Onómir's Drabbles

(aka Onono Laivindur, Big O, Onómir or Ada)
A Matter of Heart
A Treasure Found
Brave Bilbo
Brave Hobbits
Brother's Love
Concerning Retired Hobbits
The Dark and the Light
Dark Thoughts and Black Speech
Dragon Stew
Fall Back, Spring Forward
Following the Call Home
For Gondor
Gandalf's Hope
Good Day
His Last Wish
Merry's Treasure
New Alliances
Not all that is Gold Glitters
One Wish
The Parting Gift
Pippin's Lament
The Road is Long
Soldier On
The Traveller
Walk On

One Wish

Those upon the wall tensed awaiting the onslaught to come.
Aragorn paced to and fro encouraging the men and boys as he went.
He stood for a moment and laid his hand upon Legolas’s shoulder and leaned forward to whisper to him.

“I have only but one wish.”

Legolas turned toward him slightly with furrowed questioning brow.

“What would that be?”

Aragorn looked sternly and said solemnly,

“That Boromir was with us.”

“He is.” Whispered Legolas, as he placed his hand over Aragorn’s heart.

They smiled for a moment together.

“Make Ready!” bellowed Aragorn as he strode along the wall.
- Onono Laivindur

"Walk on"
For boriel, by Ada 08/10/05

Together as one they hunted wild game through the wood,
He scouted the glen and she the woods where they stood.
Numenorian blood still pulsed hot in their veins,
During these hunts, or making love, or in singing refrains.
Happy days such as these they walked on hand in hand,
Once proud sailors and kings, now a rag tag small band.
Rangeress and her man lived well in the North wood,
The wandering spirit bade them walk on, whenever it could.
So together they sojourn on, hither and near
Following the call of the wild, that rings in their ears.
- Onono/ Onómir

"A Treasure Found"

Following the way that Frodo and Sam had travelled was an adventure only for the hardiest of Hobbits.
The grandchildren of the Brandybucks, Tooks, and Gamgees had followed the accounts and maps gleaned from their parents and had their own adventure.
Only a few ever made the complete trip there and back again.
This year it was to prove the greatest adventure ever. The proof of their journey lay on display in that special nook at Michel Delving Hall reserved for the artifacts from the “War Of The Ring”.
There rays from the skylight fell upon Sam’s old weathered pack.

"Soldier On"
by Ada

One who is accustomed to giving orders also knows how to follow them.

Shield over his left shoulder and Merry tucked under his right, Boromir followed Gandalf up the path of Caradhras.

Snow had been a happy pass time for him when young but now only a curse and a delay; the long way round to The White City.

Surely a wizard could see the safest and most expedient way to Minas Tirith was by the Old Road from which he had come and not this folly.

Not till something goes amiss; then shall I speak.

The wolves began howling


"Brothers Love"

“Have you been hit in the head once too often?” Boromir growled, showing his frustration with Faramir.

“You know it was my dream, my calling, to be sure. I don’t see why I can’t ride with you at the least. We could share the road and two would travel safer in these times of dread.” Faramir continued his plea.

“Father won’t hear of it and who else can see to his armies, he can no longer lead them, only you, only you.” Boromir’s tone softened as he met his brother’s eyes.

“I don’t want to be alone.”

“Nor I brother.”
- Ada / Onómir / Onono Laivindur

"For Gondor"
By: Ada/  Onómir

Seeking Frodo, up the hill, did nothing to ease his worry and pain.
Their short palaver only exasperated the Captain General till all reason left him, mad.
Throwing himself upon his face trying to capture the Ring by force, quickened his wits.
The chase down the hill brought him into the glade beholding Merry and Pippin in peril.
Defying the odds, fifty to one, he joined the fray with zeal, focusing his anger against the common foes.
Encircling him at length, the cowards drew their bows.
His end now near, he longed for home, the ringing of trumpets could hear.

Brave Bilbo

Bilbo catered to a house full of Dwarves, a Wizard, and followed them into the unknown.
The Trolls, the Goblins, the Riddles with Gollum, the Wargs, the Eagles, The Man-Bear, the Spiders, the Elves, the Men, the Dragon, the War, and overcoming His own Fear.
Do I put strangers and friends needs before my own? Can I manage the challenges along the road of life with wit and perseverance? Shall I also find riches, sharing along the way, and give everything away at the end of all things to gain the eternal reward of life everlasting? Even without my pocket-handkerchief?


The Dark And The Light
a poetic drabble

Above the din of the hammer falls I could not hear myself even think.
But now alone here standing in the dark, with one torch, on the brink;
Staring out and down into the darkness, I find that I miss,
The broad sunny Plain of Rohan, and riding with Legolas.
Our bouts of jest and rancor, I recall now with a sigh.
His deft use of bow and shaft so often saved my life.
I would trade all the Mithril and jewels, in this whole vast mine,
To be one day with that Pointy-Eared Elf, that dear friend of mine.

