Dinledhwen's Drabbles...2

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A collection of 100-word Middle-earth themed and non-canonical by the "very productive" Din

A Ticklish Question (in 6 parts)
The Captive (in 26 parts!)
The Drinking Game
Gimli's Fear
Legolas' Not so Bright Idea
Legolas vs. the Ghost (in 9 parts)
The Not-so-typical LOTR Fan
Snow Angels (in 8 parts)
The Snowball Fight (in 6 parts)
What Frodo Needed

The Not So Typical LOTR Fan – A Drabble

Dillon wasn’t your typical LOTR fan. And it was because of this that he didn’t go to any LOTR event alone. Instead he went with a large group of his friends who acted as a shield from those who might mistake him for Orlando Bloom when the actor was in full Legolas make-up and wig.

However unlike Orlando, Dillon didn’t need to wear the blond wig, contact lenses that made his eyes blue, or prosthetic pointed ear tips.

Yes you read correctly. His ears were that way from birth as were all his other physical characteristics.

Maybe Elves do exist.

Addendum drabble by Primula:

Legolas' twin, an addendum drabble:

Dillon, fed up with being assaulted by screaming girls everytime he went to buy doughnuts decided to do something drastic. He stopped at the salon for a full perm, then dashed to the clothing shop next door. It was a 'small and petite' shop, but he didn't care - he hadn't much cash with him; sales rack looked inviting. The pants were too short and hung on his slender, willowy frame so he added suspenders to keep them in place. Content that he had outwitted them all, he stepped back out side only to be mobbed again.

"Eeeeeee, a tall hobbit!"


Legolas’s Not So Bright Idea – A Drabble

When Legolas saw Dinledhwen sitting at her computer he sighed.

“Doesn’t she ever get writer’s block?” he thought to himself. “If she isn’t writing about my hair, then it’s something goofy involving the Dwarf and me.”

Still his curiosity was such that he pulled up a chair and sat down next to her. To his surprise the Microsoft Word page was blank.

“I just can’t think of a thing to write,” Dinledhwen said sadly.

“You could write about my eyes,” Legolas said without thinking. Then he groaned inwardly when he realized what his idea would create.

“I’m doomed,” he thought.

What Frodo Needed – A Drabble

What Frodo needed now was a sympathetic ear for the ring troubled him. But Gandalf was busy talking with Aragorn and Boromir while Gimli had Sam, Merry, and Pippin spell bound with a story about dwarves. So that left Legolas who was sitting under a tree watching the far horizon.

However Frodo soon realized that Legolas was asleep in the open eyed fashion of his people.

“Maybe all I need is a nap,” he thought wearily while sitting down and pillowing his head on Legolas.

Just before he dozed off, Frodo felt the Elf place a comforting arm around him.


Legolas vs. The Ghost – A Drabble

Legolas usually wasn’t afraid of mortal men’s ghosts. So when he felt someone tug on his hair from behind, he thought it was Gimli who had apparently changed his mind and decided to go with him. But when he stopped and turned around he didn’t see the Dwarf at all!

Narrowing his eyes he scanned the dark haunted forest he was passing through but saw no one.

Then he felt his hair being tugged on again.

Whirling around Legolas again saw no one.

Now Legolas was brave but this invisible tormentor was beginning to bother him. So he quickly left.

Legolas vs. The Ghost – A Drabble Part 2

However Legolas hadn’t gone far when he was hit hard from behind on the back sending him sprawling to the ground on his face. Quickly he was back on his feet and had an arrow ready to fire when he turned around.

But there was no one there.

Suddenly a menacing evil laugh erupted from the air all around Legolas.

“What’s the matter Elf? I thought you didn’t fear me?” this disembodied voice asked.

“I don’t!” Legolas answered back in a firm voice but in his heart fear was growing.

“We’ll see about that,” the voice whispered in his ear.

Legolas vs. The Ghost – A Drabble Part 3

Now Legolas slowly lowered his arrow. Internally he was fighting to suppress the nearly overwhelming urge to turn and run away as fast as he could.

Suddenly his long blonde hair was grabbed from behind and he was painfully jerked backward off his feet to the ground.

“Run away if you can Elf!” the disembodied voice said gleefully in his ear.

But Legolas remained lying on the ground with his eyes closed as if in a faint.

