Drabbles for Bilbo

by various

Bilbo Baggins was known all through the Shire for his eccentricities, so it came as no surprise to the inhabitants of the town of Hobbiton when he commissioned two portraits, one of himself and one of his nephew to be painted on glass panes for the windows of his fine hole. The artist worked long and hard, and the likenesses were quite astounding. It was a shame that the artist insisted on putting in the glass, for it could be seen it wasn't installed properly: it was soon to be observed that Bilbo was cracked, and Frodo was crackin.'
- Primula

Tricksy Hobbits (A Drabble)

A dapper Hobbit in an elaborate waistcoat whistled as he walked through a summer woods carpeted with bluebells. It had been so long since he put it on and he could feel it take on weight in his pocket. It felt as if it was humming some ancient lullaby to him. He didn’t see a small lad with inquisitive hazel eyes tailing him. He put the ring on and vanished. Bilbo never knew that Pippin had discovered his secret. The fry stifled his squeak and all that was left of Bilbo was the whistling notes drifting away down the lane.
- Orangeblossom Took

The birthday party had been a roaring success, Bilbo observed blearily. Looking at the condition of his home, it must have been. Empty ale mugs littered the hall, dirty plates and cake crumbs were scattered on every flat surface and the drone of Dwarven snoring came from all the rooms, even the pantry. He tripped over the handle of a small hatchet on his way to the kitchen, but when he passed the wardrobe mirror he had blink, and back up then take a good look again. Yes, that was his hair, completely done up in short dwarven beard braids!
- Primula

It was the eve of the first anniversary of The Birthday Party, and Frodo was alone, gazing into the flames flickering on the hearth, missing…

“Bilbo,” he said softly. “Wherever you are, many happy returns.”

A knock came at the door, and Frodo thought he heard stifled giggles. He peered through the curtain to see twelve-year-old Pippin, bearing a frosted white cake, the rest of his family behind him, dressed in their best. The Brandybuck family carriage was coming up the hill.

Frodo smiled and put a hand on the knob. They had not forgotten. They had come for him.
- AuntKimby

Had it really been another year? Bilbo leaned upon the hobbit-height balustrade, gazing over peaceful Rivendell.  How many years, since he had gone down that familiar path, jumping the gap in the hedge?  How old would Frodo be this September? He shook his head at his own thoughts; he couldn't even keep track of his own age sometimes much less someone else's.   He had no birthday presents for the Elves but had promised a new song to hear, a translation he'd set to rhyme. A hobbit birthday song...  Maybe someday they could sing a birthday song together, one last time...
- Primula