The Singing Bane

by Dinledhwen
In answer to the "X Takes the Ring" writing challenge:

When Legolas offered his bow to Frodo back in Rivendell he thought he would only be helping to protect the hobbit on his journey into Mordor and nothing more. So his presence now at the end of the walkway jutting out over the lava in Mount Doom made that offer of help seem more like a dream than anything real.

Then the Ring began to “sing” to him again from the chain around his neck since it knew that the elf loved music as all his kind did and thus would be more prone to listening to its ensnaring words.

By now Legolas was nearly spent emotionally and physically which was something he had never experienced before in all of his long years and for a moment the Ring’s sweet song which was full of promises of power and glory for him was a very tempting way to put an end to his suffering.

But then the gut wrenching visions in his mind began again. Visions that were filled with the pain contorted faces of the Fellowship as each of them succumbed one by one to grisly deaths at the hands of Sauron’s minions while they had made their way south through Moria and the land beyond the borders of Lorien. Nor had there been anything he could have done to save them each time it had happened no matter how hard he had tried.

And while he grieved over each death it was Frodo’s which still hit him the hardest. If only he had not let his guard down so he could help the tired hobbit to build that small fire from the driftwood by the lake by which the ring bearer could warm himself. Then he would have sensed the lone Uruk-hai lurking in the nearby bushes and would have been able to kill the foul creation before it shot Frodo in the back with one of its dark arrows. But as it turned out he could only do so afterwards and by then it was far too late. And since he was the last of the Fellowship he had gently removed the gold chain and Ring from around Frodo’s neck before he had buried the hobbit as best he could.

“I promised to protect you Frodo and I have failed at that. But I will not fail you now. I will see to it that this accursed ring is destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom for you if it’s the last thing I ever do,” he had said firmly while gazing down at the small stony grave his face covered in a mask of determination so as to hide his grief.

Slowly Legolas now removed that same gold chain from around his neck and for a while he stood gazing at the small golden ring lying in the palm of his hand while he now let his unshed tears of grief to slowly create narrow muddy tracks down his dirty and sunken cheeks.

“I will never listen to your song no matter how sweetly you sing it! You have robbed me of several good friends and now it’s time for you to meet your end! Frodo this is for you!” he suddenly shouted angrily before he threw it with all the strength he could muster out over the lava.

There it hovered for what seemed like an eternity and Legolas momentarily feared that it would some how fly back to him. But then gravity took over and it fell till he lost sight of it in the glare of light coming from the molten rock far below.

But the elf knew he had succeeded when the mountain began to rumble under his feet.