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A collection of 100-word Middle-earth themed and non-canonical by Agape4Rivendell
Rescue Unwanted
The Valar Guild, a tribble

Gentle Persuasion
Wielding Words
Restless Sleep
Portents or Dreams

Rescue Unwanted

“Stop it! Leave me be! Take your hands off of me!” the Dwarf howled in anger. If it were a different time, a different place, I might have laughed. But tears were still coursing down my face. I had watched Haldir die. I could not - I would not lose another!

I had to save him. He would fight to the death – his own. Another Elf, one I did not know, took hold of his other arm. No one Elf could wrestle this Son of Aulë. ‘No Elf would want to!’ I thought miserably. ‘I have changed – for the better?’


The Valar Guild

(Written for the 10th Anniversary of The Varda Guild which I have used extensively for research and such -

“What a silly name for them. They do nothing.”

Faramir giggled. “They do so. Nana says they take care of Middle-earth and us and the stars and my dog and your horse and - ”

“Stop it!” Boromir held his hands over his ears. When Faramir stopped speaking and was looking at his toes, Boromir said, “Ada says they do nothing. They were great a long, long time ago, but they are tired now and don't do nothing.”

“Do not do anything,” Nanny corrected him.

“See! Even nanny agrees. They don't do nothing.”

“Boromir! I do not agree. I was simply correcting your grammar. We stand and keep silent for a moment before our meals. That is in respect to the Valar, as our ancestors did before us.”

“Nana says we are Elf-friends. Elves love the Valar, don't they, Nanny?”

“They do not!” Boromir interrupted. “They left the Valar and started their own place. Hoy!” He jumped up, shouting in glee. “Let's start our own place!”

“Boromir!” Nanny stood and took Boromir's arm. “We are being quiet. Your mother is not feeling well.”

Boromir shrugged. “Sorry. May we go outside?”

“Only as far as the White Tree. I do not want to see you near the parapet. Do you understand?”

Boromir sighed. “It won't be any fun if we can't go to the parapet. We can't go into Nana's gardens.” He sat down in frustration.

“Let's go to the kitchen, Boromir! We can start our own place in the cupboards. Maybe we can find an Elf and have him join us.”

“There are no such things as Elves.”

“There are! There are! There are!” Faramir cried. “Nanny,” he turned, tears streaming down his face, “There are Elves!”

“Aye! As long as your mother lives, there are Elves and Valar, Faramir!”


Trust - a Boromir and Faramir Drabble

We sat on one of the many overhangs that decorated the walls of Minas Tirith, my arm around his shoulder to ensure he did not fall. The Pelennor was quiet this day, but our eyes did not note that. We looked to the Anduin, hoping that summer would come soon. The fish would be biting and the river would warm enough to swim. My heart ached with the love I bore him. Would I measure up to his belief in me? His trust? Could any measure up to the hero worship that I saw in his eyes? I think not.


The artwork of Kasiopea absolutely boggles my mind. It draws me in and holds me until I write something to release the emotions that they generate. I hope you can take a moment to enjoy her work.

FRIENDSHIP (four drabbles) for Linaewen’s and Onomir’s shared birthday and shared love of the Brothers Mir…….

1. Gentle Persuasion

“I had not thought… Nay, it was more that I refused to think Faramir might become a soldier.” Boromir’s brow furrowed; he twirled his knife in his hand. “He is of a more… gentle persuasion.” He looked at his friend, eyes lit with joy, smile wide and gracious. “Have you ever listened to his music? He has written quite a number of lays and chants, a few songs and even a lament. One even makes me weep.”

Théodred leaned closer, brushing aside a tendril of hair that moved whenever Boromir blinked. “He will be fine. You have taught him well.”

2. Wielding Words

“I sometimes think I should never have allowed him a sword.” Boromir chuckled. “He wields it like your cousin.”

“Like a woman? I think Éowyn would take umbrage at your less than flattering remark.”

“They both would. It occurs to me, if I had not taught him, mayhap Father would have left him to his studies. But I worried for him, Théodred. In this age, none can live without learning to wield a sword.”

“Rumor says he is deadly with a bow.”

“He is.” Once again Boromir’s great smile filled their tent. “Beleg would be sore pressed to defeat him.”

3. Restless Sleep

Théodred watched as Boromir twisted and turned in his bed. Finally, he could stand it no longer. He reached over and woke the Heir of Gondor.

Boromir gasped, drew his dirk, and rolled to his knees.

Théodred laughed. “It never ceases to amaze me.”

“What?” Boromir asked testily. “I see there is no danger.”

“Nay. Only for your poor bedclothes. Glad am I that we do not share a bedroll. I would be dead now.”

“Why did you wake me then?”

“You were calling Faramir’s name in dread.”

Boromir sat for a moment, then wept. Théodred knelt by his side.

4. Portents or Dreams

“I saw him in flame and fire.”

“Did you recognize the place?”

“Nay. He lay as if in a dream. I think… ” Boromir’s shoulders shook. “I think he was dead.”

“Not Faramir. He is safe in the Esquires.”

“He was older.”

Théodred sat on his heels and took Boromir into his arms. “If I recall rightly, dear friend, Faramir is the one with foresight. You had a bad dream because he is now an esquire and wields a sword. Let it be. We will both be dead before he e’er comes near danger.”

Boromir laughed. “Thank you – I think!”