Brave Hobbits
a double drabble for a simpler, more magical time

The dew-laden moss was pleasing to the eye and foot as the sweet pine scent was to the nose.
“Mr. Frodo. Mr. Frodo.” Sam called as he skipped and jumped to catch up with Frodo, Merry, Pippin, and Fatty Bolger.
“Mr. Frodo did Gandalf tell you what Bree would be like? If you please Mr. Frodo, I mean is it a big and wonderful place or is it small like the Hobbiton?” Sam puffed a wee bit out of breath.
“No Sam, he did not say, only that we were meet him at an inn named The Prancing Pony.” Frodo snipped a bit having answered this question before.
“My Pa tells me that it has great walls and lanes, gardens and houses stacked three on top of another!” Merry volunteered with zeal.
“That’s impossible” Pippin smirked, punching Merry on the shoulder and jumping ahead two steps to mind any retaliation.
“Come along Fatty, your falling behind!” Merry barked, looking over his shoulder. “It is not far now, just passed Buck Hill and Brandy Hall and then at Crickhollow and we are in for the night.
“Sam you've naught to fear, I'll watch over you all the way.” Frodo said smiling.

"A Matter Of Heart"
By Onómir
(Scene; Boromir and Aragorn waiting by a small fire in Moria.)

"The Wizard has lost his way. I fear him Aragorn. He disregards our council. Turning aside from the Great Road has taken the Fellowship from calamity to disaster and now he knows not which way is out of this reeking pit of death. I sense evil will beset us soon." Boromir softly confided in Aragorn.

Aragorn warmed himself and drew upon his pipe. The swirling blue smoke of Longbottom leaf was sweet in the air offsetting the damp mold and stench of rotting flesh rising from the dead dwarves and orcs.

"Trust him Boromir. His heart is true." Aragorn whispered.


"Dark Thoughts and Black Speech"
(Boromir In Imladris)
By Onómir

Four months maybe five to make way back to The White City, and at the end how shall I rest free the Ring for father and the victory of Gondor o'er The Enemy.
"One Ring To Rule Them All" indeed we shall rule them all.
If this Wizard was indeed useful why has he not prevailed over such a long time? And Aragorn, what use is a woodsman save to blaze trails and hunt? Hobbits, Elves, and Dwarves are no match for my armies.
None of these people know what Gondor has endured.
I will do my duty, for Gondor

"Pippins Lament"  - a Sing Song drabble
By Onómir (Aug '06)

Hobbits come and hobbits go but never twas one like our dear Bilbo.

He was brave as Bullroarer Took, and writ his adventures in that Red Book.

I sit here hoisting ales by the flagon, drinking alone in the Green Dragon,

While dear Bilbo and Frodo have sailed off to lands where I can’t follow.

I remember being scared under the root of a tree; Frodo, Sam, Merry and me,

That was a terrible time, but I'd do it again with those friends of mine.

Now I sit smoking, alone by the fire, enjoying the peaceful life in the Shire.

by: Onómir

“Do not doubt my friend. Gandalf knows what is best. I have trusted him for many years and he has always proved faithful and true.” Aragorn spoke in low tones to Boromir so that the hobbits would not be concerned.

“I trust your word Aragorn, but I fear that by delay the White City is nearer each day to doom. A weight is upon me Aragorn. A trust was given by my father and our people await assistance against the enemy.” Boromir answered covering his mouth in secrecy.

“We have the Ring.” Aragorn whispered.

“And our fellowship.” Boromir smiled bravely.


See Aragorn atop Brego watching the Rohirrim ready to ride out to Gondor and he is ponders for a moment.....

"His Last Wish Fulfilled"
By Onómir

Everything has lead up to this, guarding the Shire, hunting for Gollum, waiting for the hobbits at Bree, and the long journey with the Fellowship. If only Boromir were here now, he would rejoice at our riding to the defense of the White City and our people. No longer can I distance myself from my destiny as he foretold. Its will shall be done and Boromir knew it and tried so hard to convince me of it, but I continued in my blindness.
Now it comes to this, and I am glad.
We ride to ruin or a new age.

"Concerning Retired Hobbits"
By: Onomir

Books and maps, scrolls and journals, seems a good thing Hobbits live a long while; otherwise how could I finish reading this voluminous pile.
Coffee or tea does not matter to me. I’ll take grog or ale in a mug or a pail, to spend the hour’s, day and night, reading of the fight, or as it properly is called The War of the Ring. It was such a small thing, but brought some to their ends, and many were friends.
But safe in my Smial where life is simple, I spend with my books, when not distracted by Tooks!

