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A collection of 100-word Middle-earth themed and non-canonical by the "very productive" Din.

A Hair Raising Tale
A Hairy Drabble
A Hairy Incident at Edoras
A Modern Day Drabble for Merry and Pippin
A New Way to Toss a Dwarf
A Red Sun Rises
Aragorn's Hair
Aragorn's Nightmare
The Balrog and the Dwarves
Bilbo's Advice
The Confession
Frodo and Sam
Frodo's Dilemma
Frodo's Eyes
The Game
The Ghost Story
Gimli's Secret Revealed
The Gulls
The Last Elf
Legolas and the Entwives
Legolas' Secret I  II  III  IV
Merry's Curiosity
The Missing Elf
The Missing is Found
The Nickname
The Party
Pippin's Worst Nightmare
The Rampage
The Revenge
The Sign
The Squabble
Strider and the Hobbits
The Television Show
The Unexpected Visitor
What Really Happened...Aragorn was Crowned

The Last Elf – A Rhyming Drabble

The ocean waves crashed upon the rocky shore that night creating foam topped water that swirled around his knees. But the Elf paid no attention to this icy cold wetness while he gazed forlornly out over the dark sea. Far above him the white stars followed their age old movements across the black sky. But the Elf could not see them clearly now for the tears that were in his blue eyes. Only the sighing west wind which blew gently past him could hear his soft moans. But the Elf soon fell silent when he realized he was now alone.

A Red Sun Rises

Legolas paused in his running after Aragorn.
“A red sun rises. Blood has been spilled last night,” he said softly out loud to himself while looking at the eastern horizon. Then he resumed his running while in his mind and heart there now was a dreadful feeling that death may have already claimed Merry and Pippin and eventually he, Aragorn, and Gimli would find their lifeless bodies lying somewhere on this treeless plain so far from their home.
Quickly he shoved such dark thoughts aside. Nothing was known for certain yet. Hope began to rekindle in him while he ran.

Frodo’s Dilemma

Frodo sighed. He had thought he would finally be rid of the Ring here in Rivendell. But after seeing how it had such a disruptive affect there in Lord Elrond’s Council he knew now he must keep it. Then for a brief moment he had angry thoughts towards Bilbo. Why did he leave it up to him to destroy it in the fires of Mount Doom where he wished not to go?! Didn’t his Uncle care for him anymore?
He realized then that Bilbo did care but there was nothing the elder Hobbit could do for him now.


A Modern Day Drabble For Merry And Pippin
Merry and Pippin sat transfixed while they watched the dishes of food parade slowly past them. Never in their lives have the two hobbits seen such tantalizing variety of food before.
“This is incredible!” exclaimed Pippen while not taking his eyes off this moving feast.
“Sure is!” Merry replied in a dreamy voice as he leaned forward for a closer look.
“I sure wish we could get the Food Channel back in the Shire,” Pippin said wistfully.
“So do I. But we don’t have cable TV,” Merry replied.
Then they sighed happily together while a chef fixed a mushroom casserole.

A New Way To Toss A Dwarf

“You two should give this seesaw a try!” Pippin said enthusiastically one day at the playground.
But the elf and the dwarf both hesitated looking at each other.
“It really is a lot of fun!” added Merry. “Come now you two can’t be scared of this?”
“Scared!” roared Gimli. “Not this dwarf but I bet the elf is!”
“I am not,” Legolas calmly replied.
So when they switched places with the hobbits, Legolas purposely stepped down hard on the seesaw sending the unsuspecting dwarf skywards.
“Now that is what I call a new way to toss a dwarf,” he said.

Aragorn’s Hair – A Drabble

Now Aragorn had more important things to worry about than his hair. But the Fellowship had grown tired of looking at his greasy mop so they grabbed him and dragged him into a bathroom there in Lothlórien. After much protesting and nearly being drowned his hair was finally clean and smelled of flowers. However Legolas wasn’t done with him yet for the Elf thought he would also look good in braids with pink bows in their ends…
Suddenly Aragorn sat straight up in bed. At first he thought it had only been a dream until he saw the pink bows.


Strider and The Hobbits – A Drabble

It wasn’t long after Strider and the hobbits had left Bree when the trouble started. The Ranger was at his wits end. Gandalf was going to pay big for putting him through this torment although he wasn’t exactly sure how he could force the Wizard to make amends. Still something had to be done and for awhile Strider let his imagination run through all the possibilities. Finally he couldn’t ignore any more the chorus of hobbit voices behind him so he suddenly stopped and whirled around.
“How many times do I have to tell you that we’re not there yet!”