Now this angered the Ghost who vented his feeling on the prone Elf, but its blows to Legolas’s body failed to rouse him.

Legolas vs. The Ghost – A Drabble Part 4

“GET UP!” the disembodied voice of the Ghost screamed hysterically at Legolas while it physically lifted the Elf up onto his feet. “YOU MUST RUN AWAY!”

But when the Ghost let go of Legolas he crumpled to the ground on purpose like a wet noodle for the Elf was truly conscious. He had remembered hearing a tale from Aragorn about how mortal men’s ghosts fed off the fear they instilled in their victims by chasing after them. It was then Legolas decided that this would not be happening to him and the fear he had been feeling now completely vanished.

Legolas vs. The Ghost – A Drabble Conclusion

“No I will not run away,” Legolas said softly.

“BUT YOU MUST!” wailed the Ghost’s now desperate disembodied voice.

“No I don’t. And there is nothing you can do about it for I know how to defeat you now!” Legolas said triumphantly while springing to his feet.

“RUN! RUN! RUN!” the disembodied voice repeated weakly while the Ghost tried to push Legolas. But the Elf stood firm against the now feather soft touch of his invisible tormentor.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!!” the ghost moaned low and slow before fading away.

Legolas sighed in relief before quickly leaving this haunted woods never to return.


Legolas vs. The Ghost – A Drabble Epilogue Part 1

Now Legolas had vowed to never return to that haunted woods but circumstances warranted it.

“Oh no it’s YOU again!” wailed the disembodied voice of the Ghost.

“Believe me I would rather be someplace else myself,” Legolas replied unhappily.

Suddenly the Elf found himself filled with curiosity. “What do you look like?” he softly asked.

“YOU WANT TO SEE ME?!” the Ghost exclaimed in surprise.

“Well I was just curious.”

“Yeah sure you are! Nobody ever cared to see me before so why should I believe you now?” the voice of the disembodied Ghost demanded sounding more hurt than angry.

Legolas vs. The Ghost – A Drabble Epilogue Part 2

“Maybe the reason why no one ever wanted to see you before is that you probably weren’t nice to them,” Legolas said.

“AND WHY SHOULD I BE NICE CONSIDERING WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!” the Ghost wailed so loudly that it made the Elf wince.

“What did happen to you?”

Suddenly an apparition of a short bald headed man dressed in a loud rumpled plaid suit that clashed with every fashion rule known in the world appeared before Legolas. But what surprised the Elf was the number of arrows sticking out of the man.

“You look like a porcupine,” Legolas said.

Legolas vs. The Ghost – A Drabble Epilogue Part 3

Now the Ghost began to cry. “All they had to do was say they didn’t like what I had written! Instead they did this to me!” the Ghost blubbered between sobs.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re talking about,” Legolas said while wondering what his curiosity had gotten him into.

“I’m a ghost writer or I was when I was alive. NOW I’M JUST A GHOST!” he loudly wailed. “AND IT’S YOUR FAULT!”

“How can it be my fault? I’ve never met you before,” Legolas said now even more confused.

“BECAUSE YOU ARE AN ELF!” the Ghost shouted angrily.

Legolas vs. The Ghost – A Drabble Epilogue Part 4

Then the Ghost began to float back and forth in front of Legolas as if he were pacing.

“I had been hired by the Orcs to write a book about their history. But there was a misunderstanding on my part and I included the section about them being descended from Elves. Obviously that’s a touchy subject with them,” the Ghost said sadly while looking down at all the arrows sticking out of him.

“Yes it is but where do I fit into all of this?” Legolas asked.

The Ghost sighed. “You just happened to be passing by at the time.”


Gimli’s Fear – A Halloween Drabble

“YOU DID WHAT!!” Aragorn exclaimed in disbelief at Merry and Pippin.
“We took Gimli with us when we went to that Haunted House where you pay to get scared,” Pippin said knowing that he and Merry were now in big trouble.
“I thought you two knew that Gimli is afraid of ghosts!”
“We do now,” Pippin said softly.
“There is some good news. No one was seriously hurt when he suddenly left by chopping his way out through the walls with his axe,” Merry added.
Aragorn sighed and shook his head still in disbelief.
“Hobbits!” was all he could say.


