The Magic in the Hair

by Dinledhwen

“I wonder if Legolas will let me touch it…” Pippin whispered to Merry out of the corner of his mouth while the hobbit watched the elf standing guard a few feet away from where the Fellowship was resting for the night.

“Touch what?” Merry whispered back.

“His hair. Sam and I were talking about elves earlier and he told me that elvish hair is magical and would bring me good luck if I touched it. So now I want to know if it really is true.”

“No you don’t want to know! You will only be making a fool of yourself since I have a good hunch that Sam is pulling your leg with that tale!” Merry firmly began to dissuade his friend from letting his curiosity get the better of him.

“Sam wouldn’t do that to me would he?” Pippin asked as he began to wonder if what Merry said was true.

“He has been known to do that to you a time or two in the past.”

Then the younger hobbit’s face fell when he began to remember how those times had left him red face in the end while Sam laughed. “Oh…yeah…now I remember…”

“Good! Now let’s get some sleep.”


Later that night Legolas was surprised to feel someone reaching up from behind and touching his hair. Swiftly he reached back and withdrew one of his white knives while gracefully pivoting around on one foot and when he saw that it was Pippin his quickly checked his defensive stroke so that the keen edge of the blade stopped just short of slicing into the hobbit’s neck.

Suffice it to say this close shave with death scared Pippin so much that all the color drained from his face and his eyes grew twice their width.

Meanwhile an equally scared Legolas had dropped down to one knee before the hobbit while he slipped his knife away. Then he used his eyes and fingers to search Pippin’s neck as a way to make sure that he had not harmed one of his smaller Fellowship companions. “Master hobbit whatever possessed you to sneak up on me like that?!” the elf then demanded as he tried to keep his growing anger at this foolish act in check.

“Sam said that touching elvish hair would bring me luck since it’s magical. I…I just had to try it even though Merry said that Sam might be pulling my leg with it,” Pippin blurted out in a shaky voice as his face began to turn red with embarrassment when he began to realize that he might have gone and made a fool of himself just as Merry had said would happen.

“Sam is wrong Pippin. My hair is no more magical in that way then yours is. And if I hadn’t been able to stop myself in time it would have brought to you nothing but death.”

“I know that now!” Pippin relied while nodding his head vigorously. “I won’t ever touch your hair again! Or any other elf’s hair I promise!”

“I’m glad to hear that! Now if your curiosity was such about this why didn’t you simply ask me about it?”

“I thought if I just touched it and ran off before you turned around then all would be fine. That way I wouldn’t make a fool of myself.”

Legolas felt his growing anger seep away at the underlining naiveté in the hobbit explanation. “Is there anything else you would like to know about my hair?” the elf asked while he hoped the hobbit wouldn’t be foolish enough to pull anymore stunts like this since he had an uncomfortable feeling that one more could put the whole Fellowship into jeopardy.

“No. You won’t tell Merry about this will you? He will skin me alive if he knew I had gone and made a fool of myself again because of something Sam told me,” Pippin said anxiously.

“I see no reason to mention this to Merry this time so your skin is safe,” Legolas said with a kind smile since he was starting to grow fond of the hobbit despite what had happened. Now this earned the elf a big hug which he gently returned so as to not squish the hobbit with his far stronger strength. Then Pippin smiled and waved back at him before running back towards his bed roll.

“Hobbits,” the elf said to himself while shaking his head in amazement. Then he stood up so he could resume his watch.