Samwise's Thoughts

by Tori*Took

I won't go to sleep. I still don't trust that stinker, and Mr. Frodo needs all the sleep he can get. So pale; it's not right. Looks almost elvish I'd say, glowing, a bit transparent too.

I've only seen him once like that before and it scared me half to death. He told me prior to his illness that he was going to let me take a few days off. I didn't want to but he told me it would be good for me to rest and enjoy the good weather without havin to work in it. I knew he wouldn't back down so I agreed.

About two days later, I figured I had enough restin and need to get back to workin. I knocked on Mr. Frodo's door to let him know I would be getting back to work but he didn't answer so I sort of let myself in. It was dark and a bit stuffy.

"Mr. Frodo?" I called out. I headed to his room and saw him laying on his bed. He was in a sweat and thin as ever, like he hadn't been eatin'. His forehead was burning up. "Frodo!" I exclaimed. He looked up at me and tried to smile. "Oh, hello Sam. Are you back to start working again?"

"Well, I was Mr. Frodo but I believe you need a bit o' lookin after untill
you get better." I led him to the kitchen and had him sit down. I opened the shades to let a bit of light in and started to make a broth and tea for him. He looked tired and tried to tell me he was fine and could look after himself but I wouldn't let him. We went out outside and walked around. The sunshine did him good.

Sam sighed as he looked down at his sleeping friend. "I wish I had a bit of sunshine now. If only to ease his torment a bit. It has been so long since I've seen him smile, since I've seen the sun, since I've had any true hope. Seeing him in so much pain diminishes my own hope every time I see him. His thin features, the glaze over his eyes, even seeing him stumble along. I just want this journey to be done with, so he can heal. Though, I don't know how much healing he could get; He has been through so much torment that has scarred his life."

It was time for them to get going and Gollum was bugging Sam to wake Frodo up, but Sam just let him sleep. He wouldn't have to wake up to this nightmare again, for at least a little while.....just a little while longer...