Frodo and Sam Drabble
Frodo is trying to hang a picture on the wall at Bag End when he drops the nail which rolls under a wrinkle in the rug. While he is on his hands and knees to retrieve it, Sam comes in.
“AAUUGGHH!!!” Frodo cries out in pain.
“Mr. Frodo what’s wrong? Is the Ringwraith’s knife wound bothering you again?”
“No Sam,” Frodo replies through clenched teeth.
“Don’t tell me you’re still feeling the effects of the Ring?”
“That’s not it either Sam,” Frodo replies now with tears in his eyes.
“Then what’s wrong Mr. Frodo?”
“You’re standing on my hand Sam.”

Legolas and The Entwives - A Drabble
I know Ents are not trees but it would give a new meaning to the phrase "Have you hugged your tree today?"

Legolas was walking through the forest one day when much to his surprise and dismay he comes upon two Entwives in a clearing.
“Look Maple it’s an Elf!” Elm exclaimed.
“So it is! Hm hoom And a fair looking Elf too!” Maple says moving so that she now stands between Legolas and the forest.
Momentarily distracted by her Legolas is a step to slow to avoid being caught in Elm’s big hands. Immediately he is subjected to a big hug first from her and then Maple before he is gently set back on the ground.
Entwives love to hug elves.


A Hairy Drabble

Legolas knelt down next to the corpse on the floor and pulled an arrow out of it. “Goblins!” he exclaimed throwing it back down while standing up. Then suddenly he cried out in dismay “Oh no!”
“What’s wrong?” Aragorn asked clearly perplexed as was the rest of the Fellowship who gathered around.
“They said this would never happen! So much for their guarantee!” the now angry Elf said while tearing up a small piece of paper with a salon’s name on it.
“What would never happen?” Aragorn asked still perplexed.
“Are you blind?! Some of my hair has come loose!”

A Hairy Incident at Edoras – A Drabble

Aragorn and Gimli are sitting in the Golden Hall at Edoras enjoying the company of each other while smoking their pipes. Then Aragorn says “I have not seen Legolas today. Have you seen him?”
Suddenly the doors at one end of the Hall burst open and in runs a very frightened Legolas with a whole horde of women at his heels. Quickly they corner the poor Elf and begin to ask him different hair care questions all at the same time.
“There are times like this when being a Dwarf has its advantages.”
“Or a scruffy looking Ranger,” added Aragorn.

The Game

When Gimli woke up the next morning he was confused. The last thing he remembered was that he and Legolas were in the midst of a drinking game there in the Great Hall at Edoras. Somehow he had made it to bed but who had won the game he couldn’t remember. So he went back to the Great Hall. There he found Aragorn who immediately broke out in howls of laughter.
“What’s so funny?” Gimli angrily demanded until he finally noticed the tiny pink bows now in his beard. Suddenly he realized that the blasted Elf had won the game!


The Revenge

Now Gimli wasn’t about to let Legolas get away with putting pink bows in his beard. After some quick phone calls on a pay phone outside the Great Hall, his plan was set. Then he went inside.
“Alright Elf you had your fun!”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“OH YES YOU DO! HE’S IN HERE GIRLS!” Gimli roared.
Suddenly a whole horde of screaming teenage girls came running in. Legolas took one look at them, and he went pale with fright before dashing out a side door with them hot on his heels.
Gimli grinned. Revenge was sweet.

The Rampage

However Gimli soon learned that teenage girls can be hard to control. So once they had chased Legolas outside, the screaming girls began to run amok and started to chase after Aragorn, Éomer, Merry and Pippin too. Unfortunately the poor hobbits couldn’t run fast enough and were easily caught. It was their loud squeals for help while they were being hugged and kissed that caused Gandalf to come to everyone’s aid. But the girls clung onto him and threatened to hug the Wizard until he shouted loudly and sternly “STOP THIS AT ONCE!!”
Then calm descended over Edoras once more.

The Confession

With Gandalf’s help, Gimli was able to send the teenage girls home but not before the Wizard lectured them on their outrageous behavior.
“Now Master Dwarf what is the meaning behind all of this?” Gandalf asked while Legolas, Aragorn, Éomer, Merry, and Pippin wiped the lipstick from their faces.
“That blasted Elf started it by putting pink bows in my beard!” he grumbled.
“But I didn’t,” Legolas protested.
“YES YOU DID!!” Gimli roared.
“No he didn’t,” Merry and Pippin suddenly said together. “We did.”
“We thought it was a good joke at the time,” Merry added sheepishly.
“Hobbits,” Gandalf sighed.