“Fall Back, Spring Forward”
(Better Late Than Never)
By Onómir

“Better late coming than never thought” Gaffer quipped to Samwise as they hand-carted up Bagshot Row towards Bilbo’s smial.
“I should have had these in the ground last spring. I want one placed under each window mind you and then it’s off to the Green Dragon for supper. I hear Rosie has a stew pot on the hearth and Moro’s opening a cask of Winter Ale tonight.

“Do you smell them Mr. Frodo? The Daphne Adora I mean. The Gaffer and I planted them before our journey.” Samwise smiled proudly.
“Yes Sam, they're the sweetest in our garden.” Frodo sighed.

Inspired by Primula and my gardens


"The Parting Gift"
By Onomir
(Dedicated to those left behind, hoping for reunion)

The rain fell off and on as we rode to Grey Havens, but steady on as we rode home. All for the best, since the ride was quiet, and tearful.

We three planned to meet later that evening at the Green Dragon, for a pint or two, but I knew Gamgee would stay home.

As I hung my cloak to dry I noticed the pouch looped on my belt. It was a worn, brown, very fine pipe pouch that I recognized straight away.

I would wait for Pippin to look inside and enjoy it together.

One last smoke with Gandalf

By Onómir

There it was, a hideous Orc, a twisted shape that once was an Elf. I saw its face for a moment only; sharp features, pointy chin, beak nose. Its eyes were shadows devoid of life, yet from one eye came forth a single tear, shining as it trailed down the shadow marked cheek, a tear of light, and I knew it yet held within its being, hope.

(this is a portrait of bleakness, depression, dispair, and light at the end of the tunnel, which many of us have seen.)

Vincent would have understood.

"Dragon Stew"
By Onómir

“Gandalf, do you think the Lake town folk will be able to rebuild before winter sets in?” Bilbo asked, trying to break the silence that had befallen Gandalf as they traveled north around Mirkwood forest.

Gandalf took a long puff on his pipe and blew a stream of smoke that resembled a white horse galloping over his hat.

“Humph!” Gandalf cleared his throat. “A dragon stews in the lake.”

“I hadn’t thought of that. Bother dragons anyway.” Bilbo grumbled.

“Perhaps the elves will assist them.” Gandalf mused and fell silent again.

“Maybe I’ll visit them one day” Bilbo dreamt aloud.

Drabble response from Primula:

"Or," continued Bilbo after three attempts at collaring the galloping horse with his own small smoke rings had failed, "perhaps I could help a bit myself."

"Eh? What do you mean?" mumbled Gandalf around his pipe.

"I'm rather good at stews, and I must say old Smaug had a fair bit of fine meat on him or I'm no judge of roasts at all. Surely a few waggon-loads of potatoes and carrots, some bushels of parsley and onions might do the lake justice."

"And several tons of garlic and salt, which would ruin the fishing for years."

"Bother. Oh well."


"Gandalf's Hope"
By Onómir

Part I

“It’s up to you and your people Aragorn. No one else has the cunning and stealth, nor my trust. We must protect the free lands while we may.” Gandalf pleaded with Aragorn.

“And what of Gollum?” Aragorn asked.

“He was captured by Sauron.” Gandalf paced across the room.

“Do the halflings know this?” Aragorn whispered.

“Only Frodo, and he should arrive here at the Pony with Samwise.” Gandalf smiled. “Samwise swore never to leave Frodo’s side.”

“Perhaps bonds of love and friendship will prove stronger than evil” Aragorn mused.

“All of Middle-Earth depends on it.” Gandalf smiled, “And on you.”

Part II

A fool’s rainbow is what it is. I am the fool for falling into it and not seeing things as they are, instead of how they should be, and Saruman is the fool for relying on it’s colors instead of the pureness of the white as he should.
If Frodo and Samwise find the way to Bree unhindered they will think I have abandoned them and yet find Aragorn awaiting their arrival. In his care they shall be safe. My letter should put Frodo’s heart at rest, that he may put his trust in Aragorn, as I place all hope.

Part III : Waning and Waxing

Alone atop Orthanc I feared all was lost, but the Lord of Eagles carried me to Edoras to find a fast steed. Shadowfax, I tamed, and he carried me to Hobbiton and Bree, to find you’d left a day before. Butterburs message brought me joy. “Stirider took them.” I knew all was not lost.
Attacked upon Weathertop I had to flee.
Now in Imladris, you finally awake, and we both owe a debt to Lord Elrond it seems.
Elves, Dwarves, and Men gather for the Council, much to be told, fellowship to be forged.
Yet still, hope is in men.