Snow Angels – A Drabble

After the freak snow storm had ended in Minas Tirith, the four Hobbits ran outside and began to play in the snow like children unleashed from a day of school. Soon their enthusiasm began to rub off on the remaining Fellowship who then joined in on the fun. However when the Hobbits showed their friends how to make snow angels, Legolas stood off to one side and watched enviously as his friends moved their arms up and down while lying on their backs in the snow. Being an Elf this was something he couldn’t do. He was simply too light.

Snow Angels – A Drabble Part 2

When the Fellowship noticed that Legolas wasn’t joining in on their fun they wondered why until Aragorn suddenly remembered. So he whispered what needed to be done and on the count of three everyone got up and gang tackled the Elf before he could say or do anything. It took the combined weight of all of them to get him to sink down into the snow. Then they grabbed his arms and moved them back and forth thus helping Legolas to make his first snow angel. When it was over Legolas was left lying there dazed and gasping for air.

Snow Angels – A Drabble Part 3

After a sudden freak snow storm had blanketed Imladris, the four Hobbits, Aragorn, Gimli, and even Gandalf decided to show and interested Lord Elrond, Glorfindel, and Erestor how to make snow angels. Now Legolas knew what that meant and he tried in vain to warn them but soon he too was once again being squished into the snow along with the three other elves. When it was over he was confronted by three angry snow covered elves.
“Why didn’t you warn us?” they demanded.
“I tried…”
“Not hard enough!” they replied and began to pelt him with well aimed snowballs.


Snow Angels – A Drabble Part 4

Legolas sighed as he stepped out the round green door that morning and saw the heavy blanket of snow that had fallen on Bag End during the night. Not wanting to make anymore snow angels, the Elf quickly took off running for the nearby woods where he thought he could hide.

But he never made it for the four Hobbits, Aragorn, Gandalf, and Gimli had slipped out the backdoor earlier and now gang tackled him as he passed by their hiding place in the thick bushes. Soon he was once again at their mercy until his snow angel was complete.

Snow Angels – A Drabble Part 5

Now everyone stood waiting for Legolas to get up so they could see his snow angel. But the Elf didn’t move and his eyes were closed.
“You don’t think we hurt him by gang tackling him do you?” Frodo asked softly to Gandalf while Aragorn knelt down and placed a hand on Legolas’s chest.
“He is still breathing,” he told the others. Then he gently checked the back of the Elf’s head. “He must’ve hit his head on the ground although I feel no swelling.”
“Then let us carry him inside. Maybe a warm fire will wake him,” Gandalf said.

Snow Angels – A Drabble Part 6

So the Hobbits ran ahead and prepared a soft place on the floor in front of the fireplace in the parlor to lay the unconscious and now pale Elf on after Gandalf and Aragorn had carried him in.
“Now what do we do?” Frodo asked the questioned they were all thinking.
“We wait for that’s all we can do,” Aragorn replied obviously mystified.
“In the meantime I believe something hot to drink would help to warm us further,” Gandalf suggested.
So while the Hobbits were gone, Gimli said bluntly “The Elf’s faking it.”
“No Master Dwarf he isn’t,” Gandalf replied.

Snow Angels – A Drabble Part 7

Then Gandalf knelt down next to Legolas and placed a hand on the Elf’s forehead while closing his eyes. For several minutes the Wizard was still before he sighed sadly.
“What is it?” Aragorn asked as he knelt down next to his friend.
“I’m afraid our merriment in helping Legolas make snow angels has him believing that we only think to use him for sport and no longer think of him as a friend,” Gandalf replied. Then the Wizard opened his eyes and looked at the Ranger. “Grief has filled his heart and he is now slowly dying from it.”

Snow Angels – A Drabble Conclusion

For several minutes everyone held their breath until finally Legolas slowly opened his eyes and smiled at Frodo who gave the Elf a big hug once he had sat up with tears of happiness in his eyes. Then everyone else joined in and Legolas found himself buried again by friends all wishing to hug him at the same time. This time the Elf didn’t mind and when it was over he eagerly accepted the mug of hot cider from Frodo.

No more was needed to be said about friendship for their actions had spoken far more eloquently then words could.