The Party

Legolas stood outside the Great Hall there at Edoras while gazing up at the stars in the night sky. The gentle breeze was cool and refreshing on his fair face after being inside where the party for their victory at Helm’s deep was in full swing. Now the Elf had nothing against parties but this one was beginning to get on his nerves. He failed to see the fun in singing “One Hundred Kegs of Ale on the Wall” over and over again. But it was when that conga line started to rapidly form he knew he had had enough.

The Missing Elf

Legolas was missing. It was as if the Elf had vanished into thin air.
“I don’t understand it,” Aragorn said in frustration to Merry, Pippin, Gimli, and Éomer while they stood in the Great Hall at Edoras. “We have searched everywhere.”
“I say let him hide!” Gimli grumbled before sitting down at one of the tables set for lunch. “When he gets hungry enough he’ll come out. Until then I’m not going to starve myself. Care to join me you two rascals?”
Now the two hobbits couldn’t resist his invitation so they joined the dwarf.
Aragorn sighed.
Legolas was missing.

The Missing Is Found
“Without Legolas our story can’t continue,” Aragorn said to Éomer while the two men walked outside. “We must find him or we will be stuck forever here in Edoras.”
So it was decided that Éomer would search again while Aragorn went back to the room he and Legolas had been sharing looking for clues. No sooner had he sat down on his bed when he heard a soft sniffle coming from under the other.
“Legolas what are you doing under there?!”
“I’m tired of all these writers making jokes about my hair! Don’t they know my feelings could be hurt?”


The Ghost Story

When Boromir began to tell the hobbits a campfire ghost story, Legolas paid little attention for the ghosts of Men and their tales were of no interest to him. However as the tale went on, the Elf found himself increasingly more drawn into it until he too was eagerly listening.
Suddenly just as Boromir reached the spine chilling conclusion, Legolas felt an icy wetness on the back of his neck which caused him to quickly jump up while uttering a high pitched squeal scaring everyone else.
Red faced Legolas turned around in time to see Gimli holding their picnic cooler.

The Television Show

Now Sam kept having this feeling that someone was following them while Sméagol led him and Frodo out of Emyn Muil. So when he turned around to look he was surprised to see a small group of men with television camera equipment filming their every move.
“Mr. Frodo who are they?”
Now Frodo turned to look.
“Oh that’s just the television film crew for “Survivor Hobbit”. I think it was Lord Elrond’s idea. A real money maker he said.”
“Poor, poor Sméagol! He be on television without his precioussss!”
Frodo and Sam looked at each other before rolling their eyes.

What Really Happened Before Aragorn Was Crowned King

Gandalf in all his many years here in Middle-earth had thought he had seen everything. But what he was witnessing now totally floored him.
Actually he was on his hands and knees looking under Aragorn’s bed.
“There is no time for this foolishness!” he said sternly.
“You could tell everyone that I’ve come down with a rare disease,” Aragorn said the fear obviously in his voice.
“I most certainly will not!”
Gandalf sighed. And people wonder why a wizard’s hair and beard were white.


Pippin’s Worst Nightmare

Pippin was hungry. Now it was the middle of the night so he quietly climbed out of bed so as to not disturb Merry and headed for the kitchen. However to his horror there was no food there at all! Not even a crumb was left!
“AUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Pippin suddenly screamed as he sat up in bed.
“Pippin what’s the matter?” asked a sleepy Merry.
“I just had a nightmare. Go back to sleep.”
So Merry did but now Pippin was wide awake and hungry. Quietly he climbed out of bed and headed for the kitchen. There was no food there.

The True Story of the Balrog and the Dwarves – A Drabble

When Gandalf the Grey told the Balrog he couldn’t pass over the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, the Balrog suddenly burst out crying his tears disappearing into clouds of steam when they touched his fiery hide.
“But why can’t I play Follow the Leader too?” he howled.
Now the Fellowship looked at one another obviously confused.
“We thought you were chasing us,” Gandalf replied. “We heard the rumor about you and the Dwarves.”
“The Orcs started that nasty rumor! I always get blamed for everything!” wailed the Balrog.
From then on the Mines of Moria was a very fun place to visit.

Merry’s Curiosity – A Drabble

Now Merry could be just as curious as Pippin and right now it had him fully in its grip while he tiptoed down the night darkened hallway outside the guest rooms there at Edoras. When he reached Legolas’s room he quietly opened the door and slipped inside. Then he cautiously approached the bed his heart pounding with fear at being discovered while he looked down.
The Elf’s eyes were open. “So they did sleep that way!” he thought.
Suddenly he froze in fear after he had turned to leave when he heard Legolas softly chuckle before saying “Good night Merry.”