Part IV: In The Homely House

Alone atop Orthanc I feared all was lost, but the Lord of Eagles carried me to Edoras to find a fast steed. Shadowfax, I tamed, and he carried me to Hobbiton and Bree, to find you’d left a day before. Butterburs message brought me joy. “Stirider took them.” I knew all was not lost.
Attacked upon Weathertop I had to flee.
Now in Imladris, you finally awake, and we both owe a debt to Lord Elrond it seems.
Elves, Dwarves, and Men gather for the Council, much to be told, fellowship to be forged.
Yet still, hope is in men.


"The Traveller"
(A Double Drabble for dear Bilbo)
By Onómir

The way lay long, meandering, with days of mundane leisurely travel. His feet would not bear it long, and thankful they were, for rides along the path.
Afternoons found them plucking ripe blackberries and blowing upon them as if they were hot from the oven, but truly just dislodging any unsavory pests before allowing the treasures to pop with flavor upon the tongue.
He watched as low clouds and mists, of the late summer morning skirted the pines and fir tops, and he smiled as the specters of that fateful autumn assuaged his mind, and heart.
This is why he traveled.
This is what he sought. Not the confines of his home nor the cheeriness of the hearth, no, it was the wilderness, his time with the dwarves and Gandalf the wizard. He shivered visibly, as his memories flashed passed the terrible moments that fashioned his being into this hearty traveller, and he mourned not for the meek fellow that once was thought of as the kindly master of Bag-Shot Row.
He had been there and back again, and now he had returned to the wilderness with dwarves again, his heart rejoiced to be back, back in the mountains again.

"The Road Is Long"
By Onómir

The dwarves were close when we met the elf waiting at the Old Road. He’d brought a pale horse, no more than a pony, but it would bear my belongings.

The dwarves were making for Moria, and grunted towards the elf as they passed.

Bidding the elf on his way, leaving me to my own, I headed further into the mountains towards my destination.

The sun was diminished in a haze at midday, and a raven pecked the eyes of a fallen squirrel, ignoring me as I passed.

It didn’t bother me, and that troubles me.

The Road Is Long.


"Good Day"
By Onómir

They’d walked from sunrise to sunset, without a word between them. This was unusual for in any other time each would have talked the others ear off.
But not today, today was spent in reflection of the experiences they’d lived through, when many of their friends had not.

Preparing for supper under the stars was a shared task, and after the plates were repacked, the horses fettered, their pipes lit, Gandalf asked a question of the hobbit.

“How do you feel today?”

Bilbo drew on his pipe and blew three concentric rings of smoke.


Gandalf winked, “Good.”… “I think.”

"Following The Call Home"
By Onomir (Feb. 3, 2009)

Following the way they had come by was not hard at all. Path, scent, and camps marked the trail, now long cold.

Following the river made the journey somewhat easier, and there was food enough to forage, along the animal, and footpaths skirting the green bank.

Following the trail up to the snow line was harder but there was no need to enter the snowfield as the way they had come dropped back into the dells and valleys, eventually to the meadows again.

Following the River Daughters song, and Fatty Lumpkin sent as guide, Old Bill found his new home.


"Not All That Is Gold Glitters"
By Onómir

Running the back trail towards Fangorn forest, his eyes never strayed from the path the horses had left across the Rohan.
He had slipped away from Edoras with naught but a cake of lembas and a water skin. Seeking after what he had lost while riding became his only care in a world gone mad.

Feeling foolish, loosing something so precious, he couldn’t divulge his errant errand.

A twinkle of gold shimmer before him, he bent to retrieve the box with the lady’s three hairs, and sighed, “There would be no living with the Elf if I had lost you.”

Merry's Treasure

“Come now Merry, you’ve naught said two words all night. Staring at your ale and pipe is not like you. What is on your mind, if you don’t mind me askin’, and what part of our journey do you remember as best?” Samwise prompted Merry too join in the conversation, as the four hobbits reminisced in the Ivy Bush.

“Sorry Sam, I was mulling over in my head the times with Boromir and King Theoden. The events we shared, stories we told were, or are, precious to me.” Merry looked up, smiled, wiping away a glad tear. “To fallen friends.”

"New Alliances"
By Onómir

It was the stoic mist that held the voices prisoner. The very song they sang seemed to resonate within the white mist and ricocheted off the ancient pines and firs. The blue hue from their lamps danced to and fro like large fireflies, as the two kindred of elves parted ways forever, some to the sea, some to the forests and mountains beyond.
It was a song of sorrow.
It was a song of parting.
It was a song of what hope lay ahead.
Resolve demands an exacting price from all.
Some put faith in ships, some in new alliances.