The Yule Gifts

by Dinledhwen

Aragorn sighed while he looked at the last name left on his Yule gift list. Now under normal circumstances Arwen’s name would have been the last name remaining since he never knew what to give to his beloved wife whenever the occasion called for such things.

However, this year he had found her a gift right away as well as the gifts for the other people on his list.

“So why can’t I find something for you my friend?” he said softly to himself.

“There is no need for you to get me anything,” a merry elvish voice said from behind him.

Now this unexpected reply startled Aragorn and he whirled around on one heel so he could face its source.

“I have your friendship and that is enough for me,” Legolas added his intense blue eyes filled with the amusement he felt at being able to sneak up on the former Ranger from behind. Granted the man had been preoccupied with his list but then again he was not in a private area of the King’s House and should be aware of his surroundings. Therefore, the elf felt sure he could add this time to his total because his friend had the opportunity to detect his presence.

“And since I was able to sneak up on you…yet again…my total now stands at 30.”

Aragorn could not keep himself from laughing at that. Then he sobered. “I’m honored that you find my friendship to be enough for you. Still is there not something else I can give you?”

“You already did if you insist on giving me something.”

Aragorn blinked. “I did?”

“Yes you did by allowing although unknowingly my sneaking up on you!”

Aragorn blinked again while a slow smile of understanding appeared on his bearded face. Then he gave Legolas a warm manly hug, which the elf returned. “Ever since we met, I’ve known in my heart that your friendship was something special,” he said once they had parted.

“Of course it’s special! I don’t go around giving it to just any scruffy Ranger I meet out in the woods!”

Aragorn laughed. “And you snuck up on me back then too!”

Legolas smiled back as a look of satisfaction appeared on his face. “I must say that time was the best one of all! I never thought it possible for a man to jump up so high and straight into the air like you did while I cleared my throat.”

“Speaking of that how about we get some libation for both of ours and continue our reminiscing in the privacy of my royal study,” Aragorn now whispered out of the side of his mouth while he acknowledge with a nod of his head and a smile the bowing being done by a passing group of Minas Tirith residents.

Now Legolas readily agreed to this and for two hours afterwards the man and elf reminisced while they each enjoyed the warmness created by their friendship.

“You don’t have to give me a gift either my friend. The time we just now spent was enough for me,” Aragorn said as their talk began to taper off.

“I am glad to hear that because I had no clue as to what to give to you this Yule either!” the elf replied somewhat sheepishly.

Aragorn grinned. “So all the wisdom of the elves was of no help to you?” he teased.

“Actually it was.”

“How so may I ask?”

“By it telling me to come visit you and during that time I might learn what it was that I could give you. Therefore, the wisdom of the elves has been proven right once more.”

Aragorn then raised his goblet in a toasting gesture, which Legolas copied. “Here’s to the wisdom of the elves! May it ever be a source of help when gift ideas are lacking! Especially when it comes to Arwen since she was less than thrilled with the four slice fireplace toaster I got her for her birthday.”

Legolas grimaced while he lowered his glass. “You really did not give her that did you?”

Aragorn sighed as he lowered his. “Yes I did. I was running out of time and panicked. Suffice it to say she was not happy about it.”

After that, the elf took his leave when Aragorn’s Kingly duties required of him to be somewhere else in Minas Tirith. Which was just as well since Arwen had by then accidentally discovered the new wrought iron rug beater he had made for her…