The Adventures of Gimli & Legolas

by Woodster

While exploring a cave in the Misty Mountains, Gimli & Legolas run into a large group of Orcs. Of course they immeadiately begin to hack at and mutilate the Orcs, but a cowardly one runs away. Not ones to let orcs escape, they chase after it. The orc runs through a door and slams it shut behind him. Gimli gets to the door first and charges in. Legolas just glimpses a table, chair and wardrobe before the door slams in his face. He hears Gimli hacking away at something. He waits outside for him to finish.
Soon the noise stops.
"Gimli?" Legolas asks uncertainly through the door.
"He's gone, Leg," Gimli says opening the door a little.
"What!?!" Legolas cries. "I saw the orc dive into that room. He couldn't have just vanished into thin air. Are you sure he's not hiding in the wardrobe?"
Gimli opens the door properly and points to the floor.
"Well unless he can squeeze into one of those bite-sized pieces I've chopped it into, I'm sure."