Queen of Gondor's Drabbles

A collection of 100-word Middle-earth themed and non-canonical by Queen of Gondor
A Tear
The Dance of the Two Hunters
Don't Look at Me
Elrond and Arwen
The Flame
Fly You Fools
Fool of a Took
It's My Turn

Legolas Ponders on Arwen
Merry on the Battlefield
More than Nine
Of Aragorn and Hair
Only Mushrooms
Remember this Day Little Brother
Why did I follow Him?
The Windy Pass
You Smoke too Much

The Dance of the Two Hunters

A forest of trees surrounded him, as he stood looking up at the dome of stars above. A cool breeze brushed his long hair, and washed his fair face. He smiled up at them, and then felt a hand on his shoulder.

“My friend,” Legolas turned around, Aragorn was standing there, “I just wanted to tell you that if you keep looking up there you will be an easy target for an Orc passing by, at least have a little movement added into your nightly stare.” Aragorn did a little dance, and Legolas joined in. Gimli watched, while silently stunned.

Fool of a Took

Gandalf stood and finished reading from the book. The Dwarves had been trapped, so were they. Suddenly he heard a loud crash, they turned around. Pippin knocked a bucket down, into the deeps of Moria.

“Fool of a Took!” Gandalf yelled. Then they heard it, the sound of drums in the deep. He turned, wide eyed, and exclaimed, “I want some, I want some drums!”

“Not now Gandalf, we are about to be in a battle, then you will fall into the deeps with the Balrog, pay attention to the script!” Aragorn said, raising his sword.

More Than Nine

“This shall be the fellowship of the ring!” Elrond exclaimed.

An Elf with dark hair walked up to the group and said, “If those halflings get to go, then so do I!”

And a Dwarf with a dark beard said, “I will be dead before I see two Elf’s venture off to Mordor to destroy the one ring with only one Dwarf!”

Arwen walked over to her father, and she said, “this is my choice, I want to go with my honey to Mordor.” Arwen smiled at Aragorn.

Elrond gave in and said, “If Arwen’s going, then I’m going too.”

Fly You Fools

“Fly you fools!” Gandalf said, then Gandalf fell silently. The fellowship watched intently, until they saw him no more. The pain struck their hearts you could sense the pain coming from each and every one of them.

All of a sudden, Frodo started flapping his arms in the air. “What are you doing, Frodo?” Aragorn asked.

“Gandalf did say to fly, did he not?” Frodo continued to flap his arms around. Aragorn nodded to all of the fellowship members, all at once, they started flapping their arms around.

“This is what Gandalf would have wanted.” Frodo said.

Only Mushrooms...A Drabble

“Merry, look at this!” Pippin shouted from across the field. Merry was picking some vegetables.
“You have got to see this!” Pippin was jumping up and down with excitement. Merry looked at him, showing a puzzled look on his rosy face. With a sigh, he made his way over to Pippin.
“Ouch!” There came a yell from the field, Pippin stretched to see what had happened. Merry had fallen in the grass.
“Merry! Hurry!” Pippin yelled.
Merry stumbled over to Pippin, “Mushrooms! That’s what you wanted to show me?!?” Merry walked away, Pippin kneeled down, and began to pick them.

The Windy Pass

The wind blew in the faces of the Fellowship. The pass of Caradhras was a dangerous path to tread, but they were taking it nonetheless. They slowly made their way through the deep snow, the Hobbit’s were being carried. Legolas walking on the top of the snow, gracefully. Aragorn turned and said, “What is wrong?” Legolas had stopped walking, his hands, placed on his head, his face looked, worried.

Legolas looked upon his friend, a whisper, he said, “The wind, it’s in my hair, it is making my hair, move.” He bit his lip, a tear dripped down his face.

Of Aragorn and Hair

“Where is Legolas?” Aragorn asks Gimli.

“I think he is with the Théoden. Why, do you need him?”

“That is precisely what I don’t want. I mean, look at my hair, it’s horribly messed up, if he sees it, then…”

“I see!” Gimli turns and spot Legolas. “Elf! Aragorn here just asked for you, he needs you to fix his hair!” Aragorn’s jaw drops. Legolas smiles widely, and begins to run towards Aragorn.

“I will deal with you, later, Dwarf!” Aragorn starts to run away.

“Aragorn! Wait! I will catch up! And then we‘ll have some fun!” Legolas shouts.


“Where are you going?” Gimli asked. Legolas halted, and turned around, Gimli had seen him.

“No where, Dwarf.” Legolas was blushing. His hood was pulled up over his head.

“What do you mean no where?” Gimli asked. He jumped up slightly and pulled the hood off the Elf’s head.

Legolas tried to pull it down, but it was too late, Aragorn approached. Aragorn’s and Gimli’s mouths both dropped open. Legolas blushed fiercely sighed. His hair, was knotted, and small bits of dirt could be seen.

“Legolas, your hair!” Aragorn laughed.

“I’m off to the hairdresser. My shampoo wasn’t strong enough.”

It's My Turn

“No, Pip! It’s my turn to look into the palantír!” Merry yelled as he watched Pippin roll around on the floor holding it.

“You can wait, Merry!” Pippin giggled as he looked into the palantír.

