Drabbles for Frodo

by various
I challenge you lurkers to do a small drabble.. its only 100 words no more no less microsoft word will even do the word count for you.  Exactly one hundred words, no more or less,  an idea, inkling, ficlet, thing. Piece of cake, and all hobbits love cake donchaknow.  They are fun they are addictive and they are perfectly bite sized for little nibblers. - Dandy

Frodo's Shirt
A finger stroked the sleeve of the once soft shirt. The worn material reflects the trials that were inflicted onto the small body that lies buried somewhere in its folds. Scars of travel, of frequent falls leave their mark on the shirt. A small body shivers through the thin fabric, for there is very little left of cloth to warm his skin. Still long miles to go to reach thread. It had been whole once, now it was torn. The fabric of cloth split, as was the fabric of life and Sam didn't know if he could remember how..to sew.
- Dandy
So close now to the abyss, walking blindly. Can’t claw my way out of this shroud of darkness, can’t escape. Dragged, being dragged along and dragged down. Let me fall into the dreams of death, I cannot escape this doom. Tired, so tired and ready to fall. Scorched by the fire of His eye, screaming in the agony of thought, breathing hard. Cracks… cracks in the ground, cracks in my spirit. A wind of burning sighs in hatred, get me out of this dead land. Ashes, dust, unto dust we return…ashes, fire, the stench of sulpher, of death… Of my death…
- Gimli's Goat

Travelers in the March
Cold wind blows across a marsh bedecked in ragged black dress. Skies darkened by clouds that are not formed by rain. A pool of magical faces eek out a bare existence; to move is death, to stay the same. The features meet our eyes no matter the direction. Imperfections mar the hopeless landscape of death. Minutes become hours and pass into eternity. The living is not welcome here and we know it.
Things that are not alive follow behind waiting for a slip into the forgotten waters.

And one of the living in these forsaken lands waits for the same.
- Dandy

Heart in the Shire
Green hills. Quiet countryside. Friendly smiles. Welcoming faces. A half-pint of bitter at the Green Dragon. Friends. Everything I’ve ever known.

Till now.

Evil. Malice. Cruelty. Surrounding me on every side. Well…

… almost every side. But here, here with my friends – with Sam and Merry and Pip – here I can almost feel the warmth of the sun shining on the fields. Almost taste the mushrooms and ale.

Back in the Shire, life was simple. Sam and Rosie… and the Gaffer down the lane. Fish and chips. Seed cakes and tea with Uncle Bilbo. My heart is in the Shire.

Hiding in Mordor
Stretching out in the dark, searching for the other; sharing our words through the fingertips; for the silence rules our hearts and cannot be broken. The dark fear of voices which flow over the ground and brush against our souls. Gasping for air and water which is poisonous, yearning for an end; or at the least, a new beginning. We follow paths that are marked only by our questing feet, silent trails of loss and forgetfulness. Terrors which creep across a dark landscape, weave black shapes of evil. Chasing us until the skies lighten and we must wait

..hiding again.
- Dandy

A Sail
Waves glimmer in the moonlight, catching the sparkle of the full moon and reflect it back. Dancing, colors of silver and black stretching across the horizon, as far as the eyes can see. The steady rock of our small ship as we ride upon the breezes, adds flavor to the moment. Finding peace among the lack of colors for they are unnecessary and unwanted. The snap of ropes and the quiet noises of metal upon metal match the beat of my internal drum. Clouds above match our pace; as we ride upon the waves; toward the end of the world.
- Dandy


Why must I choose? I'm already carrying more than the others. Do I have
to carry the weight of decisions, too? I thought that's why we had Gandalf and Strider with us. After all, they know this area far better than I. Moria! Rohan! Caradras! How should I know the right way. See Gimli's eyes light up at the thought of the mines - he is certainly eager. Maybe he's right. It should be warmer, at least. And Boromir - he's awfully insistent. And it does sound quite the easiest way. But is easiest safest?
... We shall go through the mines.
- onónë

Frodo Day
Blue letters on a white page, punctuated with green. Not much other punctuation though, an unlettered lot we seem, yet still we compose some lovely poesy. Nonsense and some sense, laughter and tears. Tales of the Ring! Oh, hear us sing. We are ringers, we are singers, we are sappy, we are happy. Moderators? Why they tolerate the silliness. Less sense, but more smiles. All the while, we post and most of us read what is written. All from One, and one for all, the Ring that caused old Gollum’s fall. Frodo’s day comes to an end, though he was only “written”, he was our friend.
- Vison

Loth dabbles in Drabbles
Green hills inundate beneath skies of blue. There is none I would rather be traveling with than you. Maybe we will find Bilbo, in the hills so wild. Maybe we will discover Elves and taste their wine so mild. Looking down back toward the Hill, my eyes fill with tears. Will I ever see this valley again? I ask, unheedful of Pippin's ears. With each step I take my feet grow heavier, though my mind is wandering before. Bilbo warned me what would come from stepping out of the door.

