Gollum's Rescue

by Onómir

“The nasty elves hates us precious and watches us closely precious.” Gollum hissed in the dark corner of his cell.

Gollum was held by request of Aragorn for safe keeping until such time as deemed safe when the concerns of the One Ring were finished. Gandalf was deeply concerned that Gollum would lead to trouble if let loose.

“Yes precious they chokes us with nasty bread when would rather have fresh fishes to eat. But we shall tricks them precious.” Gollum said excitedly.

“Hush precious, quiet my love, they will be surprised tonight when the orcess come for us. We go up up up the tall tree and the orcess sneak up and chase away the nasty elveses, then we go free, but not back to Him precious, no not back to him, never again to him.” Gollum whispered his plans to himself and stroked his shoulders tenderly as he spoke to calm himself. Orcs had found his scent around and up a tree, leaving a token there of their presence.

Unlocking his cell two elves burst in placing a halter of rope around his neck, with much protesting from Gollum.

“Take care Gollum, calm down. We are taking you out for exercise in the woods today as you like.” Finguld said, as he lifted Gollum off the ground and placed him in the hallway. “Be a good fellow Gollum, we shall share some roasted boar with you this night.”

Gollum struggled and complained of the rope around his neck. “It burns us, take it off, take it off us.” Gollum pleaded and struggled as he was pushed and pulled out from the Woodelves realm in northern Mirkwood. The sky was darkened by clouds and the forest floor was cool and damp. Finguld and his five companions walked lightly upon the forest floor and warned Gollum if tried to make an escape they would shoot him with many arrows.

“We will behave and stay close if you would take off the rope that burns the precious.” Gollum looked pitiful to the elves and they again warned him of sure death if he strayed from their circle. “We promises we shall stay close.” Gollum halted while the elves took off the halter and four fretted arrows on guard in case he bolted. Finguld took Gollum by the hand as they walked to a lone tall pine.

“Here we are Gollum, here is your tree and you may climb it as you please but be mindful we are watching your every move.” Finguld released Gollums hand and the creature hesitated, then turned to his captures’ with a smile and leapt to the tree and climb to its highest branches as easy as you or I would stand upon a chair.

As the Westering sun lit the clouds with fiery hues Finguld called to the creature Gollum to come down but Gollum pretended not to hear and moved himself around the trunk of the tree. This game of Gollums went on until evening fell upon the wood. The elves argued about who would climb up and capture the creature.

Gollum hissed and laughed at the elves and finally yelled down to them; “Goodbye nasty elveses!” and with that the woods all about the elves erupted with charging and howling orcs.

The small party of elves let loose a hail of arrows in the direction of their home and ran as quickly as elves can, and that is quick indeed. But they were overcome, four killed, and two taken as prisoner.

Gollum escaped his rescuers in the darkness, to cause what trouble another day.

This tale was inspired by Legolas's tale of the escape of Gollum, at the Council Of Elrond, in The Fellowship Of The Ring.