Elrond's Choice

by suzie sheelf

Elrond sat in his study late one night, staring out the window into the darkness, he did not hear the soft the knock or the door open as his wife the Lady Celebrian, silently slipped into the room. “Brooding again?”

Elrond looked up in surprise, as Celebrian bent down and placed a gentle kiss on his lips, “No nin meleth, just remebering that is all.”

Celebrian smiled sadly, it was the same every year. She would find her husband sitting in his study thinking of his brother; on the anniversary of the date they made their decision. “It is late, you should come to bed, herven.”

Elrond smiled lovingly at his wife; “I will be there soon.” He watched as Celebrian silently left the study, his mind wandering back the many centuries to that day, he often wondered how life would have been, had Elros chosen differently.

The War of Wrath had finished and the Valar and the Elves had been victorious, Morgoth had once again been chained and sent to the void. All were joyous except for two peredhil who stood before Eönwë, the herald, and standard-bearer of Manwë.

“Sons of Eärendil, for your valour shown in battle, Manwë, has granted you a choice. To either be counted as one of the First Born, or with the Edain. You will be given one week in which to make your choice, in which time I will return to hear your decisions.”

Gil-galad the High King of the Noldor and Círdan the Shipwright stood back in the distance, they had been concerned when Eönwë had said he wished to speak with the peredhil alone. Both were extremely curious as to what Manwë’s herald had to say.

Elrond smiled confidently to himself, he knew his choice, and was certain his brother would choose the same. Why would they want to be of the Edain? Yes their ada was Edain, well partly, but they had never really known him, he was a mariner, and away from home a lot. They had never seen him again, after his voyage on Vinglot, to seek the aid of the Valar. And now only knew him as the Star, which they call Eärendil or Gil-estel. But since been rescued from Maedhros and Maglor, the sons of Feanor, Gil-galad, had been a foster father to them.

“Elrond, Elros.” Gil-galad called. “What did Eönwë want with you two?” he asked trying to hide the worry in his voice, over the years the peredhil had lived with him, he had grown quite attached, well they were family in a sense.

Elrond and Elros looked at each other, Elrond spoke. “Manwë has granted a choice, to be of the First Born, or to be of the Edain.”

Gil-galad looked at the peredhil then at Círdan, both knew that, as the boys were only half elves that they would not live forever. And that they would suffer the grief of eventually watching them grows old and die.

“Which will you choose?” Círdan asked.

“To be of the First Born.” Elrond said confidently, though his smile slowly faded as when he saw the look of deep contemplation on his brother’s face.


Elros looked at his brother; “It is not an easy decision, Elrond. We cannot change our minds later on.”

“But what is there to contemplate Elros, we will be of the First Born, we will be elves.” Elrond said almost getting angry at his younger his brother.

“I am sorry Elrond, but I need time to think this over.”

Later that night Elrond lay beneath the night sky looking up at the stars, watching his fathers star as it crossed the heavens. He enjoyed this time alone; it gave him a chance to speak with his ada, even though Eärendil did not reply. He liked to tell his ada about his day and his worries. Right now he was telling his ada about the choice he and Elros had to make, he was worried what would happen if Elros chose differently, how could he live his life without his brother by his side, they had been through so much together.


Elrond sat up and saw Gil-galad, standing next to him.

“Suilad Ereinion.”

“Suilad Elrond, may I join you. I heard you talking with your ada.”

Elrond reddened slightly as he patted the earth next to him, inviting Gil-galad to sit next to him. “It helps to clear my mind.”

Gil-galad smiled kindly, “I know neth min, I often talk to the portrait of my ada in my room, when I am troubled.”

“Ereinion, what am I to do if Elros chooses differently cant you talk to him, make him see sense?”

“No Elrond, I cannot. The decision, is yours and Elros alone, I may not interfere.”

Elrond got to his feet and bowing, “It is late, I bid you quel du Majesty.”

“Quel du Elrond” Gil-galad sighed as he watched Elrond depart. He felt deeply for the young peredhil. They may look alike but were so different. Elrond was more elvish, in his love of the learning new things, he was more like his mother where as Elros loved the sea, and was more like his father. He sighed again; he knew they were going to lose Elros to the Edain.

The week passed very slowly, and finally it was the night before Eönwë was to hear their decisions. Elrond and Elros sat together playing a game of chess. Elrond looked up, “Elros, what is your decision nin toron?”

Elros looked at his brother, knowing his decision would hurt his brother, but he had thought long and hard about his decision. “I have chosen to be of the Edain.”

Elrond dropped the chess piece he had been holding in his hand, he looked at Elros, betrayal and hurt mirrored in his eyes.

“Please don’t hate me Elrond, I cant expalin why I chose to be Edain, it just feels right that is all.” Elros almost pleaded.

Elrond looked at his brother again, but this time in surprise, “hate you, I could never hate you, Elros. I somehow knew in my heart that you would choose differently, how I do not know. But I had hope that I was wrong. ”Elrond paused, “I accept your choice, Elros.”

Elros got to his feet and hugged his brother, “Thankyou, Elrond, this means a lot to me.”

The next morning, both Peredhil stood once again before Eönwë. “Elrond Eärendilion, what is your choice?”

“To be counted as one of the First Born.”

“So be it.” Eönwë said. “Elros Eärendilion, what is your choice.’

Elros looked over at Elrond, “It is alright Elros, I promised you I would not hate you what ever your choice.” Elrond whispered.

Elros smiled in relief, “I choose to be of the Edain.”

Eönwë, looked at Elros in surprise, “Is that your choice?”

Elros nodded, “Yes I have chosen, I will be of the Edain.”

“So be it. From this day forward, you will be of the Edain.” He began to lead the younger of the Peredhil away so as to speak with him. “Manwë, knew of your choice, and has something in store for you Elros. You shall be granted a life span of 500 years.”

Elrond stood and stretched, and began to pace his study; Elros’ 500 years had passed quickly, too quickly. He had become the King of Men. He was proud of his brother, even though he still missed him very much; even to this day the pain of his death still haunted him. Looking out into the night sky once again, he looked up at his fathers star, “Quel du ada, and quel du Elros, whereever you are nin toron.”