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a collection of the Middle-earth themed but non-canonical and/or humorous drabbles by various fans
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Alphabetical by title:

A Letter for the Author - Jennan O Possums
An Early Drabble for Eowyn Day - Nuroreiel
Brave Gardener - Rosie Cotton
Butterfly Drabbles (3 parts) - AuntKimby
Catastrophe at the Green Dragon - Highland Elf
Drabble for a Balrog - starlinguk
Drabble for Theodred - boriel
Drabble for Oscar - starlinguk
Gimli (in 13 parts) - faramirgirl
Gollums - Primula
The Oscars - Pippinmerry
Piranha School - Doctor Gamgee
Sam's Burden - Jennan O Possums
Saruman's Laundry - Primula
Secrets - Peregrine
Taste - Holly Baggins

Butterfly Drabbles

These are three drabbles that I wrote, all concerning the LOTR characters' interactions with a butterfly. There were more, but I lost them... AK

“Merry, look!” Little Pippin waved his arms and pointed at the beautiful golden-winged insect hovering delicately overhead.
“That’s a butterfly, Pippin,” Merry explained, wincing as Pippin’s chubby knees dug into his shoulders.
“Butterfly? Is it made of butter?”
“No, Pippin,” Merry laughed, remembering his own first impression of one.
“Then what’s it made of?”
“Um, well, I don’t know. Butterfly parts, I guess.”
“Do THEY taste like butter?”
“I-I don’t know, Pip, I never ate one.”
“Let’s try it!” Pippin cried excitedly as he tried to grasp the creature. “I’m hungry!”

Frodo sat up and gazed in wonder at the majestic butterfly that arced in lazy circles overhead. It was larger and more colorful than any he had seen before, or had seen at all since his arrival, and it hovered above him as if waiting. Wordlessly he held up his hand and the butterfly rested upon his finger. Frodo marveled at the shimmering green and gold and brown in its delicate wings.
Green and gold…like Pippin’s eyes. The gold of a wheat field in harvest…like Merry’s perpetually tousled curls.
“Valar be thanked,” Frodo whispered, tears of joy in his eyes

He had sailed one year ago today, and was achingly missed. “Move on, sweetheart, it was his time, he spoke of it often.”
Yet this knowledge brought no comfort to a wounded heart, and tears fell upon the warm boards of the dock.
“Do you think of me often? Do you remember me at all?”
A butterfly hovered overhead, diaphanous wings colored silver, honey and bronze, poised over the wondering hobbit upon the dock, who reached up toward it. A fluttering wing brushed the cheek with the barest touch before it flew away.
“I love you too, Da,” Elanor whispered.
- AuntKimby


"Hang on, Mr. Frodo!" cried Sam. He scooped his Master into his arms and ran.
Behind, leaping, crawling and bounding came gollums. A huge flock of gollums, their gangly limbs flailing up and down as they came. Their google-eyed heads all shrieked the same cry:
"Mine mine mine mine mine....!"
Sam raced to a narrow crevasse, with only room for single file.  Behind him the gollums gained.
"Mine mine mine mine...!"
Frodo gaped over Sam's shoulder as  they squeezed through it. There was a variety of  thumping, thudding and whump sounds as the pursuit collided with the cliff face.
- Primula

Response to Primula's drabble...

“Oh joy!” it hissed, “Revenge is jiuuuucy sssssweeeet!
We needs no fire, for rrrraaaaaaaaaw is how we liiiikes to eat!”
Ooooh Fishy fish!! “Fish fishing, take the bait.
You’ve sluuuuunnk to long, no longer shhhhall we haves to wait!!!
So loooong in cold, cold water have you swum.
That hearing your soft paddle makes our hearts leap,
screams out, YUMMMMMM!
We’ll gnaw your bones until their gleeeeeeeaming white.
Then drop them to the bottom of the pool, as black as the first night!”

Perhaps you thinks our song is not too coooooool?
But Gollum sings it not!

