Coming  to Edoras

by suzie sheelf

The child sat by the fire legs pulled up her chest, arms hugging her knees, she had sat like that all morning, she did not care who watched her, all she wanted was her mother, but mother was gone. They had buried her that morning, she could not live without her husband who had cruelly been killed by orcs two weeks previously, she let out an involuntary sob, her and her brother where not enough to keep grief at bay.

The young boy watched from the doorway, he did not know how to comfort his sister, the grief was still to raw for him to deal with, he did not want to cry, men don’t cry and he was now the man of the house, even though he was only 11 years old.

Finally getting his emotions under control he approached his sister. “Eowyn, Uncle Theoden, has sent a missive, he wishes for us to join him in Edoras.”

Eowyn looked up, her face tear stained, “We can’t leave Eomer, mother and father are here.”

Eomer came and knelt by his sisters side, “They are gone, we must move on, it is what they would have wanted.” Then he gently stood kissing his sisters head as he had watched his mother do many times, when trying to cheer up his little sister.

A week had passed when a dozen men bearing the banner of the Lord of the Mark, rode into the Eastfold, Eomer walked out o greet them.

Eowyn was in her room, a maid helping her to pack. She did not have the heart to part with so many things but it was a fair journey to Edoras, so the maid packed what she thought her lady might need for the journey, and for afterwards, all Eowyn chose was a rag doll her mother had given her on her last birthday, she had just turned 7 years old, she sighed she felt a lot older than that now.

Eomer waited for her in the great hall. “Eowyn, this is Gamling and Hama, they have come with our cousin Theodred to escort us to Edoras.”

Eowyn smiled at the three men, she did not know her cousin very well, she was always sent off to play when ever he came to speak with father, as for Theoden King, she could not remember him, she knew he was at the funerals of her parents but that was all just a blur to her.

The journey ahead of them was about 23 leagues, Eomer explained to Eowyn, “It should only take us a couple of days to get there.”

Eowyn was silent she just nodded as she watched the passing scenery, ‘two days till.. till what she thought.’

They camped out; Theodred set out the sentries, and came to sit by his young cousins. “We will be in Edoras tomorrow, little princess.” He said smiling.

“Eowyn doesn’t like being called that,” Eomer said in defence of his sister.

“My apologise, my lady,” he said bowing lightly, “But you are now to live with the King of Rohan, you are his sisters children, that makes you a prince and a princess.”

Eowyn looked up defiance on her small face, “I am no princess, I am a shield-maiden.”

Theodred turned his face so that the girl would not see his grin, turning back once he had his facial features under control, “And a fine shield-maiden you will make, Eowyn. I my self shall teach you what I can.”
Then looking up at the sky, he turned back to the young ones, “I suggest you get some sleep, it is getting late.”

The next day, was long and tiring and Eowyn had fallen asleep in the saddle, when she felt Eomer nudge her, “Eowyn look, the Golden Hall of Meduseld, look how the roof shines like gold in the sun.”

Eowyn looked up, she was awe struck and did not know what to say. She was like this all the way to the great hall.
Once they reached the many steps she looked up, it was so high she thought to herself, and them with Eomer at her side they followed Theodred up the stairs, she tried to count them but kept on being distracted by so many new and wonderful sights.

Once at the top she turned and looked out across the meadows, the view of awe-inspiring, if only the wind would stop buffeting her.

Theodred cleared his throat to get their attention, he pointed to the great doors. “Theoden King awaits you inside.”

The doors opened, she reached for Eomer’s hand, who in turn had reached for hers, what was Theoden King like was the question going through their minds.
Eomer was wondering if he was the same gentle man who came to his parent’s funerals, while Eowyn’s mind was blank in terror.

Theoden stood beside his throne and watched as the two children walked in side by side, he noted how they clutched each other’s hands, and his heart went out to them. He had been extremely saddened at the death of his good friend Eomund, but to lose his beloved sister two weeks later, it was the only thing he could do but to take his sisters children under his care.

His eyes misted a little as he noted how much the girl resembled his sister, while the boy though having traits of his sister was very much his fathers son.

Eomer and Eowyn stopped before the throne, Eomer bowed while Eowyn curtsied. Theoden, knelt on one knee opening his arms, and enfolded the two in a hug. “Welcome to Edoras, my sister children, may you be happy in your new home.”