The Snow Ball Fight – A Drabble

When Lord Elrond, Glorfindel, and Erestor were finished pelting the prone Legolas with snowballs they then turned their attention to Aragorn, Gimli, Boromir, and Gandalf. Soon the air was thick with the frozen spheres flying in all directions. Now the Hobbits didn’t want to be left out of this fun so they teamed up with the three elves and with their combined accurate hits forced the two Men, the Dwarf, and the Wizard to retreat behind Legolas who they grabbed up to use as a shield. But the Elf had had enough of their fun and squirmed his way free.

The Snow Ball Fight – A Drabble Part 2

Once Legolas had freed himself he ran off into the garden and found what he thought was the perfect place to hide from all of this “fun” with snow. However to his dismay he found himself caught in the middle of yet another snowball fight this time between Arwen and some of her maiden friends. Gleefully they started to pelt him with the round orbs of snow.

Thinking it wouldn’t be appropriate to retaliate, Legolas made a mad dash for a grove of trees where he was promptly buried by a mini avalanche of snow falling from the above branches

The Snow Ball Fight – A Drabble Part 3

By now Legolas was feeling very put upon while he crawled out from under this dumping of snow. Suddenly a snow ball hit the trunk of the tree he was standing next to. Turning he saw that the Fellowship had found him and they were about to pelt him again. However Legolas quickly dodged their snow balls this time while launching his own back at them with such accuracy that he soon had them on the run.

Feeling better Legolas turned to go inside but he had forgotten about Arwen who hit him in the face with a snow ball.


The Snow Ball Fight – A Drabble Part 4

Now the thought of throwing a snowball back at Arwen did cross Legolas’s mind but he still didn’t think it proper so he smiled at her while she laughed gleefully. It was after he had gestured for Arwen to take the lead since they both were headed inside that Legolas noticed the low tree branch covered with snow above their path and instantly he had a plan for revenge. So when Arwen was directly under it he reached up and dumped all the snow on her!

Squeaking in surprise Arwen quickly turned around to find Legolas smiling innocently at her.

The Snow Ball Fight – A Drabble Part 5

Now Legolas was feeling very good with himself as he followed Arwen inside where they joined the rest of the Fellowship by the fireplace where they were warming themselves. However it didn’t take him long to sense that his presence wasn’t exactly welcomed for while they thought it fun to throw snow balls at him they didn’t like him throwing them back.

So with a sad sigh Legolas returned to the garden where he wandered until a deep purple twilight had descended. Then in the distance he heard his name being called as the Fellowship was now looking for him.

The Snow Ball Fight – A Drabble Part 6

At first Legolas was happy to think that the Fellowship wanted him to rejoin them until he saw that everyone had a snowball hid behind their backs. Now Legolas wasn’t about to be their target again so he stayed out of sight while he followed them around the garden as they searched for him. Then he would dump snow on them from the above branches whenever he could.

Finally the now snow covered and cold Fellowship gave up and went back inside by the fire defeated. There they found Legolas waiting for them with an innocent smile on his face.


What We Didn’t See After the Drinking Game – A Drabble

While several Rohirrim carried Gimli off to a room where he could sleep off the effects of the ale, Éomer turned his attention to Legolas who was still looking at his tingling fingertips.

“Are you sure you are alright?” he asked

“Yes I am,” Legolas replied his voice sounding slightly tipsy. Then he turned to leave to go outside and bumped lightly into a pillar. “Oh excuse me,” the Elf mumbled as he continued on through the crowd.

Now Aragorn had witnessed all this and followed after his friend eventually finding him sitting propped up against another pillar sound asleep.

Marshmallows – A Drabble

“Bring wood and oil!” Denethor commanded loudly which caused the servants to immediately begin carrying bundles of sticks and a fifty gallon drum of cooking oil out of a nearby storage room.

“And while you’re at it how about a bag of those big white marshmallows!” Faramir suddenly added eagerly while quickly sitting up on his litter. “Father I could use some of those sticks and toast marshmallows for us!”

“Are you crazy?! Your marshmallows always go up in flames and become a burnt mess! Now if only Boromir were here then I would have perfectly golden marshmallows,” Denethor sighed.


A Ticklish Question – A Drabble

Now most people ask questions to satisfy their curiosity. But in Pippin’s case the Hobbit always had a hand on approach. So that was why he hid behind one of the pillars in the Great Hall at Edoras during the victory party. Then he suddenly sprang out to tickle Legolas in the ribs when the Elf passed by.