Piranha Schoooooooool!
- Doctor Gamgee

Catastrophe at the Green Dragon

The music inside the Green Dragon echoed on the walls. Rosie came dancing along beside the table where Pippin and Sam were sitting. She pulled Sam up onto his feet and began to dance with him. Sam looked very nervous. All of a sudden they went fast and Rosie fell onto the floor. Sam went to help her up but when he took hold of her hand and pulled, her head hit the table and a pitcher of al came splashing down onto her. Pippin walked over, smiling, and said, “Now Sam, why did you go and do that?”
- Highland Elf

Drabble for a Balrog

So, I get woken up from a sleep so long I can't remember when it started. Then an insane wizard drops me off a bridge and continues to attack me with a toothpick whilst I'm trying to fall elegantly. Then, finally, I go "plink plink fizz" in a lake, and even THEN he doesn't let up. Oh no. He follows me up an endless stair, still poking me with that toothpick, and we end up on top of a mountain. It was cold, I tell you. It wasn't the toothpick that killed me, it was the flippin' lack of long-johns.
- starlinguk

a drabble for theodred
(must be read with tongue firmly planted in cheek)

Every time the fans saw me, I had my eyes closed. I was dying. I died. I died well and looked good doing it. So good in fact that the 'hobbit in shorts' added more to my scene in the extended version and a 'lovely lady' even sang a song for me as they buried me. Nice burial - I was dressed in great princely duds, befitting a king's son and I was honored to have a dwarf and elf, and even a hiding King in attendance too. But even after all that exposure, few now even know my real name.
- boriel

My heart was pounding. I wished they would just hurry up with the news already. Please, stop the torture! My legs were weak; they could barely hold me up. The waiting was one of the worst things I’ve ever been through. Here it comes. Why must they delay like that? Who cares? We know! Just say it already! YIPPEE! They WON! Best Ensemble Cast! They deserved it so much! The Oscars won’t honor them, but the actors guild will! Oh my god, is that Billy in a kilt? I can die now. ::dies::
- pippinmerry

A Drabble for Oscar!

"Do it, Mr Jackson! Throw it!" Sean shouted, in desperation.
"Yes, it's evil! Get rid of it!" Elijah piped up, above the roar of the volcano.
The bearded creature held the statuette above the fast-flowing lava below. Then he turned around, his eyes glowing manically.
"Do you know what this could do to my career? YOUR career! The financial security? Our status? It's mine, er, ours! All ours!"
Sean blinked and looked sideways at Elijah.
They both shrugged.
"Alright then, where you gonna put it?"
"On the mantlepiece, right there," Jackson said, smiling brightly, polishing the statuette with his sleeve.

An early Drabble for Eowyn day
Quick - what do you call the wife of the Steward of Gondor? And what exactly does she do, anyway?? Maybe this:
Eowyn moved gracefully among the tables in the great hall. Everyone was gathered to celebrate the first anniversary of the High King’s coronation. “Would you care for more mead, my lord?”, she asked one man. “Let me get a cushion for your seat”, she told an older warrior. “In case of attack,” she reminded a group and pointed, “use the exits at either side of the hall.” She tugged at her vest, checked her hair and rearranged the little cap on her head. Somehow, Eowyn sighed to herself wistfully, I didn’t think being Stewardess of Gondor would be like this!

Secrets..........a drabble inspired by Elvenstar

Aragorn was searching for Legolas. The Elf had vanished some time ago-not too long after Gimli had come to him saying that the Elf planned on growing 'undying' gardens in the city of Minas Tirith.

Aragorn was impressed, to say the least.

Aragorn wanted to know the Elf's secret. He had been raised by the Elves, had grown up surrounded by Elves, but he had never figured it out. So he went searching for Legolas. He searched through every corner and house in the city.

He finally found him, huddled in a dark corner by himself, his nose in a large orange-and-white covered book. Legolas didn't notice him right away.

"What are you reading?" Aragorn asked. Legolas gave a cry of alarm and flung the book behind him.

"Nothing!" he cried. But Aragorn had seen the title of the book...

Gardening for Dummies.
- Peregrine

Sam's Burden

Sam trudged up Mount Doom. Frodo made no sound, not a moan. Noise might take Sam’s mind off the rocks. His heart cried as the bones of his master’s thin body cut into his back. There were no more real tears to shed. Stones bored into his tough hobbit feet. Frodo was fascinated by rocks they had encountered on their journey, often picking them up. To Sam, they were just another torment in this hopeless quest.

Exhausted, he lay Frodo gently down, collapsing by his side. Frodo looked over and whispered, “Next time, I’ll throw away my rock collection first.”
- JennanOPossums

Everyone in Meduseld watched in wonder yet uncertainty as Gandalf drew out Saruman's poison from their long ill king. When Gandalf had won the difficult struggle, Théoden feebly fell forward, but Éowyn ran to him and caught him. Everyone watched in amazement as the long winter lifted from their King. When their frost had cleared, Théoden's eyes darted about, and finally came to rest on Éowyn. She smiled at him, but then he leaned over and bit her on the hand! Éowyn gasped and drew back, but a look of wonder crossed Théoden's face.

