Farewell to the Mountains

by Eruvanne

A/N: Back when I was more active on the boards, I used to write stories around the various songs in LotR. However, I have run out of songs so I have begun to use other songs that I like and wrote stories around them. This song is from Disney's "Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier." The poem itself was written by the real Davy Crockett (and is the italicized part). I hope you all enjoy it.

Farewell to the Mountains

Farewell to the mountains
Whose mazes to me
More beautiful far
Than Eden could be.

Duty called him forth. But his heart longed to remain in the mountains, his home. If his father had not told him that it was of the utmost importance that all peoples of Middle Earth be gathered, he would have happily remained at his forge crafting all kinds of raw metals and jewels into splendid pieces of art for either war or peace. Of course he would go, but he did not think that any place, even if it was elvish, could be quite so beautiful as his mountain home. And so Gimli followed his father Gloin away from hearth and home out into the world.

The home I redeemed
From the savage and wild;
The home I have loved
As a father his child.

Slowly he walked through the darkening forest. The stars had only begun to peep their bright faces from under the blanket of sky. This was his favorite time, twilight. When all the world seemed at peace, in-between the busyness of day and night. The earth itself seemed at peace. The trees seemingly terrible by day or night, seemed more like world-weary souls in the twilight. Gently, he laid his hand upon a nearby trunk and stroked unconsciously. How would he bear being away from it all? This place, his home, a spot of peace in a savage wood. Yet he would leave that next morning to help in the fight for the rest of the world as he had known it. And so Legolas gazed once last time around himself, breathed deeply, and returned to his father’s palace.

The wife of my bosom,
Farewell to ye all.
In the land of the stranger,
I rise or I fall.

He sat idly gazing about him. The waterfall fell softly and a light breeze played with the spray. He fancied he could almost here the water singing brightly as it flowed its merry way. The singing water lulled him into reverie upon his surroundings. Here was his home, in as much as anyplace could be a home. It was here that his mother had raised him and where she had finally lain to sleep forever. Strolling to where a dirtied statue of a woman sat, he began clearing away the foliage that had started to grow over it. As he removed the vines and dead leaves, he thought about home and family and love. Love. How was he to bear leaving her again? Perhaps this time never to return. In the strange lands he would be traveling, either he would rise to the heights from which he came or fall in the greatest defeat that ever befell the world. Sighing and brushing the last leaves from his mother’s statue, Aragorn straightened and went to find Arwen to bid her good-bye for possibly the last time.