Aragorn’s Nightmare – A Drabble

When Aragorn saw Arwen and Éowyn talking to one another in whispers off to one side at the combination coronation/wedding reception, his was curious as to what they were saying. So carefully he made his way unseen by them till he was close enough to hear. Suddenly his face went deathly white when he saw Éowyn hand Arwen a small slip of paper.
“Aragorn are you alright?” Legolas asked.
“My worst nightmare has followed me from Edoras.”
“What nightmare?”
A terrified Aragorn looked at Legolas and said in a trembling voice “Éowyn has given Arwen the recipe for her stew!”

Legolas’s Secret – A Drabble

“Legolas you have got to tell me!” Pippin exclaimed while the Elf and Hobbit stood outside the Golden Hall at Edoras one sunny afternoon.
“Tell you what?” the Elf replied not looking at the Hobbit but at a spot far off in the distance.
“Oh come on! You know exactly what I mean!”
“I’m afraid I don’t.”
“Yes you do! Please tell me! They say curiosity killed the cat.”
Now Legolas looked down at Pippen. “You look healthy to me,” the Elf replied with a smile.
Pippin sighed obviously disappointed. “And they say Dwarves are stubborn,” he thought to himself.

Legolas’s Secret Part 2 – A Drabble

“Legolas won’t tell me Merry.”
“Then maybe he’ll tell me Pip.”
So the two Hobbits quickly join the Elf who is still standing outside the Golden Hall at Edoras.
“Now Legolas I can see no reason why you couldn’t tell me,” Merry said in a coaxing tone of voice.
“Tell you what?” the Elf replied while smiling down at them.
“There he goes again!” Pippin exclaimed obviously exasperated.
Suddenly a noisy group of children playing tag distracts Merry and Pippin’s attention away from the Elf for a few minutes. When the children have gone the Hobbits discover so has Legolas.

Legolas’s Secret Part 3 – A Drabble

“Legolas won’t tell us Gimli,” Merry and Pippin said together to the Dwarf later that evening in the Great Hall.
“I can’t see why he would want to keep THAT a secret!” Gimli replied obviously surprised.
So the Dwarf agreed to help the Hobbits get their answer and they set out to find Legolas. However what Merry, Pippin, and Gimli don’t know is that the Elf in question is standing nearby in the shadows by one of the pillars and has overheard their conversation which caused him to smile. He is having too much fun to answer their question yet.

Legolas’s Secret the Conclusion – A Drabble

After much searching during which Gimli grumbled that he thought Legolas was deliberately hiding from them, they found the Elf standing once again outside the Golden Hall gazing at the stars.
“Listen here you pointy-eared Prince! I want you to answer the Hobbit’s question and be quick about it for the hour grows late!” Gimli growled obviously hot under the helmet.
Legolas looked down at his three friends and smiled.
“I’ll answer their question although I don’t understand all the interest,” the Elf replied. Then he bent down and whispered to all of them “I’m 2,931 years old,” he said.


Gimli’s Secret Revealed – A Drabble

“Why do you keep looking at my back?” Gimli asked Legolas while they were at the victory party in Edoras.
“I was wondering where your wings had disappeared to,” the Elf replied as he bent down to take a closer look.
“Wings! I haven’t any wings! No doubt this fine ale has gone to your head!” Gimli snorted loudly.
“I saw you flying through the air to reach the ramp before the gate at Helm’s Deep. But if you have no wings then that means Aragorn had to toss you!”
Inwardly Gimli groaned to himself. The Elf had found out!

The Sign – A Drabble

Now Gimli had made up his mind to keep his eyes on Legolas while the Fellowship departed Rivendell. No doubt he would try to take the Ring for himself since you can’t trust elves. Still despite his surreptitious vigilance it was pointed out to him on the second day of their journey by one of the Hobbits that he had a paper sign duct taped to his back.

So after peeling the sign off, Gimli growled angrily under his breath when he read “NEVER TRUST A DWARF” written in large red letters.

The blasted Elf knew he was being watched!

The Squabble – A Drabble

Gandalf the Grey’s patience was beginning to wear thin but he knew that the Fellowship would need their help. Still this constant squabbling back and forth while they walked couldn’t be allowed to continue.
“ENOUGH!!” he angrily bellowed at Legolas and Gimli which quieted them.
“I have had it with you two. Now Legolas I want you up here with me while Gimli you walk behind with Aragorn.”
However before Legolas could join the Wizard, Gimli gleefully reached out and touched the Elf with his finger.
“He touched me again Gandalf!”
The Wizard sighed. This would be a long journey.


