sneaky Elf. Forget the bucket.


4: Is There No Stopping Him?

Slowly waking from a wonderful night's sleep, Sam stretched and tried to run his hands through his hair. Feeling his hair, Sam immediately knew something was terribly wrong.

Getting up quickly he ran over to the next bed and shook Frodo awake.

"Mr. Frodo," Sam said urgently, "what is wrong with my hair? It feels all funny-like!"

Trying to focus on Sam, Frodo rubbed his eyes but found that it didn't help.

"Sam, why on Middle-earth do you have thousands of teeny-tiny braids all over your head?" Frodo asked.

"What?" Sam exclaimed, "how did that happen?"

Sam and Frodo became even more confused when Merry and Pippin came in the room having finished their first breakfasts to stop dead at the sight of Sam's head. When they burst out laughing at the sight, Sam was a bit offended.

"Oh, Sam," Merry said trying to bring himself under control, "sorry to laugh at you, but, Pippin, Gimli and I have already had that happen to us!"

"Well," Sam said, "would you mind telling me what happened to my hair?"

Pippin gave one last snort and explained, "Legolas has been catching people while they are sleeping and braiding their hair into tiny little braids!"

"Why, that sneaky Elf!" Sam said, "what happened when he did it to Gimli's hair?

"Goodness," Merry said, "Gimli took off after Legolas in quite a rage! It took him forever to find Legolas and when he did Legolas was safely up in a tree where Gimli couldn't get to him. We had to hold on to Gimli for dear life to keep him from chopping the tree down! Finally after two days, Gimli calmed down enough to let Legolas down so he could take the braids out of his hair and beard. I thought maybe that would make Legolas quit his braiding, but, I guess not!"

"Come on, Sam," Pippin said, "we'll go find a bucket of water, cause when he takes them out, your hair is going to be wilder than it has ever been in your life and you are going to want to get it wet immediately and then we'll go find that sneaky Elf!"

So, off they went to find a bucket then a sneaky Elf. In that order.

Part 5: One Smart Elf

Not believing what he was seeing, Merry ran over to the other Hobbits where they were sitting having second breakfast.

Whispering to them, Merry asked, "Ok, do you guys see what I see? Legolas got Gandalf!"

"No way!!" Pippin gasped almost straining his neck whipping his head around so fast to check it out.

"Oh, my!" said Sam, "I wonder what Gandalf is going to do to him!"

"I'm not sure Gandalf will do anything," Frodo said, "if you look close, Legolas braided his hair very carefully like the Elven royalty when there is a special occasion coming up. He showed Gandalf a great deal of respect by braiding it that way. Do you notice how Gandalf is very calm and not acting upset?"

"WOW!!" exclaimed the 3 other Hobbits.

"Legolas is one very smart Elf," Merry said, "still sneaky, but smart!"

This time there was no need for a bucket.


Part 6: Aragorn's Turn

Staring at the reflection coming back at him from the water in the basin he was splashing on his face to wake himself up, Aragorn had to groan.

"I can't believe he got me!" he thought to himself, "I must have been exhausted to not feel that!"

Sure he was in for a good deal of teasing from the Hobbits, Aragorn still decided to go to the Great Hall to try to locate the sneaky Elf that had managed to braid all his hair into thousands of tiny braids.

"At least mine don't stick up everywhere like the Hobbit's hair did!" Aragorn thought with a slight smile.

Bracing himself, Aragorn opened the door to the Great Hall and was greeted by the laughter and clapping of the ones eating breakfast.

Bowing to the room at large, Aragorn headed for the table where Legolas was sitting unconcernedly.

"Now I know why you suggested I wash my hair last night," Aragorn said as he sat next to the Elf.

"Well, mellon nin," Legolas said, "I do not mean to offend you, but, it was time to wash it."

"Well," Aragorn told him, "I hope you know that after breakfast you will be spending time undoing each and every braid you put in!"

"I figured it would be so," Legolas calmly replied.

So, after breakfast the Ranger made the sneaky Elf undo all that he had done. Aragorn forgot to take a bucket with him and was quite surprised at how bushy his hair was once all the braids were out.

Instead he just decided to plunge his head in the first fountain he came to.


Who knew when we started out how we would be changed by the time we returned?
Our world was peaceful lazy days spent being happy. A good book read outside while enjoying a pipeful of Old Toby or Longbottom Leaf.
By the time we returned we felt as if our world would never again know that same peace. Having seen dear friends fall in battle we wonder if happiness will ever find us again. Feeling the evil surrounding us pulling at us can we still find good in our souls?
Will we ever feel that we are ourselves once again?   - Frodo Baggins


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