But Legolas didn’t laugh. He just stared down in confusion at the Hobbit.

“I guess Elves aren’t ticklish,” Pippin said quickly while blushing. “I…uh…have to go find Merry.”

Legolas watch the Hobbit as he hurried off wondering if this was a game.

A Ticklish Question – A Drabble Part 2

So Legolas sought out Aragorn and asked if it indeed was a game that Pippin was playing after he had told him what the Hobbit had done.

“Of course it’s a game!” Aragorn replied lightheartedly. “And now you need to do the same to him.”

“I do?” the Elf replied obvious reluctant to do so.

“Yes you have to or Pippin will be greatly disappointed.”

So Legolas hid himself behind a pillar until Pippin passed by. Then he grabbed and tickled the Hobbit in his ribs causing him to loudly squeal and laugh for a few minutes before he stopped.
The Ticklish Question – A Drabble Part 3

Now when Gimli heard Pippin’s squeals he hurried over to see what was going on.

“Here now what do you think you’re doing?!” he angrily demanded of Legolas while yanking Pippen free from the elf’s grip. By now the Hobbit was gasping for breath and his face was beet red from laughing so hard.

“It’s a game…” Legolas started to explain but was interrupted when Merry raced over.

“Pippin what happened?” he asked.

But Pippin couldn’t reply for he hadn’t gotten his wind back so Gimli said “Legolas was torturing him.”

“No I wasn’t! Aragorn said it was a game!”


The Ticklish Question – A Drabble Part 4

“It wasn’t…a game…” Pippin began to weakly gasp but he was interrupted by Gimli who shouted angrily at Legolas “How could you torture this poor Hobbit!”

“But I wasn’t!” Legolas quickly replied obviously taken aback by all of this. However before he could explain further Gimli lunged at him and tried to grab his arm. But Legolas was too nimble for the dwarf to catch and he was able to slip out the open side door before the dwarf could try again.

Now Aragorn had witnessed all this and he quickly joined them. “What is going on here?” he demanded.

The Ticklish Question – A Drabble Part 5

“That pointy-eared Prince of Mirkwood was torturing Pippin!” Gimli grumbled angrily. “The coward ran off but I’ll find him!”

“Legolas wasn’t torturing Pippin. He was tickling him because it was a game,” Aragorn said firmly.

“But I wasn’t playing a game,” Pippin said now that he could speak. “I tickled him because I wanted to see if elves were ticklish.”

“Pippin’s curiosity strikes again!” Merry said while rolling his eyes skywards.

“I will go and bring Legolas back here. Then we can explain to him how this misunderstanding came about,” Aragorn said before he left through the open side door.

The Ticklish Question – A Drabble Conclusion

Now Aragorn didn’t have to look far to find Legolas for he was hiding in the deep shadows on this side of the Great Hall.

“My friend there’s no need for you to be out here.”

“That wasn’t the impression I got,” Legolas replied softly.

“It was all just a misunderstanding. Please come back inside.”

So Legolas did. Once he heard the full explanation from Pippin, Aragorn, and Gimli, he forgave them before saying “I think I’ll go back outside and look at the stars.”

“Oh no you don’t laddie! There’s a Drinking Game to be played!” Gimli said enthusiastically.


The Captive – Part 1

After his return to Edoras, Legolas was again the center of attention with the women. But this time he didn’t run but sat in a miserable silence while the ladies pawed at his hair and asked a constant stream of hair care questions. Finally the Lady Éowyn came to his rescue and shooed the other women away. Then she led him to a small room that was no bigger then a closet on the pretense he could find peaceful sanctuary there. But when Legolas heard the door lock after Éowyn had hastily left, he then knew this wasn’t a sanctuary…

The Captive – Part 2

“My lady what is the meaning of this?” Legolas questioned through the door.

“Since no one is willing to change the script so it’s me who marries Aragorn instead of that dreadful Arwen, I figure they will have to now in order to get you back if they want to stay on their filming schedule,” Éowyn replied obviously pleased with her plan.

“But this is madness!” Legolas exclaimed not believing what he was hearing.

