The Last Part of his Adventure

by Tom Cotton

He stared at the three Hobbits, who after only a small part of his life had become the greatest friends that he ever had. As he set sail on the last ship from Valinor, Frodo Baggins sat down on the wooden decking, now warm with the bright sun which lay in its sky.
The first but not last thing that he did on that journey was cry. He cried for his home in Hobbiton, he cried for Sam, but he also cried in happiness and hope. He knew that what he had done was beyond any deed that (as Sam had told him) “The folk in the great stories” had done. He knew now that The King of the South of Middle Earth was going to rebuild the land in hope that a better world could now be built. He knew that all the people of many races he met in the fellowship were content. And that Sam was happily married.
Then he saw in a flash the great eye of Sauron and plugged his ears in shell-shock when he heard the cry of the Witch King. He saw Gollum’s evil face above the fire of Mount Doom and felt the heat all over his body for a second, making him wriggle for a moment. Frodo was going on a journey to get these memories (good and evil) gone with.
Frodo saw the lava crawl around the rock where Sam and he lay. After the end of all things. And lo! He remembered the conversation he and Sam had when they thought they were going to die. He wondered what Sam would be thinking too. Then he thought that Sam had Rosie and his kids to think about.
“Sam, what would I have done without you,” said Frodo.
Suddenly a voice came from behind him. “Sam was faithful to you all the way, he knew how hard it was for you to carry that almighty burden.
“Gandalf, how’s Bilbo doing?” Said Frodo. Gandalf replied, “He is well, he just started a conversation with the elves. I’ve been here quite a while you know, you seem very shocked Frodo. I am glad though, that you are worrying about everything that happened, for as I said ‘not all tears are evil,’ you are just going through a phase where all the pain is re-built and getting out of you.”
Frodo started, “Sam and I endured much pain together, Gandalf. We thought you were dead for a long time.” Gandalf replied, “thank you for that,” and they both laughed. Then a seagull cawed above them. And they listened a while as the waves lapped up against the wood below them.
Frodo continued, “Sam and I both thought that we were going to die too, when the lava built around us on that outcrop at Mount Doom. Tell me again, how did those eagles know you so well? For just as my eyes were fading I saw you on top of Gwaihir when you picked me up.”
Gandalf hesitated and then began, “I shall explain in a while, I just want to tell you that we do not always have to decide what to do with the time that is given to us, we must plan our futures and help others make decisions. Right now, Frodo, we are reminiscing our many memories. Your memories, however are important to me. Come now, tell me everything you forgot to tell me.”
Frodo smiled, looked at Gandalf and started.