The Ring is heavy, but not moreso than my heart.
- Lothithil

A Birthday Party
Go on, Sam! Dance with Rosie!

He gave Sam a giant shove (well, giant for a hobbit) that landed him in the middle of the dance – right in Rosie’s arms. Frodo wondered if his aim had been that good, or if Sam doth protest too much. They really were a cute couple – quintessential hobbits, although Frodo wouldn’t have picked that word. Bilbo might have. But Bilbo always was good with words. There he was spinning yarns to the youngsters. Ah… the trolls again. Those trolls would live forever in the imaginations of every hobbit lad and lass in the Shire!
- onónë

TTT: A Dark Dream on Emyn Muil
 Sheets snaking around the legs, tightening, unknown fears which bind together and threaten to consume me; darkness; hanging thick and heavy in the air. The dreaded dream begins again. I thought I had escaped from it, but they return each night. I sit up in bed. The bed clothes laying in ruin are a testament that all is not as it should be. An arm comes out from under a blanket and sleepy fingers run down my back. Breathing slows and returns back to normal at the soft touch. The dream fades, lost in a pair of worried brown eyes.
- Dandy

Rain at the Gray Havens
Clouds fill with deep humidity waiting for relief. Skies pool with shades of gray, form shapes, which await discovery by tired eyes yearning for expression. Heat rises in vapors and sends an ethereal glow that wraps around the souls of foreign feet and binds them to the ground. Growing torment finds a voice in the battle of lightning and thunder, chasing the last of the onlookers from the Havens. Except one, who waits quietly, for soft tears at last to fall onto a broken earth and wash away the wreckage. Until the storms end brings back a feeling of peace.
- Dandy

Not All Tears Are Evil
It slides down pale flesh, a simple purity with multiple reflections. Clarity in a small package lingering upon a body soft, until a breath or perhaps a whisper of a breeze, will cause it to move again and continue the search. It seeks a groove that waits with breathless anticipation for filling. A gentle touch of beauty runs down the skin. The body shudders and it journey changes leaving a tender trail of reproof. Desire to reach the bottom forgotten as it joins a larger way and the drop becomes part of the pool of tears, lying at his feet.
- Dandy

Frodo: learning to hope
“I failed,” he thought miserably as he clung to the rocky outcropping with one hand. The good hand. He could barely see through the ash and smoke, and his tears. “Maybe if I just let go…it’ll be all right,” he thought. Then he saw Sam’s face floating above him; he saw Sam’s hands reaching for him. “Don’t you let go!” Sam sobbed; reaching, reaching for his master. “I must not fail Sam,” his mind cried. “I must reach up…for him. Because I love him.” His face changed from anguished to peaceful, and he grasped Sam’s hand with his wounded one.
- samwisegirl
The Seduction of The Ring
Moonlight flowing through leaf curtains. Caressing pale skin with tendrils of light, without heat, yearning for a reflection, which it finds on a simple band, wanting only to touch and be touched. Reflecting the golden shimmer back into his eyes. Seducing him slowly first with its beauty, absorbing the heat from his skin and the breath of starlight, until it can form a shell about him. Feeding on his desires, waiting for another touch, stealing life, releasing nothing, it was not satisfying him at all. Driving a wedge between him and hope of a recovery and leaving him devastatingly alone.
- Dandy

Caradhras Remembered
Snowflakes fell like feathers from an opened pillow. Softly creeping over the shoulders of the mountains to settle about our feet; licking at the bottoms of them with tendrils of wetness that are gone before they are noticed. Noiselessly it absorbed the sounds of our journey, as we battle elements with spirit. Battle is waged and disappeared as the trail behind us refilled again. To stop would cause us to be swallowed up by the drifts. To go on we could've been blown over the edge. And fall like feathers from an opened pillow. Like snowflakes outside my bedroom window.
- Dandy

For the End
Sunlight, softly shining on hobbit-faces, gleams gently in their tears. A white ship rocks by the quay, waiting to sail into the sunset. White sails lie furled, a swan-prow gazes West. Near the ship three figures stand, tall beautiful wise Elves. A last embrace for dearest friends.... He steps onto the ship, dark curls light by the sun. Turning one last time he smiles sweetly, healing sorrow, healing pain. In his eyes a new light shines, the light of quiet joy. Sails spread on the soft wind, the ship slips away and hobbits smile through their tears. He will heal.