“No it isn’t!” Éowyn snapped back. Then in a sweeter tone she added “Now you be a good Elf and wait here quietly while I’m gone.”

The Captive – Part 3

Now Legolas had no intention of remaining where he was at. But he waited until he was sure that Éowyn had gone before he began to hit the door hard with his left shoulder...

Meanwhile Éowyn had returned to the Golden Hall where she stood off to one side and watched the next scene made ready for filming. Soon all those who were needed in front of the camera had gathered. It was then that Legolas’s absence was first noticed. But Éowyn said nothing while everyone began to search for him. The time wasn’t right yet to reveal her demand…

The Captive – Part 4

After several minutes of pounding on the door Legolas realized he wasn’t going to get out that way. So he looked around for another possible exit and for the first time he noticed the small square open window up on the far wall. Without hesitation he then took a couple of quick steps forward and gracefully leapt up in order to grab a hold of the window sill before pulling himself up…

Back in the Golden Hall Éowyn smiled to herself while she watched the panic grow amongst those who were searching for Legolas. Soon Aragorn would be all hers…

The Captive – Part 5

When Legolas wasn’t found everyone re-grouped in the Golden Hall to decide what they should do next.

“I know where Legolas is,” Éowyn said while she smiled happily up at Aragorn as she slipped her arm around his. “But I won’t tell until the script is changed so you will marry me instead of that horrible Arwen.”

Now this produced a stunned silence in the Hall.

“My Lady surely you jest,” Aragorn said seriously while he looked down at Éowyn.

“Oh I’m not,” she replied sweetly. “So I would suggest the script writers get busy. Your Elf friend is waiting…”

The Captive – Part 6

Meanwhile Legolas soon discovered that slowly wiggling his way out the window was the easy part of his escape. The hard part was now trying to find finger and toe holds a he hugged the side of the Golden Hall while he tried to climb down to a narrow ledge at the building’s base.

Now he was well aware that if he slipped at anytime, he would fall to his death since the building was up on a high rocky outcropping.

And to make matters worse there was a strong gusty wind blowing which threatened to loosen his precarious grip…

The Captive – Part 7

Back in the Golden hall Éowyn was standing firm on her demand for the script change no matter what anyone said. Nor would she let loose her vice like grip on Aragorn’s arm and since he was loath to strike the woman in order to free himself he had to endure her embarrassing displays of affection towards him.

Now Éomer couldn’t believe that his sister would act this way. Something was definitely not right here so he began to watch her very carefully. And then he saw it.

“Let Lord Aragorn go!” he suddenly commanded angrily while stepping towards Éowyn.

The Captive – Part 8

Inch by slow inch Legolas climbed his way down the side of the Golden Hall. However when he was still several feet up above the narrow ledge at the building’s base he was dismayed to discover that there were no more finger and toe holds he could use to reach it.

Suddenly a strong gust of wind slammed into him from the side which caused his toes to slip off their precarious perch. Frantically he tried to regain his footing but another gust slammed into him and this time his fingers slipped loose. Then he was dropping like a rock…


The Captive – Part 9

Now Legolas landed gracefully on his feet but the narrow ledge was covered with small loose stones that rolled so his feet to slipped out from under him causing him to slide towards the edge. Desperately he grabbed onto a clump of tall grass growing next to him as he fell on his stomach which stopped him from falling further while his legs swung out over the valley far below. Then he frantically scramble back up to the building and closed his eyes in relief.

For several minutes a pale Legolas stood there breathing heavily and trying to calm himself…

The Captive – Part 10

Meanwhile back in the Golden Hall Éomer now stood in front of Éowyn and commanded again that she let Lord Aragorn go.

“I will not!” she replied so sharply that she made Aragorn jump.

“Oh yes you will whoever you are!” Éomer said firmly while grabbing her free arm tightly.

“Whatever do you mean by saying whoever you are? I’m your sister!”

“No you’re not. My sister has blue eyes. Yours are green.”

Now all the color drained from this Éowyn’s face when she fearfully realized there had been one small detail she had overlooked before she had left home.

The Captive – Part 11

Suddenly Éowyn’s imposter let go of Aragorn’s arm and quickly placed a well aimed karate kick below Éomer’s waist which caused him to immediately let go of her arm before he doubled over. Then he slowly fell to the stone floor where he lay on his side groaning with eyes crossed from the intense pain while she sprinted with her long skirts held high towards the open main doors of the Golden Hall in a desperate effort to make good use of everyone’s stunned immobility so she could reach the stables in order to flee from Edoras on her horse.


