Legolas and the Istari

by suzie sheelf

The old man glanced up at the sky, peering from below the rim of his pointed blue hat, squinting, now and again he sighed. Anor was low in the sky and it would soon be dark. He urged his horse on, hoping to reach the forest of Mirkwood and it’s elven palace before darkness fell, not relishing the thought of traveling the dark woods in the deep of night.

Passing under he eaves of the forest he sighed with relief he was almost at his destination. Looking up at the canopy above, he smiled, he knew he was being watched by many eyes, but he also knew that those same eyes were friendly. He called up to the canopy. “Are you going to stay up there all day, or are you going to come down and greet an old man?”

There was no answer, but the sound of elvish laughter. He knew he would get no more of an answer. The denizens of the woodland realm would not show themselves unless they wished to be seen. Thinking he heard something behind him, the old man turned in his saddle to look behind. He shook his head, sighing once again, ‘I seem to be doing that a lot today’ he thought to himself. But was startled out of his musings as a faired haired elf appeared in front of him, as if he out of thin air.
The elf stood hands on his hips and legs shoulder width apart, and looked very serious indeed.

“Le ab-dolen!”

He looked the elf in the eye, startled at the seriousness in them. He was late and this young elf seemed quite annoyed at that fact.

“ Istar, Thrandulion naa avar telwa.” He was startled once again as the elf put up his hand to stop him continuing.

Walking up to the horse and taking the bridal, he looked up at the figure in the saddle. “Where have I heard that before, Mithrandir? Nor are you early, is that what you were going to say next?” The elf prince raised an eyebrow still looking the istari in the eye. “You are still late.” He said almost pouting, “You missed all the festivities.”

“Amin hiraetha, Legolas. But I had business to attend to, and no time for festivities.” He looked down at the elf as he dismounted and came to stand next to him. “I am afraid that darkness has descended upon your home. I need to speak with your father, and soon.”

“Adar knows of your arrival, and will be waiting for you at the palace. I sent scouts on ahead.” Then rembering his manners, he placed his right hand over his heart, and brought it out in a sweeping gesture. “Mae govannen Mithrandir, nae saian luume`.”

Mithrandir smiled and gathered the elf in a warm embrace, “Mae govannen, Legolas. Yes it has been to long.”

Legolas sat next to his father, his eyes wide concern, as he told Mithrandir about the increase in orcs in the forest and the giant spiders that now plagued his people.

Mithrandir nodded, “That is why I have returned, darkness has descended, and it stems from Dol Gulder.”

“Dol Gulder!?” Legolas exclaimed. “Many patrols have not returned from that accursed place. Those that have returned from patrolling near there, tell of numerous orcs and wraiths.” He looked at the wizard. “What is happening Mithrandir? Who is behind all this?”

Mithrandir looked at the stricken prince, “That is what I am going to find out nin ernil. I am going to enter Dol Gulder.”

Thranduil leapt to his feet, “Ed`і`ear ar`elenea, Mithrtandir! Have you lost your senses?”

A few days later as Mithrandir was preparing to leave for Dol Gulder, he was met by Legolas who was armed with his bow, a quiver full of arrows and his duel knives. “I am coming with you Mithrandir.”

“No Legolas, you are not.” Mithrandir replied sternly.

“If you do not let me come with you, I will just follow anyway.” Legolas exclaimed.

Mithrandir sighed deeply; he knew the prince would do just that. He would have to tie him up or lock him in his room, but the preposterous elf, would just follow as soon as he was free. Looking at Legolas sternly he replied, “You may come, but you will leave me at the gates of Dol Gulder, you will not enter.”

Legolas was about to protest, but stopped, he realized this was as good as it was going to get.

It took them a day and a half on foot to reach the part of the forest where the trees seem to have died out. “We are getting close.” Legolas whispered.

Mithrandir motioned for Legolas to stay. But Legolas shook his head, “Derithon na chin.”

Mithrandir looked at him, with a very stern look, Legolas looked back a picture of innocence, “I will remain with you as far as the gates.”

They neared the gates and Legolas stopped in his tracks. “Ennas na`si mân-nin giri im –enni.”

Mithrandir smiled kindly at the frightened elf. “Wait five days, if I have not returned in that time, send news to Elrond in Imladris.”

Legolas nodded and swallowed hard, he really did not want Mithrandir to go alone in to the very pits of hell, as it seemed. But now that he has seen Dol Gulder with his very eyes, he understood why the Istari must go alone. Before Mithrandir could move off, he grabbed the old man in a hug. “Tira ten rash we, Mithrandir. Endore will not be the same without you.”

Mithrandir moved forward, then turned to farewell the prince, but he was not there. Looking up into the trees, he smiled to himself knowing that the elf had once again taken refuge in the canopy, but took strength from knowing that he would still be there when he returned, if he returned.

Legolas peered down through the branches and watched as Mithrandir made his way into Dol Gulder, and whispered a prayer, “Aa` і Valar varya lle.”


Le ab-dolen = Your late

istari, Thrandulion naa avar telwa = a wizard son of Thranduil is never late

Amin Hiraetha = I am sorry

Nae saian luume = it has been to long

Ed і Ear ar eleana = by the sea and stars

Derithon na chin = I will remain with you

Ennas na si man-nin giri im- enni = There is evil here my spirit shudders within me

Tira ten rash we = take care/be careful

Aa і Valar varya lle = may the Valar protect you

Endore = Middle earth