"I know your taste," said he.
- Holly Baggins

"A Letter from the Author" drabble


Book: I’ve changed your name to Meriadoc, or Merry. You’ll be a wealthy, well-spoken, friend and relative to the hero. I’ve already made you a leader, conspirator and brave. You do get taken captive by some ugly guys but your younger cousin saves you. Don’t despair. Later you crawl on your belly and hamstring a really bad guy, and a ways further you command and win the final battle. By the end, you’re called “Magnificent” and you write a book on herbs.

Is that great or what?


PS: If you don’t like any of the changes... Bite me!
- JennanOPossums

The Brave Gardener

“ You miserable little maggot !” Sam cried out loud. He just had discovered an abominable threat. But being the hobbit he was he would not be defeated. He scowled, his eyes flickered. “You’re not going to kill what I love most, not this time” Sam clenched his fist, his body poised to attack. He would need no sword here, his hands would be effective enough. With a quick movement he grabbed his enemy and putting all his strength in his fingers he crushed him between his thumb and his forefinger.
“You won’t eat my beloved roses any more, mean old grub.”
- RosieCotton

"Gimli" a Drabble or I hope that it is.  (13 parts)

Part 1

"Aragorn I thought you said that you wouldn't tell the Elf", said Gimli.
"But Gimli, I didn't tell the Elf, I told you not a word," said Aragorn.
"Well he knows," said Gimli.
"Well didn't you think that he would of figured it out, when he pulled up, " said Aaragorn.
"Yea, well there was so much happen with fighting the orc's, I didn't think he would of notice," said Gimli.
"Well Gimli, you know that he has those keen eyes," said Aragorn.
"Yea, well just this once I wished his keen eye's wouldn't of seen everything," said Gimli.

part 2

"Legalos and Gimli, Elrond had just told me that we muat take the path of the dead and get them to help us fight", said Aragorn.
"What! Eomer had just said that place is evil, we can't go in there because if we do we may not return," said Gimli.
"Gimli I thought that going into mountains was what you dwrafs loved?" said Legalos.
"Gimli, stop your complaining and lets go. Time is running out," said Aragorn.
"An elf will go in and a drwaf dare not, but then the elf will not let me live it down." said Gimli.

part 3

"Hey wait up Aragorn and Legalos, you know I don't walk as fasted," said Gimli.
"Come on Gimli, we are almost there," said Legalos.
When Gimli had almost got up with them, his toes hit something, he looked down and make a loud grap and was frozen.
Aragorn and Legalos turned around to see what was wrong with Gimli.
They saw that Gimli was as stiff as an board. And when they fellowed his eyes, they saw that two skulls had rolled infront of him.
Aragorn and Legalos looked at each other and just started to laugh so very hard.

part 4

When they stopped laughing Aragorn told Gimli to smap out of it.
Gimli finally looked up and said, "Get these things away from me."
Then they heard a voice, "Who dare enter into my domain?"
Gimli mouth made a "O" look and said. "Now they talk."
The voice said, "The way is made by the dead, and it is keep by the dead."
I am Aragorn, come and fight for me.
"Only the King of Gondor can command us to fight."
Well I am Isildur hire, "Come and fight for me."

The dead man with a swork in hand went after.......

part 5

Aragorn to kill him.
Aragorn pulled out Anduril, put it to the dead men's throat.
"That blade was broken," said the dead men.
"Well it's been remade," said Aragorn. Now come and fight for me, "What said you."
"They have no honor well they were alive, and they have none in death," said Gimli.
"We have no time to waste now. We have to go to the ships now," said Aragorn.
"What! you mean that these dead people will be in the shiips?" said Gimli
"They are bond to obey the King and will do you no harm," said Legalos.

part 6

"Legolas you stand by me lad until we get off this ship," said Gimli.
"Gimli, the dead is not going ot hurt you," saud Legolas.
They got to the city and they could hear the Orc's talking and complianing about them being late. When Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and the dead jumped off the ship, the Orc's started to back away.
"Look here lad there's enough for the both of us, so may the best drwaf win," said Gimli
"Don't you mean the best Elf," said Legolas.
"Well whatever, no cheating now," said Gimli.

Part 7

The orcs at the river were taken care of, so Aragorn and company moved on to the battle field. Legolas and Gimli were having their counting contest. They had reach the field and Aragorn yelled, "Legolas!"

Legolas turned around and saw an Oliphant with men on its back. So Legolas run and got on the Oliphant and well he was shooting the men, he was keeping count.

