An Elf, a Man and a Dwarf

by Silivern Ithildin

Chapter 1

An Elf, a Man and a Dwarf may seem an odd combination to find travelling together through Middle-Earth, but, these three are on a mission to find two Hobbit friends who have been taken by enemies of all the free-peoples of Middle-Earth. They will not rest until they find their friends as they feel responsible for Merry and Pippin's well-being.
After all, Hobbits know little of the dangers in the world, having been sheltered while living in the Shire. Hobbits have been protected from the Shadow for a long while and have lived very peaceful lives.
The three hunters hope they find the Hobbits alive and well. This is their hope and their ferverent prayer. Unexpectedly meeting up with riders of Rohan brought news of great sorrow to the three hunters. They left none alive. No! This surely cannot have happened. They were much too young to die.
Eomer tells them this is a very dangerous time and that Rohan has little hope of surviving Saruman's siege on their country.
The three hunters ride swiftly to the pile of Uruks and search the carcasses feeling like failures.

Chapter 2

Where are the Hobbits? The three hunters cannot find their carcasses in the pile of the burnt Uruks, but they find one of their belts they had received from Galadriel.
Letting out a primal roar of sorrow from the depths of his soul, Aragorn fell to his knees, sure that they have failed in their mission.
But, wait, what is this? One of the Hobbits laid in this spot. And here's a sign of the other one. Upon further investigation of the surrounding area, the hunters find that the Hobbits went into Fangorn Forest. They must have been desperate to go in there. It is so dark and close in there. Not at all the kind of place a Hobbit would be willing to go into on a normal day.
Even though the three hunters are hesitant to go into Fangorn too, go they must. That is the way their two young friends have gone. They must find them.

The two young Hobbits have done well. One was ingenious enough to have left behind his Elven brooch to let the hunters know the way they had gone and both of them had managed to stay alive. It is a miracle they have gotten this far.
Hope stirs in the hunters' hearts anew. Surely they will find the brave young Hobbits.

Chapter 3

Immediately upon entering Fangorn, the three hunters felt like it was closing in on them. The air became thicker and harder to breathe, the light grew dimmer and there were creaking and moaning sounds all around them. This was fairly alarming to Aragorn and Gimli. Legolas told them about the trees speaking to each other. The Elves after all had awakened the trees long ago and taught them to speak. How this must have frightened the Hobbits, Aragorn feared.

Aragorn tried to find signs of the Hobbits and which way they might have gone, but, the tracks were very confusing. Gimli found Orc blood on a leaf, but, Aragorn was having a difficult time trying to figure out just what or who had made the strange tracks he had found. Struggling on, Legolas suddenly sensed someone coming.

Fearing Saruman, the three hunters decide to go on the defensive. "Do not let the White Wizard speak" When the dazzling white light appeared before them they attacked without success. The light repelled their weapons. Learning that the Hobbits had met someone unexpected who was keeping them safe greatly eased the hunters minds. The next minute they were astounded to find out that they had been talking with one of their fallen companions of the Fellowship.

Gandalf, who was now White.

Chapter 4

Learning of Gandalf's fight with the Balrog and his transformation, the hunters listened fascinated. He came back to help with the quest until it is finished. Telling them in his own way that the Hobbits were taken care of helped the three hunters understand that they would see their Hobbit friends again someday.

Taking a sidetrip through Rohan and Helm's Deep, the three hunters and Gandalf helped save Rohan and King Theoden from Saruman's grip on them.

During this time, the two young Hobbits were busy trying to convince the Ents to help in the war, to no avail, until Pippin came up with an idea that allowed Treebeard to see first hand the devastation that Saruman had wrecked on the trees of Fangorn Forest on the borders of Isengard. Seeing this the Ents went to war and washed away the filth of Saruman from Isengard.

The host of the Fellowship came to Isengard after the war and there they met up with Merry and Pippin. The sight of them upon the wall filled the three hunters hearts with incredible gladness. They were alive and feasting and smoking. A merry chase the hunters had completed.