Pip's Decision

by WiseMithrandir

1 .

"Parth Galan.........." said Boromir, son of Denethor as he looked over the ruins of Parth Galan, now covered by tall, beautiful trees. "Yes, we will rest here." said Aragorn, looking for any sign of danger. Frodo looked around too and then looked at Aragorn. "Aragorn, we will go down to the creekbed and gather water."
Sam looked at the little hobbit "But Frodo, there is a river right here.........." he said confused. "I know, Sam..... but something warns me not to go to the lake for water......"

As the four hobbits, Merry, Pippin, Frodo, and Sam walked to the creekbed, Frodo suddenly stopped, staring at all of the trees and plants, he then gasped and fell to the ground. "Mister Frodo!" cried Sam as he ran to Frodo's side. Frodo looked at him, Sam could see his eyes were glazed over. "Ge........get.........get......Ara...........g...."
" I'll go get Mr. Aragorn sir!" said Sam as he ran back to the camp.

"Don't touch him! Give him room!" said Merry to Pippin, who were still standing next to Frodo. Frodo started to choke violently and seemed to be in a world of darkness, everywhere he looked he saw the Nazgul. His hand swept up quickly and grasped the golden ring around his neck.

Pippin ran quickly to Frodo and ripped the Ring from Frodo's neck. "Whatr're ya doin', Pip?!" cried Merry. "Only for safekeeping.........." said Pip as he looked down at the ring. "Yessssss........only for sssssssafekeeping.........." Merry tried to tackle Pip but Pip vanished in thin air as he put the ring on.

Aragorn came down the hill quickly with Sam to find Frodo lying on the ground.
"It's his Morgul-Wound, it will haunt him for the rest of his life......" said Aragorn as he ran to Frodo's side. He looked at the scar from when the Witch-King stabbed Frodo.
It seemed to grow as he watched it, and fast. Aragorn quickly noticed that the Ring had gone from Frodo's neck. He looked angrily over at Merry, who was lying on the ground, in tears.

"WHERE IS THE RING?!" yelled Aragorn violently at Merry. The poor hobbit stood up and leaned against a tree."P......Pi..........Pip........" Aragorn suddenly realized what had happened. "What did Pippin do? Tell me!"
Merry looked up at the two, Frodo and Aragorn. "Pippin took the Ring, and starting actin strange, then he vanished......."