Meanwhile Gimli was also counting and watching Legolas. The dead men were moving into the city. Aragorn was fighting and looking for the King and Eomer.

Gimli stopped just in time to see Legolas…..

Part 8

Take the rope and swing around, and then he took a knife and cut the rope and then followed it up, as the men went down on the other side. Then Legolas ran to the front of the Oliphant and shot him in the head. The Oliphant started to go down and then Legolas just slide down the trunk, in front of Gimli.
Legolas looked at Gimli, and Gimli said, "That still only count's as one".
Now Gimli that's not fair, there was at least twenty men up there and then the Oliphant, plus the thirty that I killed before.


Part 9

Gimli walked away talking to himself. Legolas was right behind him saying, "Gimli you said no cheating and now that I won, you want to get mad".

Gimli just keep on walking. They made it to Aragorn and the dead leader was telling Aragorn they had fulfill their oath and it was time for him to release them.
Gimli said, "Aragorn maybe we should keep them around, they are good for a tight spot'.
The dead looked at Aragorn and said, "You promised".
"Yes I did, and you may go with my blessings and rest in peace, Bye", said Aragorn.

Part 10

"Aragorn, I still say that we should of kept them, forget about them being dead, they would help us some more", said Gimli.
"No! I told them this war and this war only and they would fulfill their oath. They done it and as promised I released them", said Aragorn.
"Gimli, stop acting like I am not here", said Legolas.
"Now what in the world are you two fighting about?" said Aragorn.
"Gimli's mad because I killed more orcs and men then he did" said Legolas laughing.
"Gimli, you can't be a bad sport about it now" said Aragorn laughing.

Part 11

"Now you both stop that right now" said Gimli who was not laughing at all.
"Gimli, the count was fair," said Aragorn.
"Well the dead could have taken the Oliphant down, and then I would have had a better chance in winning the count," said Gimli.
"Oh Gimli get over it, we have things that needs to be done," said Aragorn.
"Well what do we do now?" said Legolas.
"We need to see if we can fine anyone alive out in the field." said Aragorn.
"Oh, no! I'll do anything but that," said Gimli.
"These one don't talk," said Legolas.

Part 12

"We must march upon the black gate," said Aragorn.
"Why? Let them stay there, why should we care?" said Gimli.
"Gandalf said, "Because 10,000 orcs stands beween Frodo and Mr. Doom."
"Oh! Well then what are you going to about it Aragorn?" said Gimli.
"We must empty his lands, so that Frodo can get across," said Aragorn.
"There is not enough here to fight Mondor," said Eomer.
"No there's not, but we draw the eye away and gave Frodo his chance," said Aragorn.
"Told you Aragorn that you should of kept the dead around longer, they could fought," said Gimli.

Part 13

"Centainty of death, small chance of success, what are we waiting for?" said Gimli.
"Another chance of you trying to win the count Gimli," said Legolas.
"Well laddie no cheating this time," said Gimli.
Gimli and Legolas stop your fighting and get ready to march," said Aragorn.
"Aragorn, what is it with this counting between those two?", asked Eomer.
"Gimli losted the drinking game," said Legalos.
"No I did not, I only let you think that you won there Ladddie," said Gimli.
"Gimli I was there and you did to lose," said Eomer.
"Gimli you lost the game," said Gandalf.

- vaires/faramirgirl

Saruman's Laundry - a double drabble

Gandalf stood beneath the mighty tower of Orthanc, looking up. 
Saruman had summoned him and he wondered greatly that he was left waiting below after riding so hard to arrive quickly.
Also, the tower seemed festooned with small fluttering rags of some kind, way at the top.  Were they a signal of some kind?

Saruman growled at his lackeys when they told him Gandalf had arrived. "I'm not ready! Thanks to your inept laundering..."

"But yer great n' mighty wizardness, we didn't know...."

"Even the dullest laundress knows you don't wash brights with whites!  It was bad enough when you washed the red cloak with the robes and I was the Pink Wizard.  And now, now you've gone and washed them with all of the colored pennants!"

"We bleached 'em, sir... hung 'em to dry.... put 'em in the sun....," they bowed and scraped.

"Yes you did! And they better be white by now!  I have company coming."

"We seen 'em sir, he's down below and sir... "

"Yes, and there he stays until I am the White Wizard again."

"If you don' mind us sayin' so, sir, he won't mind yer bein' a bit colorful. 
All grey himself, probably never washed 'r nothin'!  Maybe you could be the Wizard of Many Colours....or som'thin...."

- Primula


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