Just then Legolas and Aragorn ran into the room.

“Pippin! What do you think you’re doing?” Aragorn yelled.

“It’s Merry’s turn!” Legolas tried to say softly, but failed.

“Yeah! It’s my turn!” Merry yelled at Pippin.

The three surrounded Pippin trying to take it from him, when suddenly he let go and sat up. He looked up at them. “You’ll never guess what I saw!


“What’d you see?” Aragorn asked Pippin.

“Why should I tell you?” Pippin grinned.

“Pippin!” They yelled.

“Why do you need to know anyway?”

“Because it might be important. Duh!” Merry was frustrated.

“Fine then...I saw Gimli in a hall, he was trying to get something out of his hair. Actually, I think he’s heading here now.”

They all turned to the doorway. Gimli had big white…. things in his hair, and a brown liquid dripping from his beard.

Gimli grunted. “This is what happens when you tell Éowyn you don’t like her stew. She goes all Witch King on you.”

Remember This Day Little Brother

Boromir looked far ahead of him. He could see trees swaying in a warm wind that brushed his face and calmed his soul. He stopped moving, he could hear no sound. He looked up at the dark abyss that was the sky, small stars twinkled. He smiled slightly. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned quickly, no one was there. He gazed back up at the stars.

“Remember this day little brother…” he heard the words fade away, and realized it was his own voice, long ago.

He looked away from the stars. “I always will…” He whispered.

Elrond and Arwen drabble

Elrond looked through the open doorway at Arwen. She lay sleeping, peacefully. His eyes glistened, she had made her choice, he could do nothing now to get her to go to Valinor. He walked in and gently pushed dangling pieces of hair off her face. It was cold. He then went to hold her hand, which was also cold. He let a tear run down his fair, stern face. She rolled over under her soft bed covers, a light wind washed over her. He sat down beside her. He watched her sleep in all of her peacefulness, sadness and beauty.

You Smoke Too Much

Merry looked up at his cousin, sitting on top of Shadowfax. Merry lifted up his hand and handed something to Pippin. “This is the last of the Longbottom Leaf, I know you’ve run out. You smoke too much Pippin.” Merry looked grimly up at his cousin. Gandalf jumped up onto Shadowfax, and they rode away to Gondor. Merry ran up the steps of a tower, to watch Gandalf and Pippin ride away. Aragorn chased him up.

Merry turned to face Aragorn and said, “Pippin smokes too much.”

Aragorn looked down at the Hobbit and said, “I know, he really does.”

Legolas Ponders on Arwen

The beauty she casts upon us all is a gift. Never before did I think that I would ever lay eyes upon someone so fair, so kind. Her reflection gives me shivers. Her kind words filled with wisdom and love are ever a gift to those who have the chance to hear. I love her in a way that only few others love her in. Who could not love her, the way she speaks, and glides, and thinks. I love her as a sister, for Arwen Undomiel, is, and will forever, be the love, and light, in Aragorn’s splendid life.

Why Did I Follow Him?: A Drabble, Sam muses

Why did I follow him? What in my right mind possessed me to do it? I crave good food again! All I have here is lembas bread, and more lembas bread! I bet if Rosie Cotton made this bread, it would be as sweet as honey, for she is. Yes, why did I follow him? “Sam, we must be moving on now.” Frodo’s voice came from behind Sam. I am so tired, and he is probably more so. I wish I could help him. I know why I came, because in my heart of hearts, I truly love him so.

A tear ran down her face. She looked down at the path, a young child ran across, being ignored by the others’ around her. She followed his footsteps as he ran amidst the trees, which seemed as if to turn to stone. This was all an illusion. She watched as the child ran into the stone room which had appeared, a man with grey hair stood at the window at the other end. He turned around when he heard the child running softly up behind him. Aragorn. His face, his smile, his gentleness. Arwen sighed, she another tear, and turned.

Don't Look At Me

Don’t look at me like that, I know what I did was wrong, selfish, and wrong. Perhaps long ago when I came upon it, when I found it, or maybe, did he give it to me? Yes… or no. I can’t remember now, some things just get lost inside me, not ever to escape again.

Please, don’t look at me like that. You know that I want to get rid of it, but my heart seems to not want to let go. My eyes are lost in a translucent world. I only see golden shine. I need your help now.

Merry on the Battlefield

I groaned as the weight of the sword came down against my own. I parried the blow, then with all the strength I could muster, I stroke back. The steel of my sword met the flesh of my attacker. All within a second I fell to my knees as my heart pounded wildly, excitedly, sickly. I looked at my sword, the blood shining brightly. Not with glory, not with happiness did I stand up and look at the face. A Man, his face dried with blood, his hair hanging freely down his face, his eyes…open. Kneeling down, I closed them.

The Flame

The flame seemed to shudder as the light gave way, but once more it rang true, if but for an instance as it waited for a more convenient passing. The glow grew wispy again, and then, as if it could hear heavenly words, it sharpened it’s tools and grew brighter. Seemingly like one who draws breath slowly, the flame would dim, then grow brighter, dim, and grow sharper like nothing else. And then as the words around the flame grew softer, and the tall fire shuddered and shrank, that which was once the great light in Snowmane’s eyes, grew dark.