Hobbits, Hearts and Valentines

by Eruvanne

Elinor and little Frodo sat on the floor of their living room cutting out red and pink and white hearts. On each heart, they decorated by pasting onto them flowers they had picked along with a little note, written by Elinor since Frodo wasn’t able to yet. Having finished a small pile of assorted sized hearts, the two young hobbits left their mess to be cleaned up later, probably by their mother, to deliver their little bundles.

Running out the door, they found their father at work on the boxes of window flowers. After shuffling through the pile, Elinor pulled out a large white heart with a few small yellow flowers attached to it. Handing it to Frodo, she gave him a little towards Sam.

“Daddy, sis is fow you,” the little boy said holding up the heart. Sam looked down on his son with a bright smile shining from his dirt smudged face.

“Thank you, my boy. But what’s it for?”

“Valentine’s day, Daddy,” Elinor answered. “Didn’t you know today was Valentine’s?”

“No, sweetheart,” Sam replied kneeling down to his children’s level. “What is this Valentine’s day?”

“It’s a day where everybody makes hearts with pretty notes on them and give them to all the people they love,” explained Elinor.

“But where did ya hear ‘bout Valentine’s day? I’ve never even heard of it in all my travels.”

“We found it in a stowy book in Uncle Fwodo’s libwawy,” little Frodo provided. “It was about sis pwace called Ears and peopow sere cewebwate Vawentine’s day on Febwaiwy fouwtens.”

Sam gave a little chuckle. “So have you made lots of hearts today?”

“Oh yes, Daddy,” beamed Elinor, showing him the pile of hearts in her hands. “We have one for Mama, one for Uncle Frodo, one for Uncle Merry, one for Uncle Pippin, one for Violet, one for Petunia, one for Sam, and one for Gandalf, if he comes today.”

“How ‘bout I help you deliver you hearts to everybody. How’s that sound?” He was answered by nodding and squeals of glee from the two little hobbits in front of him. Suddenly, Sam was yanked forward by both hands and his children rushed him off to the holes of their play-mates. Then they went to the market and found Rosie shopping for groceries. Giving her a large red heart with little white flowers, they moved on to The Green Dragon to find Merry and Pippin. Sam made the delivery of the hearts and had his two friends come out and play a bit with Elinor and Frodo.

Finally, they marched up to Bag End to deliver their last heart, a white heart with a large red flower attached. Knocking on the round, green door, they waited for Uncle Frodo to answer. He did presently and warmly welcomed them inside his comfortable hole. The children bounded in with shouts of “Happy Valentine’s Day” which made Frodo look quizzically at his gardener.

“I’ll explain later, Mr. Frodo.” With a wink and a smile, Frodo accepted the heart and accompanying flowers from his adopted niece and nephew and listened to the stories they had read about that mythical place called Earth. The afternoon wore on and soon it was time to head home for supper. Frodo escorted Sam, Elinor, and little Frodo to the door and saw them walk their merry way back to Rosie and their own hobbit hole. The older hobbit closed the door gently and looked at the heart sitting on his table. Sitting down, he poured himself a cup of tea and gazed at the little gift of love.

“What a wonderful day,” thought Frodo.