Faramir Muses

by Tori*Took

“Your father loves you, Faramir.”

Does he, Mithrandir? Yes, he loved, and still loves my brother, and for good reason. Boromir never faltered, he was never scared in a fight. That’s why he won almost every battle --- almost. Of course, now, he’s not here to lead our soldiers to a victory…to save Osgilliath. So it’s my duty. My father has made it very clear to me that I either destroy every orc that dares challenge Gondor, or I might as well die trying. After all, isn’t that what my brother would have done?

I ride out of the gates, a battlefield straight ahead, and frightened soldiers following bravely behind me. As the horses gallop steadily faster, everything seems quiet. The deep breath before the plunge. My heart beats in my ears, quickly, as that of the horses’ hooves. There is only one thing I care about now. Living? If that means forfeiting the fight, then by all means, no. The one thing I cannot get my mind off of is my father. If dying will win his respect for me, then is dying so bad? Maybe death is just another part of life. I guess though if I die, I won’t know how my father really feels. Maybe I already know….maybe he really doesn’t care if I die or not…..

I hope Mithrandir is right. I respect him and for the most part trust what he says.

We ride into the city full on. I no longer see anything. I no longer have to think about what I do. My actions are automatic and I don’t realize when I have fallen. My heart beating faster and faster suddenly slows down. I lay there, watching my companions fall. Everything is so surreal. Am I really dying? Did I fail my father, or is this what he wanted? Everything turns black before my eyes……