Never Left

by TinuvielwithHim

Frodo Gamgee sat at the top of a hill, leaning against a lush, neatly trimmed, hedge. A sandy, red, road ran before his furry, hobbit feet, down past Bag-End and to the mountains beyond. “The road goes ever on, and on…” he murmured to the darkening sky.

He could still remember clearly how his pa, Samwise Gamgee, would sing him that poem every night after he read a chapter out of the Red Book. “Some day, Frodo lad, I’m gonna follow that road after my master. Some day I’ll sail from the havens with the elves.” Pa used to say before kissing young Frodo’s forehead and adding, “But not today my boy, not today.” But, sooner than Frodo could ever have imagined, the day came.

The image was still etched on the inside of Frodo’s eyelids, every time he closed his eyes he saw his pa, walking toward the distant towers. The tears began to pour down Frodo’s face, his pa was gone. Forever.

As he lay there weeping Frodo felt a gentle breeze ruffle his golden hair. He looked up and saw a beam of setting sun pour forth from a gap in the hills, illuminating a large, falling leaf. A mallorn leaf, riding the breeze, heading for the distant havens. As Frodo’s gaze followed the tumbling leaf toward the setting sun he seemed to hear elvish words ringing in his ears, words that took form in his mind.

“I’ve never left, my boy. I still linger here, in the flowers, the trees, my memory remains, even hidden in the soil. Remember the elves, remember the lady’s box, and remember me, your pa.” And Frodo remembered.

As he contemplated those words a young voice slipped into his consciousness. “Pa!” Frodo turned, grinning, and held out his arms. “Samwise, my boy!” He gathered his son to his chest. “Pa, I was afraid you left.” Sam murmured, staring up into Frodo’s eyes. Frodo smiled gently down at him. “Pa never left Sam…

‘Pa never left.”