Haldir and his Brothers meet the Fellowship

by suzie sheelf

Haldir placed his hand against the mallorn, and smiled as the tree told him news of the forest. Sitting down resting his back against its trunk he softly hummed to himself as he waited for his brothers to return from scouting their part of the forest.

News had come from Imladris and Lord Elrond, about a fellowship of nine that would be passing this way. What races made up the company of nine he did not know; Lady Galadriel did not say?

Sighing he looked up and watched as the wind played with the leaves of the trees he loved so well. He mused to himself, ‘would there be mallorn’s in Aman? He was brought from his musings by the approach of two shadows moving silently through the trees.

“Suilad nin torni, mani nae lle na nyarin?” he asked.

Sitting beside their brother, Orophin, and Rumil exchanged glances with each other, Haldir saw this, and raising an eyebrow asked, “Mani?”

“Eight people approach the Golden Woods.” Orophin answered.

“Toloth! Eresse toloth?” Haldir exclaimed, ‘they can not be the fellowship’ he mused to himself..

Looking at his brothers who once again exchanged glances this time confused ones, ‘what was their brother on about?’ they thought. Seeing the looks they gave each other, Haldir replied. “Let us have a closer look.” He said concern on his face. “Who dares to approach the Golden Woods?”

Taking to the trees, the three silently made their way to the eaves of the forest.

“Toron, maa! Min naa nogoth.” Orophin said trying to hide the surprise in his voice.

Haldir groaned inwardly, it would be his duty to inform the Lord and Lady of the intruders. And Lord Celeborn harboured hatred towards dwarves, ever since the destruction of home land, Doriath, and the murder of his kinsman Thingol at the hands of a dwarf. No the Lord of the Galadhrim was not going to be happy.

Rumil tapped him on the shoulder and pointed, “Haldir look, they have children with them.”

The three Sindar sat and watched as the Fellowship drew closer.

“They cross the Nimrodel.” Orophin whispered.

“Dina!” Haldir said, “Listen, that is the melodic voice of one of our kin from the Woodland Realm.”

Rumil stood, “Why would an elf be travelling with a dwarf?” he asked confusion in his voice.

Haldir looked at his brother’s and shrugged lightly, “I know not.” Then with a feral grin, “Shall we find out?”

Dropping lightly to the ground and reading their bows, they silently like shadows approached the oncoming fellowship.
Notching arrows and drawing their bows, they aimed at the startled fellowship. Haldir moved from behind his brothers and the other sentries.

“The dwarf breathes so loud, we could have shot him in the dark!”


“Suilad nin torni, mani nae lle na nyarin?” (Hello my brothers, what have you to tell (report))

“Toloth! Eresse toloth?” (Eight! Only eight?)

“Mani!” (what!)

“Toron, maa! Min naa nogoth.” (Brother look! One is a dwarf)

“Dina!” (Silence/ Be silent)