- Frodo Baggins
Lost feet travel on roads that no longer exist. A matched pair, smelling of sulfur, they bare the small black scars which mar their quiet landscape and burns the souls off their feet. Each step an eternity and heartbeat a struggle. Cringing amongst the shadows as sounds in the dark reach out in a search; stained cheeks grow paler as they no longer see the light of day. Around them, feasting on their hope is the dark from the smoke and ash, which lingers in the lungs and torches the throat. Leaving behind one silent and one rasping voice. Broken.
- Dandy

Home. It was a place that he strived to remember once upon a dream. Nothing was left of colors. The view in the mirror could have been this one he thought to himself. It was the same. Blackened earth met blackened skies. Home contained only a wretched red and gold band that burned itself through his dreams and but did nothing to brighten the landscape around him. The same sight ate through to his heart whether he was asleep or awake. He suspected that even if he were to die, the same sight would be there. Burning away his soul.
- Dandy

For Frodo
For Frodo, we will do everything in our power to protect him on this journey. For Frodo, we will leave everyone and everything we love behind. For Frodo, we will fight the forces of evil to make sure his mission succeeds, even if it means we have to give our lives to do so. For Frodo, we'll even smile while our hearts are breaking as he leaves. For Frodo, we will live our lives to the fullest, even though we feel an emptyness in our hearts since he had to leave us. For Frodo, we will continue to carry on.

Frodo Fellowship: an Acrostic Drabble #1

riend to all free peoples of Middle-Earth. Through his efforts,
the beauty and freshness of Middle-Earth is saved.

R esistant to the evil contained in the ring. The one ring-bearer
who actively had to fight the evil every step of the way.

O ne Hobbit fated to carry and destroy the one ring. Even though
he had no idea how he was going to get it done, it was accomplished.

D eeply committed to protecting everyone he loves, no matter what.

O nce the ring is destroyed, he is able to recall the Shire, it's
people and everything he hold dear to his heart.

-Silivren Ithildin

The end of all things
Frodo lay cushioned in air, suspended but solid, the ground rushing away beneath him. "I must be dreaming, or dying," he thought, and the idea brought no sorrow. "My task is done. I have fought the good fight, I have run the race, I have won my battle." Sighing, he closed his eyes as the world continued to whirl at breakneck speed, the wind warm on his face. There was no joy, no feeling of peace, no despair, no exhaustion: just weightlessness and softness and light. And the sound of the air being beaten up and down by two gentle wings.
- boriel

Frodo’s Dilemma

Frodo sighed. He had thought he would finally be rid of the Ring here in Rivendell. But after seeing how it had such a disruptive affect there in Lord Elrond’s Council he knew now he must keep it. Then for a brief moment he had angry thoughts towards Bilbo. Why did he leave it up to him to destroy it in the fires of Mount Doom where he wished not to go?! Didn’t his Uncle care for him anymore?
He realized then that Bilbo did care but there was nothing the elder Hobbit could do for him now.
- Dinledhwen

Why Did I Follow Him?: A Drabble, Sam muses

Why did I follow him? What in my right mind possessed me to do it? I crave good food again! All I have here is lembas bread, and more lembas bread! I bet if Rosie Cotton made this bread, it would be as sweet as honey, for she is. Yes, why did I follow him? “Sam, we must be moving on now.” Frodo’s voice came from behind Sam. I am so tired, and he is probably more so. I wish I could help him. I know why I came, because in my heart of hearts, I truly love him so.
-Queen of Gondor
The Last Spring (for Frodo)

The Last Spring

The sky is blue but I huddle indoors remembering old pains. Blade, sting, and tooth have done their work but above those is the weight of what I bore and lost. Losing it was like losing a limb. The strawberries are almost done and the blossoms on the pear and apple trees have given way to leaves. The blackberry vines are blooming and the earth was so warm from the sun that the cool rain of last night caused a soft mist to rise. As each flower blooms, I know, in my heart, that I will not see it again.
- Orangeblossom Took