The Eating Game

by Dinledhwen

A/N: Once again, Legolas tries a new game and in the end, he is literally interested in having his cake and eating it too! Therefore, I now serve up this short story inspired by the "The Drinking Game" scene in ROTK movie.


“Would you like another slice of cake?” Legolas asked Aragorn the elf’s intense blue eyes twinkling with mischief.

“Legolas don’t tease me like that!” the stuffed man groaned before he softly belched. Then he slumped down in his chair.

“It looks like you might have room for the slice here,” the elf continued to tease while he gently poked the top of Aragorn’s bulging stomach.

“Stop that! Just the mere thought of eating anything more is making me queasy!”

“Aragorn don’t tell me the elf can hold his food too!” Gimli groaned out in disbelief from the floor where he lay flat on his back after his own overly full stomach had toppled him off his bench.

“Okay I won’t tell you.”

The dwarf groaned this time out of frustration at losing to the elf again.

Legolas softly chuckled before he looked down at his prone friend.

“There is more cake if you want it.”

Suddenly Gimli scrambled to his feet with one hand clamped over his bulging cheeks and mouth. Then he staggered as fast as he could out the door.

“Perhaps it was something he ate,” the elf innocently suggested while he cut himself a slice of cake.

Aragorn winced at the pun.

“How can you eat anything more?” he asked while his stomach started to churn at the thought of it.

“It’s easy my friend. While you and Gimli each ate, your way through three loaded, plates full of food I only placed on mine a small sampling from three different dishes so I am no where close to being full like you are. This piece of cake will be my fourth plate of food and I will be the winner once I eat it!”

“You cheated!” the dwarf accused angrily from outside. Fortunately, the fresh air kept him from loosing his meal.

Legolas adopted a hurt look.

“I did not! You and Aragorn only said whoever ate the most plates of food would be the winner. Neither one of you at any time mention the plates had to full of food in order to count!”

Aragorn chuckled.

“He’s got us there Gimli! Nor did I notice him doing it since I was so intent on out eating you both!”

The dwarf snorted while he watched as Legolas triumphantly ate his piece of cake.

“At least make him do the dishes!” he pleaded to Aragorn.

“I can’t my friend. Remember we also stipulated that the losers had to do them.”

Gimli snorted again.

Legolas laughed. “Seeing how the two of you are too stuffed to move I will be charitable and do them for you!”

“Come along Master Dwarf! Let us retire to the garden where we can digest in peace with our pipes!” Aragorn suggested. Then he loudly groaned as he slowly got to his feet.

“Are you sure the two of you wouldn’t like to take a nice large slice of cake with you?” the elf asked innocently his intense blue eyes twinkling with mischief.

“If only I had my axe with me then I could kill him right here and now!” Gimli growled menacingly.

“It’s a good thing you don’t. Otherwise we would end up having to do the dishes,” the man reminded while he shot the elf a warning look the same time he herded the grumbling dwarf out the door.

Legolas laugh again. “We will have to play this game again!” he yelled after them.

“Mellon nin if you keep up this teasing I will stuff you full with all the cake in Gondor!” Aragorn yelled back irritably.

Now this made the elf laugh again before he left his friends and their full stomachs alone and in peace.