The Challenges of Elrohir Enerdhil

by WiseMithrandir
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Elromir Enerdhil, A common foot soldier of Rohan, fought in the First Battle of the Fords of Isen, and almost gave his life to defend Prince Theodred........alas it could not be helped.....Theodred was still mortally wounded. Elromir was dragged away by the surviving orcs, and believed Theodred to be dead. As they were about to leave the battlefield, Elromir was able to creep to the back of the force and steal a horse from it's orc rider. He then turned to escape from the orcs when the horse was shot by an archer. The horse stumbled into the middlle of the field and fell over dead. Elromir rolled off of the horse, knock out by the fall.

"Let's leave him!"cried an orc to his commander
"Yes....... he is dead..........Let's go!" cried the commander of the force as they started to ride back to Isengard.

Elromir stayed there, eating bread from the pouches of the dead soldiers and drinking water from the containers of the dead orcs.

Finally in the distance Elromir could make out the shape of a horse and a rider coming to the savage battlefield.. "The Rohirrim,"cried Elromir, falling to his knees in joy"they have come!" He watched the Riders searching for survivors and Theodred when one Rider came up to him. "Hello, Elromir." Elromir turned and saw a familiar face. "Look, my brother Erohir, I'm alive!" The two brothers shared a long hug before Eomer, commander of the Rohirrim, ordered all Riders to leave, for they had found Theodred.

Elromir mounted the back of Erohir's horse and together they rode back to Edoras and his wife Sarah Enerdhil. Little did he know that his dangers were only beginning.

Theodred's Final Farewells

Elromir waited until Eomer and Eowyn left Theodred's room before he walked in. He knelt beside his badly wounded friend. Theodred looked up at him with eyes that seemed to glaze over. "You........ protected me for........ as long as....... as you could......... for this I thank you........ Let me fin.........finish. I fear that my father may make a horrible mistake.......... I leave it as your task.......... your task to help my father in any way possible........ to help protect the people from his mistake." he let out a terrible hacking cough and layed his head back down. Elromir put his hands on Theodrid's shoulders. "Theodred, my lord, I swear to you that I will not let Rohan fall to the enemy as long as I draw breath. You did your duty." Theodred looked up at him and showed a small smile. "Goodbye, my friend..........." he layed down ad seemed to fall asleep, his last breath had been drawn. "Goodbye, my friend." replied Elromir as he stood up. He took Theodrid's sword and placed it across his chest with honor.

Elromir and his brother Erohir, who had rescued him from the remains of the battle, attended the funeral. As Eowyn sang, Elromir drew his sword and raised it in high front of him. "TO THEODRED!" he cried. Erohir, who had also been a good friend of Theodrid's, did the same. "To Theodred, my loyal friend and brave commander!" Soon afterwards, all the soldiers, including Theoden, raised their swords high in front of them, crying their own farewells. Eowyn continued to sing. She had only a dagger with her, so she raised it in honor. "To my beloved cousin!"


Erohir watched from the door as Eomer and Eowyn walked into the throne room.
"Your son is badly wounded, my lord." said Eowyn to Theoden. Eomer comes closer. "He was ambushed by orcs. If we don't defend this country, Saruman will take it by force." "That is a lie........" said Grima Wormtongue, who stood next to Theoden. "Saruman would never attack us." Erohir walked in angrily and grabbed Grima by the throat. "How long is it since you were bought?" he threw him at a wall. "You think it was not Saruman? Ask my brother! He was forced to live among the carcasses of the battle for days! Because of Saruman!" He drew his sword and moved to cut Grima's throat, but was stopped by Eomer. "Do not be the judge of filth. Do not let him leave his miserable excuse of a life. Let him suffer."

The two Rohirrim were soon summoned to the throne room again. "What is it now?"
asked Erohir angrily as they walked in. They were suddenly surrounded by soldiers. Wormtongue walked to them calmly. "You are banished from the kingdom of Rohan and all it's domains, under pain of death."

Eomer and the Rohirrim, including Erohir, rode out of Rohan, and soon caught the tracks of a party of orcs roaming across the plains.(The same iorcs that captured Merry and Pippin)
"We may be banished, but we can still help Rohan. Let us find and slaughter these foul creatures!" cried Eomer as he rode to the front. Everyone cried in agreement.

They tracked the orcs for days, finally catching up to them at night as they camped. One of the Riders threw a spear and hit an orc in the back as they charged in. Erohir cut down several orcs, but his horse was wounded badly. He fell from the horse and was shot with an arrow. He continued to fight but was shot again. He was carried from the battle the next day, wounded but alive. The Rohirrim met with an elf, a dwarf, and a Man. Sadly, Erohir's wounds were too grim. He died the next day.

Back at Edoras a while later, Elromir met with his wife, Sarah. Theoden ordered Edoras to be emptied. They were to make for Helm's Deep. As he was packing, a soldier walkewd in to see him. "Theoden King requests your presence." As Elromir walked in to the room, Theoden looked at him. "You protected my son and survived the battle. For this I am grateful. You must be strong and willful. I am giving you command of one of my regiments."

Part 4: The Ents Have Awoken

Soon after Elromir was given command of one of the regiments, he was summoned by Theoden once again. He walked to the throne, both nervous and excited. "Elromir Enerdhil. Come come......... there is a problem that needs a solution.... and YOU can provide the solution." said Theoden calmly as he stared at the Rohirrim banners. "There is a large host of Uruk-hai heading straight through Fangorn Forest heading for Helm's Deep. We need Helm's Deep. You must destroy the Uruks before they leave Fangorn." Elromir bowed to the King, "My lord, it will be done."

Soon after, Elromir gathered his regiment. After a long journey, they reached Fangorn Forest. They scouted through until......

"My lord Elromir! We've found the encampment!"
cried a scout. Elromir ran forward to see the Uruks about to hit a strangley shaped tree....

"Come you maggots get some firewood!!" cried their leader. An orc hit the tree with an axe. Then the strangest thing happened..... the tree opened it's eyes. The tree had eyes!

Elromir looked at the eyed-tree with fear and amazement. "It's an Ent." The scout ran to him, "It's a what?" he asked nervously. "The Uruks are already dead..... RUN!!!!" cried Elromir. The entire force started to ride back through the forest. Elromir turned to see the Ent crushing the Uruk-hai. Suddenly a sound swept in front of them. He turned to see many Ents. The Ents looked angrily at them "MORE ORCS!" they cried, mistaking the riders for remnants of Saruman's uruk-hai. They started to crush some of the riders. The riders ran through them, trying to escape. When they finally left the forest, they had less than half of their men. .