Eomer is Loyal

by faramirgirl (vaires)

Prequel: How Long?

How long has it been Grima since Saruman bought you and what was the promised price? All the gold when all the men are dead?

Eomer, the loyal warrior of Rohan, has always been loyal to his King and Uncle. Skilled with a bow and arrow and excellent horsemanship, Eomer fought for his land with pride and honor.

Riding one day with his men, they came across a battle site of Orcs and men. Eomer said at once, "Find the King's son." They found him alive and took him back to Rohan.

Eowyn and Eomer went to the King and told him of his son's wounds. But, the King's mind had already been taken over by Saruman with the help of Grima. Eomer threw down the helmet with the mark of Saruman. It didn't even cause the King to blink. The King has become a very old looking man, much older than he really was.

Taking Grima by the throat, Eomer told him, "For too long you have haunted the steps of my sister, too long." But, before he could say anything else, Grima's men grabbed him from behind and punched him and held him. Grima told him, "Your punishment is death."

"You have no power here, your words mean nothing," said Eomer. Grima tells him, "It was ordered by the King. He signed the papers this morning."

Eomer got away from Grima's men and went to the stables and gathered the men that were loyal to Rohan. He told the men what had happened and that he was banished. When they rode off, this left Eowyn alone with Grima, but, her brother knew that she could be strong. Because she knew her brother wouldn't have just left her without reason. Eomer and Company rode North.

Eomer is Loyal

Eomer is loyal, he and his men will return and fight for the King.

Grima had Eomer banished from Rohan. Still loyal to the land and people he loved, Eomer and his loyal men rode off.

Killing the Orcs that had Merry and Pippin, unbeknownst to him, he had freed them from a certain death. When they had piled the Orcs up and burned them, they rode North.

They rode right passed Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. After they had all passed, Aragorn stepped out and shouted, "Riders of Rohan, what news from the Mark?" Legolas and Gimli stood beside their most trusted and beloved friend, Aragorn.

Hearing Aragorn's shout, Eomer put up his sword and his men made a circle around Aragorn and company. Eomer rode up and asked, "What business does a Man, Elf and a Dwarf have in these lands? Speak now!"

"Tell me your name, Horse Master, and I will tell you mine," said Gimli.

Eomer looked at Gimli and jumped down from his horse and said, "I would chop off your head, Dwarf, if it stood a little higher off the ground."
"You would die before your sword was drawn" said Legolas.

Aragorn lowered Legolas' bow and arrow and tells Eomer who they are and that he is a friend of the King. Eomer is upset because the King no longer recognizes even his own kin. He tells Aragorn that Saruman has taken over the land and that it goes evil with the King. Aragorn assures Eomer that they are not the enemy and that they are tracking the Orcs that had taken their friends hostage. Eomer tells Aragorn that they killed the Orcs and piled them up and burned them. This saddens the company. Eomer said he was sorry and gives them two horses and tells them to look for their friends but not to trust to hope.

Eomer and Company ride North and Aragorn and Company ride South.