ZZZZZZZZ – A Drabble

The silence in the Mines of Moria only served to magnify any little sound the Fellowship made. So when this hideous rhythmic moaning began to echo about the chamber where they were resting, Aragorn and Legolas immediately began to search for the source since they were on watch.
“If we were not underground I would say that sounds like some poor cow dying,” Aragorn said.
“No it’s much worse than that,” Legolas said while covering his sensitive ears with his hands. “Please make him stop!”
“Make who stop?” Aragorn asks as the moaning grows steadily louder.
“The Dwarf is snoring!”

A Hair Raising Tale
(not a drabble, but close enough....)

While Frodo was off with Galadriel looking into her mirror, Pippin woke up from a sound sleep when his stomach rumbled from hunger. So as quiet as a mouse he went over to a table where some fruit in a bowl sat. Just as he was about to reach for an apple, he heard Legolas’s soft voice saying “51…52…53…54…55…” coming from behind the tree the Fellowship was sleeping under.

Of course this aroused the hobbit’s curiosity so he peeked around the tree and saw Legolas sitting there with his back to him counting each brush stroke as he brushed his hair!

“56…57…58…59…60…” the Elf continued seemingly unaware of Pippin standing there watching him.

Now this got the hobbit to thinking. If this was the secret to how Legolas kept his long locks looking so cool than why wouldn’t it work for him! And then he could drive his female fans just as wild as the Elf did with his and maybe even woo some away from the Elf!

So Pippin found a hair brush and began to vigorously brush his curly locks. However his brushing didn’t produce the desired result he had in mind. And in the morning he had to endure the laughter from everyone for all his brushing did was make his hair so incredibly fuzzy that it looked like an afro! Fortunately dousing it with water returned it back to its normal curly self and he vowed out loud to never again to try brushing his hair like Legolas again.

As for Legolas he only smiled and nodded in approval. You never want to mess with this Elf’s fan base…


The Unexpected Visitor - A Drabble

Silivren_Ithildin was sitting at her desk trying to write another drabble but her Muse was on a coffee break.

“You could write about my hair,” Aragorn suddenly suggested.

Startled Sil looked up to find the smiling Ranger standing in front of her next to some cut flowers in a vase.

“Aragorn!” was all she could manage to squeak out.

“In the flesh!” he said triumphantly while the flowers in the vase suddenly wilted due to the rather strong smell of something going unwashed for a very long time.

Embarrassed Aragorn quickly wished her good luck on her drabble and left.

Bilbo’s Advice – A Drabble

Primula the Moderator was sitting behind her curtain drumming her fingers on her desk angry that her Muse had suddenly gone on a leave of absence right now when she had the time to write.

“I find a nice walk through the Shire does wonders for writer’s block,” Bilbo’s voice said suddenly from behind her.

Startled Primula swiveled around in her chair and actually saw the grey-haired hobbit standing there smiling at her.

“Or going on an adventure Primula! But be watchful for dragons along the way!”

Then Bilbo politely excused himself and disappeared through the curtain leaving Primula stunned.


The Nickname - A Drabble

Legolas sighed out of frustration. From the beginning he knew that it was the Dwarf who had been filling the four Hobbit’s minds full of nonsense about Elves. Fortunately the Ring Bearer had also recognized this and explained to the other three that Elves don’t drool and can hit a broad side of a barn with their arrows. But there was nothing this Hobbit could do to stop them from calling Legolas by this nickname the Dwarf had conjured up.

“LEGGGGGGYYY!” the three Hobbits called gleefully.

Legolas winced. Then he wondered if anyone would notice if the Dwarf went missing.

Frodo’s Eyes – A Drabble

Now the real reason Frodo left the Fellowship was because of those big blue adorable eyes of his. One look into them made the viewer feel all mushy inside and created such a powerful irresistible urge to hug the Hobbit that he was in danger of being squeezed to death. Naturally this made everyone in the all male group feel very uncomfortable after such displays of emotion. So they blind folded the Hobbit and tried to carry him like a sack of potatoes thrown over their shoulders. But after repeatedly dropping him on his head he knew he must leave.

The Gulls – A Drabble

Now when Legolas heard the gulls cry above him at Pelargir he immediately longed to go to the sea. But Tolkien had it wrong when he wrote that he longed to sail from these shores to Valinor. Instead this Elf’s longing was now producing in his mind images of perfect waves rolling in towards Middle-earth's sandy beaches under a bright blue sky.

“If I had only known before the Fellowship had left Rivendell that I would be hearing gulls, I could’ve picked up that cool surf board I saw there,” he sighed out loud to himself.


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