Drabbles for Merry

by various

The Sword of Westernesse

Darkness crept across the sky deepening the shadows.
A dispirited Merry stood watching the companies of Rohan march to war.

" I won't be left behind " he swore, "I maybe a hobbit
but I have the heart of a warrior."

Merry unsheathed his sword. Suddenly he froze.
A ghostly warrior was whispering to him of ancient days, of an unfulfilled purpose when a Dunedain had wielded Merry's blade against the King of Angmar and had perished.
"You will be my nemesis, Meriadoc swordthain," declared the ghost.

Merry awoke with a start.
" I shan't be left behind!" he answered.
Daisy Gold

A Modern Day Drabble For Merry And Pippin

Merry and Pippin sat transfixed while they watched the dishes of food parade slowly past them. Never in their lives have the two hobbits seen such tantalizing variety of food before.
“This is incredible!” exclaimed Pippen while not taking his eyes off this moving feast.
“Sure is!” Merry replied in a dreamy voice as he leaned forward for a closer look.
“I sure wish we could get the Food Channel back in the Shire,” Pippin said wistfully.
“So do I. But we don’t have cable TV,” Merry replied.
Then they sighed happily together while a chef fixed a mushroom casserole.
- Dinledhwen

Merry’s Curiosity – A Drabble

Now Merry could be just as curious as Pippin and right now it had him fully in its grip while he tiptoed down the night darkened hallway outside the guest rooms there at Edoras. When he reached Legolas’s room he quietly opened the door and slipped inside. Then he cautiously approached the bed his heart pounding with fear at being discovered while he looked down.
The Elf’s eyes were open. “So they did sleep that way!” he thought.
Suddenly he froze in fear after he had turned to leave when he heard Legolas softly chuckle before saying “Good night Merry.”
- Dinledhwen

Undercover work… spying really. Conspiring against their beloved Frodo. But spying and conspiring for the best, Merry reminded himself. Soon the five of them would be at Crickhollow and the tale would be told. Miraculously, Pippin hadn’t spilled the beans… and Sam had done an exemplary job of digging up information, until he was caught. Merry thought of the well-laid plans now in motion. He didn’t know all the details of Frodo’s flight, but he knew he mustn’t go alone. And whatever was out there tonight, Frodo wasn’t alone. Merry smiled. It would be all right. What were friends for?

"A Letter from the Author" drabble


Book: I’ve changed your name to Meriadoc, or Merry. You’ll be a wealthy, well-spoken, friend and relative to the hero. I’ve already made you a leader, conspirator and brave. You do get taken captive by some ugly guys but your younger cousin saves you. Don’t despair. Later you crawl on your belly and hamstring a really bad guy, and a ways further you command and win the final battle. By the end, you’re called “Magnificent” and you write a book on herbs.

Is that great or what?


PS: If you don’t like any of the changes... Bite me!
- JennanOPossums

"Hey Merry," Pippin yelled, "have you seen my pipe anywhere?"

"Your pipe?" Merry asked, "What are you doing looking for your pipe? Don't you know you're supposed to be getting ready for Sam and Rosie's wedding? It's only 30 minutes away and we're not ready yet!"

"I know, but, I am a little nervous," Pippin answered, "Sam's the first one of us getting married and I'm worried this could be catching!"

"Pippin, you can't catch a wedding like you do a cold!" Merry exclaimed.

"Are you sure Merry?" Pippin asked.

"Positive," Merry reassured Pip.

"Ok, I'll take your word for it, but, if I catch a wedding, I'm coming after you!" Pip said.

"If you do, I will let you get me," Merry replied.
- Silivren Ithildin