The Captive – Part 12

Now that Legolas was aware of the hidden danger of the small loose stones he used the clumps of grass growing on the narrow ledge to walk on as he made his way quickly towards the safety of the more stable ground next to the side wall of the Hall’s portico.

Suddenly he heard from above the sound of light running footsteps coming down the stairs followed by Aragorn’s voice yelling “Stop that woman! Don’t let her get away!”

Then Legolas saw who he still thought to be Éowyn running for the stables.

In a flash he was after her…

The Captive – Part 13

“Let me go! Let me go!” the imposter Éowyn shrieked when Legolas caught her in a big bear hug from behind just as everyone else ran out of the Golden Hall.

“No I will not!” Legolas whispered angrily in her ear while she struggled to break his iron grip. “Not after what I’ve been through.”

Now this made the imposter Éowyn whimper “But you’re hurting me!”

“My Lady I think not for if I was you would do this,” Legolas replied as he increased his pressure which caused her to give a pain filled gasp before she stopped her struggling.

The Captive – Part 14

Meanwhile everyone had by now gathered around Legolas and the imposter.

“Legolas where have you been?!” Aragorn asked obviously relieved as was those watching that the Elf was alright.

“Oh I’ve been hanging around courtesy of Éowyn.”

“That’s not Éowyn.”

Suddenly an angry man wearing a red baseball cap who could be Gandalf the White’s twin began to push his way through the crowd until he stopped before the imposter.

“Daddy!” she squeaked in fear while all color drained from her face.

Then an angry woman who looked like Galadriel joined the man in the cap.

“Mother!” she squeaked again


The Captive – Part 15

Suddenly a laughing man who could easily pass for Boromir joined the imposter’s parents.

“Somebody is in trouble!” he said in a sing-song type of voice that made the imposter stick her tongue out at him.

“Son I thought I told you to wait out in the tour bus for us,” the “Gandalf” father said sternly.

By now Legolas was feeling very uncomfortable holding onto the imposter as the strangeness of the situation grew so he let her go and took a couple of steps backwards.

“What’s the matter Goldilocks? I thought you weren’t afraid of anything!” this “Boromir” taunted..

The Captive – Part 16

“Son how many time have I told you not to call someone names!” the “Galadriel” mother scolded. “Honestly it’s getting so that we can’t take you two anywhere without you misbehaving!” Then she grabbed him and the imposter Éowyn each by an ear before she led the whining pair back towards the tour bus that was visible through the open main gate.

“Now I can assure you Aragorn that my daughter won’t be bothering you and the good people of Edoras ever again,” the “Gandalf” father said earnestly before he boarded the bus which left in a cloud of dust.

The Captive – Part 17

After the dust kicked up from the bus had cleared, Aragorn turned to Legolas and asked “What in Middle-earth just happened here?”

“I don’t think I want to know,” the elf replied while Éomer joined them although he was still bent over a bit and now walking kind of funny as the result from being kicked.

“Did you catch the imposter?” he asked hopefully with a slightly higher voice.

“No her…um…family showed up and then they left,” Aragorn replied.

“You let them leave!?”

“Believe me its better that they’re gone.”

“I feel…icky,” Legolas said while looking down at his hands.

The Captive – Part 18

Suddenly the real Éowyn rode her shopping bag laden horse through the open main gate and stopped before the still puzzled crowd.

“Hey guys I’m sure sorry in getting back from my shopping trip so late!” she said while quickly dismounting. Then she asked innocently “Did the double I hired to fill in work out?”

Now Legolas began to glare at Éowyn and Aragorn had seen that look enough times to know that the Rohan maiden was lucky that the Elf didn’t have his weapons with him. So he quickly stepped between the two and said “No she didn't Éowyn.”


The Captive – Part 19

“You hired that…that creature!?” Éomer stammered in surprise.

“She’s not a creature but a very devoted fan of mine!” Éowyn snapped back at him. “And yes I hired her. Didn’t you read the letter I sent with her? In it I explained that I would be taking a short side trip before coming home and that she was to fill in until I got back.”

“She never gave us the letter,” Aragorn said. “And she tried to change the script so that I would marry her.”

“During which she attempted to hold me captive until it happened!” Legolas said angrily.

The Captive – Part 20

“I’m sorry to hear that she didn’t work out. So how about if I make it up to you guys with a pot of my stew!” Éowyn said merrily.

Now this was the last straw for Legolas and he took a menacing step towards her but Aragorn and Éomer restrained him.

“I know where we can keep him until he calms down,” Éomer said. Soon they were standing in front of a familiar door.

“Oh please not this room again!” Legolas pleaded while he was dumped onto the floor. Then Éomer locked the door after he and Aragorn had left.

The Captive – Part 21

Legolas was instantly back on his feet and even angrier then he had been before because of this treatment by his friends who mistakenly thought he was going to do something to harm Éowyn which was never his intention.

So he paced around the room like a caged tiger for he knew he couldn’t break down the door and he wasn’t about to climb out that window again considering what happened the first time.

Eventually his anger subsided enough to allow him to sit leaning up against the wall under the window.

Hopefully his friends would let him out soon…

The Captive – Part 22

It wasn’t until after dark before Legolas heard someone unlocking the door. However when it opened he didn’t see his friends standing there but a bent old man dressed in a janitor uniform with a cleaning cart.

“Here now what are you doing in Old Bob’s break room?” the old man rasped in surprise.

“I’m here to cool down,” Legolas mumbled.

“What you say? Speak up!”

“I’m here to cool down!” Legolas repeated louder as his embarrassment grew.

“Then why didn’t you go outside!” Old Bob said while rolling his eyes skywards. “And here I thought elves were smarter folk!”

The Captive – Part 23

“Well I’m going to go back to the Golden Hall now,” Legolas said quickly hoping he would avoid any more embarrassment.

“Here now I had better show you the way. No doubt you’ll get lost since you can’t even find your way outside,” Old Bob said while turning his cart around.

“Oh you don’t have to do that! I can find my way!”

“Now see here! If you want to find your hay it’s the stables you should be going to not the Hall!” Old Bob snorted while sadly shaking his bald head. “You definitely will need Old Bob’s help.”


The Captive – Part 24

As it turned out Old Bob had to lead Legolas to the Golden Hall first before he could take him on out to the stables which he insisted on doing despite Legolas protesting otherwise. So the Elf followed along trying to think of a way to escape from the old man until they entered the Hall.

“What has happened here!?” he exclaimed in surprise when he saw the many people there either lying on the floor moaning or making mad dashes for the restrooms with hands over their mouths.

“The Lady Éowyn made her stew again,” Old Bob replied knowingly.

The Captive – Part 25

“Aragorn had told me that Lady Éowyn’s stew was bad but not in this way!” Legolas exclaimed.

“That’s because the Lady has been making “improvements” as she tweaks the recipe,” Old Bob replied.

“Why doesn’t someone tell her that it’s bad?”

“Would you tell a Lady who can wield a sword that her stew is potentially lethal?”

“I see your point. But tell me how did you manage not to have to eat it?”

Here Old Bob gave the elf a big toothless grin. “Let’s just say that I may be old but not senile!” he whispered with a wink.

The Captive - Conclusion

Fortunately no one suffered any severe side affects from Éowyn’s stew although some of the women did sprout long beards which led to marriage proposals from Gimli.

Meanwhile Legolas remained a captive of Old Bob’s for the man had now quit his janitor job in order to be the elf’s caretaker. “You obviously need help since you thought you had hay in the stable when you clearly didn’t,” he said firmly.

“Please leave me alone!”

“Now why would you want a throne?”

After that Legolas retreated into a miserable silence while a sense of normalcy returned to Edoras for now.

The Captive - Addendum

Legolas: *begs to Din* Please don't write a sequel! What have I done to you!

Old Bob: *takes elf gently by the arm* Here you are! How can I help you if you keep running off!

Legolas: *whimpers while he's pulled towards the door* Why can't you just leave me alone!

Old Bob: *shakes head sadly* There you go again about wanting a throne. Haven't you heard yet that King Elessar has it now! But if you're really good maybe he'll let you sit in it. Now come along it's time for your nap. *drags Legolas out the door*


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